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As suggested, I resumed the search by following the McFeely and Currie lines.
Margaret Logan McFeely died in 1970:
Found dead about 1600 hrs on 5th April 1970 at 23 Eastmuir Street, Wishaw

Margaret Logan Watson (Widow of Robert Andrew Watson, Builder’s Labourer) died aged 75 (dob 11.2.1895); daughter of Thomas McFeely (Road Surfaceman – deceased) and Janet McFeely m/s Currie (deceased)

Cause of Death: 1(a) Coronary Thrombosis (b) Valvular Disease of heart

(c) Cor Pulmonale 2 Thyrotoxicosis

Certified by: William S Bowman MB, ChB

Informant: William Watson, Son
(Ref. 1970d/Motherwell & Wishaw, Co. Lanark 628/308)
I located Margaret’s birth in 1895:
On 11th February 1895 at 9.30 pm at 17 Hill Street, Larkhall

Margaret Logan McPheely [sic] was born; (illegitimate) daughter of Thomas McPheely (Labourer) and Janet Currie (Farm Servant)

Informants: Janet Currie, Mother; Thomas McFeely [sic] Father, Old Bridge

End, Carluke
(Ref. 1895b/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1/63)
Thomas and Janet married later that year:
On 12th July 1895 at Roman Catholic Church, Larkhall. After Banns according to the Forms of the Roman Catholic Church

Thomas McFeely (Labourer – Bachelor) aged 23 of Bridgend, Carluke; son of Thomas McFeely (Labourer – deceased) and Mary Ann Feely [sic] m/s Thomson [marriage to]

Janet Currie (Farm Servant – Spinster) aged 24 of Wellgate Street, Larkhall; daughter of John Currie (Coal Miner) and Margaret Currie m/s Logan

Officiating Minister: Francis Young

Witnesses: James McFeely, Rachel Currie
(Ref. 1895m/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1/45)
I searched for young Margaret in the 1901 census return:

Meadow Row, Thornice and Harestanes Village ~ 1st April 1901
Thos. McFeely Head Married 28 Clay Miner b. Carluke, Co. Lanark

Janet “ Wife “ 30 b. Dalserf, “

Margt. “ Daur. 6 Scholar b. “ “
(Ref. 1901 Census/Carluke, Co. Lanark 629/bk6/p14)
This dwelling had two rooms with one or more windows.
I searched for the family ten years later:
10 Steel’s Land, Wishaw ~ 2nd April 1911
Thomas McFeely Head Married 38 Farm Labourer b. Carluke, Co. Lanark

Janet “ Wife “ 40 b. Larkhall, “

Thomas “ Son 9 School b. Carluke, “

John “ “ 6 “ b. “ “
(Ref. 1911 Census/Cambusnethan, Co. Lanark 628/bk11/pp16 & 17)
This property had one room with one or more windows. According to the schedule, Janet had been married for fifteen years with three children, all of whom were still alive.
I wondered where Margaret was:
Foulsy Farm ~ 2nd April 1911
Robert Paterson Head Married 27 Farmer Arable Farm b. Wishaw, Co. Lanark

Mary “ Wife “ 25 b. “ “

Lizzie Doyle Servant Single 21 Byre Maid b. Bellshill, “

Maggie [sic] McFeely “ “ 16 General Servant b. Carluke, “
(Ref. 1911 Census/Cambusnethan, Co. Lanark 628/bk3/p24)
This property had six rooms with one or more windows.
I searched for Thomas’s birth at Carluke:

On 16th July 1872 at 8.0 am at Mountstewart, Carluke

Thomas McFeely was born; son of Thomas McFeely (Surfaceman) and Mary Jane [sic] McFeely m/s Thomson [sic]

Marriage of parents: March 1866, Ireland

Informant: Thomas McFeely (his X mark), Father
(Ref. 1872b/Carluke, Co. Lanark 629/159)
I searched for Thomas senior in Scotland in 1871:
Mount Stuart [sic] Street ~ 3rd April 1871
Thomas McFeely Head Married 30 Mason’s Labourer b. Ireland

Mary J “ Wife “ 25 b. “

Rosann “ Daur. 2 b. Carluke, Co. Lanark

Mary “ “ 7 mos b. “ “
(Ref. 1871 Census/Carluke, Co. Lanark 629/bk1/p38)
The number of rooms was not given.
I searched for the death of Thomas junior, born 1872:
On 14th June 1953 at 8.0 pm at County Hospital, Cleland

