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Mantorville city council meeting minutes

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6:30 PM

New and Reelected Council Members were sworn in prior to the meeting being called to order.

  1. Call to Order – Mayor Nash called the meeting to Order at 6:33 PM

Members Present: Luke Nash, Chuck Bradford, Jim Maxson, Don Swanson and Sherry Roth

Others Present: Dick Leonard, Sherry Sonnenberg, Jane Olive, Guy Kohlnhofer, Tara Lindquist, Andrew Galbus, Dave Dripps, John Olive, Gretta Becay and Cami Reber.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance - Completed

  1. Additions/Deletions to Agenda

Added: Executive Session – Personnel Evaluation

Handed out the list of Rental Agreement Renewals and Garbage Hauler Licenses.

  1. Consent AgendaMotion made by Member Bradford, second by Member Maxson to approve the consent agenda as follows:

    1. City Council Meeting Minutes December 21, 2010

    2. Warrant List December 28, 2010

    3. Dodge County Board Meeting January 11, 2011

    4. 2011 Mantorville Chamber Dues

    5. SEMLM Annual Membership Meeting

    6. 2011 DC Assessment Agreement

    7. 2011 Garbage Hauler Renewals

    8. 2011 Rental Certificate Renewals

    9. Notice to Counties and Municipalities

Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Public Concerns - None

  1. Public Hearing - None

  1. Old Business/New Business


Motion made by Member Maxson, second by Member Swanson to approve Resolution 2011-01, A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE MASTER FEE SCHEDULE FOR 2011. Motion passed unanimously.

    1. Approval of Official Designations Bank, Newspaper, Consultants

Mayor Nash explained the approval of City Designations. Motion made by Member Bradford, second by Member Maxson to approve Resolution 2011-02, A RESOLUTION APPROVING CITY DESIGNATIONS FOR 2011. Motion passed unanimously. The City designations for 2011 are as follows: Newspaper – DCI (Dodge County Independent)

City Attorney – Jeff Kritzer of Baudler, Baudler, Maus & Blahnik

City Engineer – WHKS & Company

City Auditor – Smith Schafer & Associates

Banking and Investments – Citizens State Bank & 4M Fund

Acting Mayor – Chuck Bradford

    1. Approval of City Council Meeting Schedule

Council Members were given the meeting schedule for 2011 for Council Meetings. Members were asked to bring their calendars for the next meeting so the retreat dates can be scheduled. Motion made by Member Maxson, second by Member Bradford to accept the City Council Meeting Schedule as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

    1. Council Member Committee Assignments

The following appointments were made to the City Boards, Commissions and other Volunteer Organizations:

Chamber of Commerce – Swanson, Roth

EDA – Bradford, Roth

Finance/Budget – Nash, Bradford

Fire Dept – Swanson, Maxson

Infrastructure – Maxson, Bradford

KM Park & Rec Joint Powers Board – Nash

MRA – Roth, Swanson

Park Board – Bradford, Roth

Personnel – Bradford, Nash, Roth

Relief Association – Maxson, (Cami is required to attend)

Township – Maxson, Nash

Wasioja Civil War Group – Nash, Bradford

Storm Sewer Committee – Swanson, Roth

    1. Happy Trails EDA Subcommittee Presentation and RequestAndy Galbus, EDA Commissiner and part of the Happy Trails subgroup Committee of the EDA, was asked last year by the Council to come back after the new Council was sworn in to represent.

The goal of the Happy Trails Committee is to make Mantorville a more Pedestrian/Bicycle Friendly place. He updated the Council on the activities and status. The items that are in process or completed are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive bike map is updated

  2. The fogline/white stripe at the side of the road to be extended from the bridge to 5th Street will be completed by MN Dot in the spring when the do the striping on Highway 57.

  3. They are working on the completion of the pedestrian underpass from under Highway 57 Bridge on the East side of the road up the hill alongside the highway to 4th street He reviewed the list of items that are in process or completed. Discussion is taking place with Casey’s to use the area behind the new building as part of the trail. Casey’s has noted that they are very interested in working with the Trails group to develop the area behind the new store.

