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Manitoulin mix march 30, 2005

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MANITOULIN MIX - March 30, 2005
Spring has definately sprung on Manitoulin Island. We saw our first official batch of robins on Saturday and are now watching the mating rituals of resident mourning doves. Sap is running freely and production is in full swing. The waters in South Baymouth are free of ice and deer are visible everywhere as they make their way inland from the various deer yards along the southern shores of Manitoulin Island. In a few more weeks Rainbow Trout will be running in the Blue Jay Creek. The annual smelt run should be happening soon too, although we have less and less reportings of successful smelt fishing ventures happening over the past few years.

Seeds of Joy, an organization dedicated to supporting well being for women, is holding a Celebrating Ourselves Workshop at the Anishnabe Spiritual Centre in Espanola, Friday evening April 22 beginning at 7 pm until Saturday, April 23, 205 at 7 PM. The celebration includes an overnight stay with accommodations, all meals and sessions including therapeutic touch, dancing, drumming, meditation, humour and talking circles. Cost to attend is $150.00 and to register you can contact Ciann Strickland in Little Current at 368-3030.

A new, exciting and informative Manitoulin Island website has sprung . This wonderful site showcases the works of Sheguiandah resident Murray Dewing and is an excellent site to learn all about Manitoulin Island and everything it has to offer. Mr. Dewing is a member of the Sheguiandah Lions Club and recently built his retirement home on the outskirts of Wikwemikong. The site promotes all organizations, businesses and communities, provides weather details and the latest information on events and activities happening on the island. The goal of the developer is to promote Manitoulin Island in any way he can and judging from his site it will certainly become a favourite website for many Island fans, tourists, cottagers and residents.
The Sudbury Sportsman Show takes place at the Garson arena on April 22 - 24, 2005. Cost to attend is $5.00 per person and the show will feature cottages, resorts, campgrounds, boats, motors, atv's, fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation and more. It is the largest sportsman show in Northern Ontario and is expected to attract a large number of visitors over the weekeend.

The full moon in April is called the Milk Moon and it happens in the night sky on Saturday, April 23rd, 2005. Public Astronomy Day falls on Saturday, April 16, 2005 and clubs in the North are busy planning public outreach programs that include observing through telescopes, night sky tours, educational lectures and displays in area malls.

Women's Day Celebrations have come and gone. We would have liked to have made it to the Pamperfest held in Espanola last week but things just didn't work out for us. We are also fans of the Real Woman Celebrations and commend the organizers for putting on such fun and enjoyable events for the women in Espanola and the surrounding communities.

Lots of job opportunities are opening up on the island as we gear towards spring and summer. There are job postings for groundskeepers, marina attendants, dockmasters, restaurant help, housekeeping and gift store sales associates. Cambrian College is offering their job connect program and soon the summer student placement offices will be open. University and college students are in the midst of exams with most finishing off the semester at the end of April.

Happy Trails!!

Rita Gordon


Gordon's Park

Manitoulin Island


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