Usual Residence: 12 East Muir Street, Cambusnethan

Thomas McFeely (Road Surfaceman, Retired – Widower of Janet Currie) died aged 80; son of Thomas Feely [sic] (Labourer – deceased) and Mary Jane McFeely m/s Thomson (deceased)

Cause of Death: Chronic Myocardial Degeneration. Suprapubic Cystostomy

Certified by: Christina R C MacLean MBChB

Informant: John McFeely, Son, 384 Cambusnethan Street, Wishaw
(Ref. 1953d/Shotts, Co. Lanark 75/3/81)
Hoping that his parents also came over to Scotland, I searched for their deaths. If the family came over circa 1869 and Thomas senior was deceased at the time of son Thomas’s marriage in 1895, I should search between these dates. In fact Thomas senior died just months before the marriage:

On 13th February 1895 at 4.30 pm at Old Bridgend, Carluke

Thomas McFeely (Labourer – Married to Mary Jane Thomson) died aged 56; son of Thomas McFeely (Blacksmith – deceased) and Rose Ann McFeely m/s Kargin (deceased)

Cause of Death: Debility

Certified by: John Bradford LRCP Ed & Surgeon

Informant: Mary Jane McFeely, Widow, Present
(Ref. 1895d/Carluke, Co. Lanark 629/21)
Sometimes if one is very lucky, the census enumerator would have expanded an entry of just Ireland. I inspected the 1891 entry, which did not give a more detailed birthplace, but showed Thomas to be a lodging housekeeper. I have copied the page, as it would appear that twenty people used the four rooms – day and night (Ref. 629/3/59).
I inspected the International Genealogical Index. This index, compiled by the Mormon Church Authorities, shows births and marriages for a given surname throughout the country between the years 1855 and 1875, and has the advantage over the statutory index in that the parents are named, thus aiding identification. I was not able to find any further information.
I did not find the deaths of Thomas’s parents in Scotland.
I searched for the death of Mary Jane Thomson:
On 6th May 1911 at 7.45 pm at Glendermott, Sandy Road, Carluke

Mary Jane McFeely (Widow of Thomas McFeely, General Labourer) died aged 67; daughter of ― Thomson ― (deceased) and Mary Thomson m/s ― (deceased)

Cause of Death: Fatty Degeneration of the Heart. Heart Failure. Suddenly

Certified by: John Bradford MD

Informant: Thomas McFeely, Son, Steele’s Land, Cambusnethan
(Ref. 1911d/Carluke, Co. Lanark 629/47)
For interest, again hoping for a more detailed birthplace, I had a quick look for Mary Jane in the 1911 census. I was interested to see that daughter Margaret was a schoolteacher (Ref. 629/2/25 & 26).
I turned to Janet Currie, first identifying her birth:

On 7th September 1870 at 11.0 pm at 40 Macneill Street

Janet Logan Currie was born; daughter of John Currie (Coal Miner) and Margaret Currie m/s Logan

Marriage of parents: 31st December 1869 at Auchenheath

Informant: Margaret Currie (her X mark), Mother
(Ref. 1870b/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1/195)
I located the 1869 marriage:
On 31st December 1869 at Auchenheath, Lesmahagow. After Banns according to the Forms of the UP* Church

John Currie (his X mark) (Coal miner – Widower) aged 28 of Larkhall, Dalserf; son of Walter Currie (Cotton Weaver) and Rachel Currie m/s Young

[marriage to]

Margaret Logan (Farm Servant – Spinster) aged 21 of Auchenheath, Lesmahagow; daughter of James Logan (Coal miner – deceased) and Margaret Logan m/s Watson

Officiating Minister: William Thomson

Witnesses: John Logan, Margaret Trotter
(Ref. 1869m/Lesmahagow, Co. Lanark 649/68)
* United Presbyterian
John Currie had married Marion Brown in 1866 at Larkhall (Ref 638/1/1). Sadly Marion died after childbirth on 14th April 1868 (Ref. 638/1/28).
I searched for John and Margaret in 1871:
Square No. 12 ~ 3rd April 1871
Margaret Logan Head Widow 59 - b. Sorn, Co. Ayr