The items that are being asked for City support are as follows:

  1. Painting of a bike lane on Clay Street from Riverside Park to 9th Street.

  2. Bike racks established at Riverside Park, the Welcome Center, and the Opera House.

  3. The printing of the updated walking tours brochure.

  4. Message Center signs promoting health activities to be installed at Riverside Park.

  5. Share the Road signs place in areas where the road is too narrow for a bicycle path to be put in and where bicyclists are at risk of getting hit by cars.

  6. Crosswalk over Highway 57 at 4th Street which would entail having a sidewalk put in along the west side of Highway 57 between 4th Street and the County Shop. Curb cuts will need to be installed also and those need to meet ADA requirements.

Council asked Andy what is timeline for approval is and he noted right away. They would like to submit these items in the SHIP grant and they are unaware of how long the grant will be available. The new council members are asked to review the budget and the request for funds and we will discuss this at the next meeting.

    1. Mantorville Fire Department – The request for the update was given to Council Members. No one from the Fire Department was in attendance so this will be put on the next agenda.

  1. Request for Personnel Policy Update

  2. Radio Request

    1. 2011 Budget

Mayor Nash asked Council Members to review the numbers on the budget. This is what we have to work with in 2011. Cami explained that this is our general operating budget and water and sewer budget. This does not represent all of the funds. The Council will get a complete list with estimated beginning year balances after the journal entries are completed.

  1. TBD

    1. Public Works Report – None

    1. City Clerk Report – Cami Reported on the following:

  • Information on the Elected Officials Conference for Members.

  • Handed out copies of Storm Sewer study done in 2008. Members should read through this prior to the next meeting as it will be on the agenda.

  • Submitted 2011 Budget Summary to the State.

  • Attended Fire Relief Meeting.

  • Working with the FD on their SOG’s.

  • Auditor came in last week and did prep work.

  • Kwik Trip Account for City gas usage has been set up while Caseys is down.

  • Water meter will be going into the WWTP.

  • Additional information on setting the retreat dates.

  • Welcome them into City Hall any time.

    1. Consultant Report – None

    1. Committee Report

  • EDA – discussed the trails proposal and which days to present to council; they will be joining with Rochester on tour and promoting Mantorville Tourism

  • Fire Department – using Kwik Trip for fuel during downtime at Caseys; talked about training dates and the programming of the new radio’s; accepted Bryce and Mike into the Relief Association

Jane Olive, Dodge County Commissioner for the Mantorville District was present and gave an update to the Council – the KM Joint Powers met last week and no one was in attendance from the City of Mantorville; the annual Chamber Meeting is tomorrow night.

Mayor Nash noted to the Council that the Personnel Committee will meet each month with staff. At the last Council meeting of each month, Members will be asked for their input, if any, in regards to staff. Any issues or concerns need to be addressed to give the employee a chance to make it right before their next evaluation.

    1. Council Member Report

  • Member Bradford – a new sound system has been put in place that he is still working on. It is for digitally recording the meetings with video integration in the future. He has put together a fair market value estimate of $1,300 and would like the Council to accept that as a donation to the City. Cami noted that a resolution should be passed accepting the donation and she is recommending that she bring one back to the next meeting.

  • Member Maxson – is still learning and will keep working as hard as he can

  • Member Roth – Mantorville is a soft spot to her heart; she is excited to be a part of the City in a bigger way.

  • Member Swanson – Thanks everyone that voted and didn’t vote for him. He is proud to be a town representative.

    1. Mayor Report - Mayor Nash would like Council Members to take a look at our finances; that’s our foundation that we work off of.

He is asking all of our members to report two priorities they have for this year and how would they like to see it done. This will be given during the Council Member Report at the next meeting.
Motion made by Member Bradford, second by Member Maxson to close the regular session and go into closed session at 7:38 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Executive Session

    1. Personnel Evaluation – the personnel evaluation for Karen Khavari was presented and discussed by Council Members.

Motion made by Member Maxson, second by Member Bradford to close the Executive Session and go back into open session at 7:45 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Adjourn – Motion made by Member Maxson, second by Member Bradford, to adjourn the meeting at 7:46 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

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