John “ Son Unmarr. 24 Coal Miner b. Lesmahagow, Co. Lanark

John Currie Lodger Married 28 “ “ b. Dalserf, “

Margaret “ Wife of Lodger “ 22 b. Lesmahagow, “

Janet “ Daur of Lodger 7 mos b. Dalserf, “

Robert Christie Lodger Unmarr.16 Pony Driver b. Lanark, “
(Ref. 1871 Census/Lesmahagow, Co. Lanark 649/bk13/p6)
This dwelling had two rooms with one or more windows. It may be that John was Margaret’s son in law as well as her lodger.
Janet Currie died in 1946:
On 14th February 1946 at 12 Eastmuir Street, Wishaw

Janet Logan McFeely (Married to Thomas McFeely, Road Surfaceman) died aged 75; daughter of John Currie (Coalminer – deceased) and Margaret Currie m/s Logan (deceased)

Cause of Death: Ovarian Cyst. Dropsy, 1 month. Cardiac Failure, 1 day

Certified by: W M McFarlane LRCP & S Ed

Informant: John McFeely, Son, 384 Cambusnethan Street, Wishaw
(Ref. 1946d/Cambusnethan, Co. Lanark 628/47)
I searched for John Currie in subsequent censuses and noted this entry because of the address:
Curries Buildings ~ 1st April 1901
John Currie Head Married 60 Retired Coal Miner b. Larkhall, Co. Lanark

Margaret “ Wife “ 56 Housewife b. Lesmahagow, “
(Ref. 1901 Census/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1q/bk4/p41)
This property had two rooms with one or more windows.
John died in 1909:
On 28th June 1909 at 2.0 am at Royal Infirmary, Glasgow

John Currie (Coalminer – Married to 1: Marion Brown 2: Margaret Logan) died aged 69; son of Walter Currie (Weaver) and Rachel Currie m/s Muir [sic] (both deceased)

Cause of Death: Strangled inguinal hernia, 5 days. Exhaustion

Certified by: Alex Johnston Couper MB

Informant: W Currie, Son, Main Street, Douglas
(Ref. 1909d/Dennistoun, Glasgow 644/4/872w)
I turned to the Old Parish Registers, searching for John’s birth or baptism and his parents’ marriage. I was not able to identify the birth or baptism of John or of any siblings anywhere in Scotland. However, I was pleased to locate the marriage of Walter and Rachel in 1834:

19th October 1834

Walter Currie and Rachel Muir both of this parish.
(Ref. OPRm/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk2/p401)
I searched for the family in the early census returns:
Upper Pleasance ~ 6th June 1841
Walter Currie 29 Cotton HLW* Yes [born in Co. Lanark]

Ratchle [sic] “ 25 Hand Sewer “

Walter “ 6 “

Jannet “ 3 “

John “ 1 “
(Ref. 1841 Census/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk5/p29)
* Hand Loom Weaver
By 1851, William aged eight, and Elisibeth [sic], aged one, had joined the household (Ref. 638/2/47).
I searched for Walter and Rachel in 1881:
24 Pleasance ~ 4th April 1881
Walter Currie Head Married 69 Handloom Silk Weaver b. Dalserf, Co. Lanark

Rachel M “ Wife “ 65 b. “ “

William “ Son Unmarr. 28 Coal Miner b. Larkhall, “

James “ “ “ 19 “ “ b. “ “

Mary “ Gr.Daur. 16 Domestic Servt b. “ “
(Ref. 1881 Census/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1q/bk6/p38)
This property had one room with one or more windows.
Walter died in 1886:

On 7th July 1886 at 3.25 pm at 24 High Pleasance

Walter Currie (Weaver – Married to Ratchel [sic] Muir) died aged 75; son of Walter Currie (Sawyer) and Marion Currie m/s Brown [no status given]

Cause of Death: Heart Disease, 14 days

Certified by: Charles Stewart MB Edin.

Informant: James Currie, Son, Present
(Ref. 1886d/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 628/1/80)
I was pleased to discover Walter’s birth and the marriage of his parents:
Tuesday 9th April 1811

Walter, son to Walter Corrie [sic] & Mary [sic] Brown his spouse in Townhead of Dalserf born on Tuesday 9th & baptised on Sunday 14 April
(Ref. OPRb/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p60)
William was born on 26th August 1805

Thomas was born on 22nd January 1807

Jean was born on Monday 1st May 1809

Janet was born on Saturday 17th April 1813

Elizabeth was born on Saturday 2nd September 1815

Mary was baptized on 7th May 1820

Alexander was born on 4th February 1822

Sarah was born on 11th January 1825 [address Rosebank]
According to Elizabeth’s entry, Walter Currie was the Parish Precenter. He would have led the singing in the church when there was not an organ or piano.
The marriage entry reads:
8th December 1804

Walter Currie and Mary Brown both in this Parish.
(Ref. OPRm/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p97)
I was pleased to discover Walter and Mary in the 1841 census:

Rosebank ~ 6th June 1841
Walter Currie 57 Sawyer Yes

Mary “ 57 “

Isabel “ 22 Muslin Hand Sewer “

Mary “ 20 “ “ “ “

Alexander “ 18 Cotton HLW “

Sarah “ 15 Muslin Hand Sewer “
(Ref. 1841 Census/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p11)
According to the 1851 census, both Walter and Mary were born in Dalserf (Ref. 638/6/17).
I was very pleased to find Walter and Mary still alive ten years later:
Rosebank ~ 7th April 1861
Walter Currie Head Married 79 Sawyer b. Dalserf, Co. Lanark

Mary “ Wife “ 79 b. “ “

Mary Scouler Gr.Daur. Unmarr.25 Needlewoman b. “ “

James Tran Gr.Son 11 b. “ “
(Ref. 1861 Census/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p10)
Walter died in 1869. The name of his spouse was omitted from the entry:
On 15th June 1869 at 11.30 pm at Rosebank, Dalserf

Walter Currie (Cooper [sic] ―) died aged 86; son of William Currie (Cooper) and Janet Currie m/s Paterson [status omitted]

Cause of Death: Old Age. No medical attendant

Informant: William Currie, Son
(Ref. 1869d/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/2/14)
I searched for Walter’s birth or baptism and his parents’ marriage in the Old Parish Registers:
2nd February 1783

Same day [as previous entry] William Currie in Dalserf & Janet Paterson his Spouse had a Child baptd. named Walter
(Ref. OPRb/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p23)
Isabel was baptized on 2nd September 1775 [Cooper]

Alexander was baptized on 12th January 1777

Janet was baptized on 3rd May 1779 [William Curry Jnr]

William was baptized on 10th August 1780

John was baptized on 6th March 1785 [Currie]

Janet was baptized on 17th April 1787

James was baptized on 6th September 1789 [Curry]

Francis was baptized on 26th February 1792 [Over Dalserf]

Betty was baptized on 31st August 1794
I then noted the marriage of the parents:
4th June 1774

Walter Curry & Janet Paterson both in this parish 1/-*
(Ref. OPRm/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p95)
* one shilling, given to the poor.
For interest, I searched for the birth of a William Currie to a father William in Dalserf at an appropriate time. I noted this entry – not proved correct for this search:
Dalserf Kirk 21st January 1750

William Currie in Dalserf and Mary Scoular his wife had a son baptized called William
(Ref. OPRb/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p6)
13th May 1749

William Currie and Janet Scoular both in this Parish gave up their names to be proclaimed.
(Ref. OPRm/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p91)
Again this entry has not been proved correct for this search.
I was disappointed that though there were several ‘Currie’ entries in the Dalserf Monumental Inscriptions, none appear to be for ‘our’ family (Ref. MI 374.000).
I searched for the death of Mary/Marion Brown after 1861:

On 4th February 1871 at 0.30 am at Rosebank, Dalserf

Mary Currie (Widow of Walter Currie, Cooper) died aged 88; daughter of Thomas Brown (Weaver) and Jean Brown m/s Hamilton [no status given]

Cause of Death: Senility

No Medical Attendant

Informant: Charles Rodger, Son in law
(Ref. 1871d/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/2/7)
Charmingly, Mary’s baptism appears directly below that of Walter! I have copied the page.
9th February 1783

Thomas Brown in Dalserf & Jean Hamilton his spouse had a Child baptd. named Mary
(Ref. OPRb/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p23)
I was not able to locate a marriage for Thomas and Jean anywhere in Scotland. Nor could I discover more about them in the Old Parish Registers, Monumental Inscriptions for Dalserf, etc.
I returned to Rachel Muir’s line, first locating her death:
On 21st August 1887 at 10.0 pm at 24 High Pleasance

Rachel Currie (Widow of Walter Currie, Weaver) died aged 72; daughter of John Muir (Labourer) and Janet Muir m/s Rankin [no status given]

Cause of Death: Cancer of Lower Jaw, 5 months

Certified by: Charles Stewart MB Edin. etc.

Informant: James Currie, Son, Present
(Ref. 1887d/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1/80)
I noted Rachel’s birth in 1815:
Friday 6th October 1815

Rachel daughter to John Muir & Janet Rankine [sic] his Spouse at Woodside Coalwork born on Friday 6th Octr. & baptized at Church Sunday 22nd October
(Ref. OPRb/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p78)
The marriage of Janet and John took place in 1809 and was reported in both home parishes:
2nd April 1809

John Muir of this parish and Janet Rankin of the parish of Lesmahagow
(Ref. OPRm/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/bk1/p100)
The Lesmahagow entry gave 1st April 1809 as the date of proclamation.
I searched for the death of Janet Rankin under Moor/Rankin etc.:
On 1st November 1868 at 2.0 pm at 49 Raploch Street

Janet Muir (Pauper, formerly Hand Sewer – Married to John Muir, Labourer) died aged 83; daughter of James Rankin (Labourer) and Janet Rankin m/s Scoular [no status given]

Cause of Death: Old Age, 2 years

Not certified

Informant: John Muir, Son, Union Street
(Ref. 1868d/Dalserf, Co. Lanark 638/1/78)
I searched for Janet in 1861:
43 Raploch Street ~ 7th April 1861
Janet Mure [sic] Head Widow 76 Pauper formerly Cotton Winder

b. Carluke, Co. Lanark

Elisabeth “ Daur. Unmarr.38 Worsted Winder b. Dalserf, “

Rachel Currie Gr.Daur. “ 14 Cotton Winder b. “ “
(Ref. 1861 Census/Larkhall, Co. Lanark 638/1/bk4/p11)
This was a one-roomed property with one or more windows.
According to her death entry, John was still alive but in 1851 and 1861 Janet was stated to be a widow (Ref. 638/2/45). I did not identify John’s death before or after statutory registration began in 1855, only searching in Dalserf and Larkhall.
I was not able to locate Janet Rankin’s birth or baptism in the whole of Scotland, nor could I identify her parents’ marriage there. There do not appear to be any indexed Monumental Inscriptions for Larkhall itself.
I searched for the death of Margaret Logan, widow of John Currie, but did not immediately locate it under Curry etc./Logan, anywhere in Scotland or in Co. Lanark, under an extended age range. I searched for Margaret in 1911 and noted this entry:
92 Burnbank Road ~ 2nd April 1911
James Currie Head Single 28 Gardner [sic] Domestic b. Larkhall, Co. Lanark

Margaret “ Mother Widow 67 b. Rosebank, “

Jeanie “ Sister Single 36 Packer – Confectionery b. Larkhall, “

Maggie “ “ “ 33 Sewing Machinist Quilter b. “ “
(Ref. 1911 Census/Hamilton, Co. Lanark 647/bk2/p4)
This dwelling had four rooms with one or more windows.
I left this area of search, as it was proving time-consuming.
I returned to the paternal lines, beginning with a search for the birth or baptism of Helen Henderson and for her parents’ marriage:
18th April 1853

William Henderson, Farm Servant at Mains of Dunnottar had a daughter by his wife Elizabeth Simpson born 18th April 1853 and baptized a few weeks after named Helen. Witness Helen Simpson
(Ref. OPRb/Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine 255/bk3/p185)
25th November 1849

William Hinderson [sic] and Eliza Simpson both in this Parish gave in their names for proclamation of their Banns in order to marriage and were married accordingly.
(Ref. OPRm/Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine 255/bk3/p282)
I searched for the family in the 1861 census return:
Inchmedan ~ 7th April 1861
William Henderson Head Married 45 Ag. Lab b. Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine

Eliza “ Wife “ 38 b. Brechin, Co. Forfar

Robert “ Son 10 Scholar b. Fetteresso, Co. Kincardine

Helen “ Daur. 7 “ b. Dunnottar, “

David “ Son 5 b. Marykirk, “

William “ “ 3 b. Benholm, “

Isobel “ Daur. 1 b. “ “
(Ref. 1861 Census/Benholm, Co. Kincardine 253/bk1/p9)
This property had two rooms with one or more windows.
I noted Helen ten years later:
Schoolmaster’s House ~ 3rd April 1871
Robert Young Head Unmarr. 56 Parochial Schoolmaster MA, FEIS* b. Benholm, Co. Kincardine

Sarah Hughes Boarder “ 63 Housekeeper b. England

Helen Henderson Servant “ 17 Domestic Servant b. Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine
(Ref. 1871 Census/Benholm, Co. Kincardine 253.bk1/p1)
* Master of Arts, Fellow of the Education Institute of Scotland.
This property had eight rooms with one or more windows.
Helen died in 1928:
On 7th March 1928 at 10.45 am at Viewbank, Park Road, Brechin

Helen Graham (Married to Robert Graham, General Labourer) died aged 75; daughter of William Henderson (General Labourer – deceased) and Eliza Henderson m/s Simpson (deceased)

Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Cervix (Uterus). Fatty Degeneration of Heart

Certified by: R W Miller MB, ChB

Informant: Robert Graham, Widower (Present)
(Ref. 1928d/Brechin, Co. Forfar 275/29)
I tracked Helen’s parents through the census returns. I noted that Helen’s mother’s name was always given as ‘Eliza’, or as in the case of 1891 as ‘Liza’:
Hillside ~ 5th April 1891
William Henderson Head Married 76 Crofter b. Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine

Liza [sic] “ Wife “ 65 b. Brechin, Co. Forfar
(Ref. 1q891 Census/Kinneff & Catterline, Co. Kincardine 262/bk1/p7)
This property consisted of three rooms with one or more windows.
William died in 1893:

On 28th November 1893 at 12.0 am at Hillside, Kinneff

William Henderson (Crofter – Married to Eliza Simpson) died aged 77; son of Robert Henderson (Crofter – deceased) and Mary Henderson m/s Findlay (deceased)

Cause of Death: Influenza, 7 days. Bronchitis, 3 days

Certified by: James Aymer MB & CM

Informant: William Henderson, Son, 44 Windmillhill Street,

(Ref. 1893d/Kinneff & Catterline, Co. Kincardine 262/127)
I searched for William’s birth or baptism and for his parents’ marriage:
27th June 1817

Robert Henderson in Bogatyhead & Mary Findlay his wife had a son born named William & baptised 4th July in presence of William Thomson & John Greig there
(Ref. OPRb/Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine 255/bk2/p35)
22nd May 1813

Robert Henderson & Mary Findlay both in this parish gave in their names for proclamation of their Banns in order to marriage & were married.
(Ref. OPRm/Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine 255/bk2/p110)
I noted the births of William’s siblings, all at Dunnottar:
Mary born on 1st December 1813 Robert in Stonehaven

Jesse (f) “ 19th September 1819 Bogatiehead

Anne “ 23rd October 1821 Crossgates

Robert “ 27th March 1824

Isobel “ 21st April 1826

James “ 11th November 1828

Mathew “ 8th April 1830

[Mary ‘Lindsay’, his wife, Robert, tenant in Crossgates]

David “ 9th November 1832

Elizabeth “ 18th November 1835
I searched for the family in 1841:
Crossgates ~ 6th June 1841
Robert Henderson 60 Farmer Yes

Mary “ 50 “

William “ 25 Ag. Lab “

Isobel “ 15 “

Matthew “ 10 “

David “ 7 “

Elizabeth “ 5 “
(Ref. 1841 Census/Dunnottar, Co. Kincardine 25/bk4/7)
At this point I had to conclude another successful search.

Suggestions for further research:

  1. Search for Robert Henderson and Mary Findlay in the 1851 census returns and for their deaths.

  1. Report the death of Eliza Simpson and follow her line.

  1. Begin the David Millar and Cecilia Miller lines.

  1. Return to Margaret Logan, searching for her death.

  1. Inspect any extant Monumental Inscriptions and Wills and Testaments, hoping for family entries.

Suggested budget: £395

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