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Malta Business Delegation to Poland 26 -27 January 2009

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Malta Business Delegation to Poland

26 -27 January 2009




No. of employees

Products (Activity)

Expected Polish Business Partner


Sector: National Business Organisations


GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs

Mr Vincent Farrugia – Director General


Provide support and representation to local SMEs

a) National Association of Trade and Services – NRZHiU b) Polish Organisation of Commerce and Distribution - POHiD c) Związek Rzemiosła Polskiego


GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs

Mr Paul Abela - President


Provide support and representation to local SMEs

a) National Association of Trade and Services – NRZHIU b) Polish Organisation of Commerce and Distribution - POHID c) Związek Rzemiosła Polskiego

Sector: Travel, Tourism and English Language Schools


Institute of English Language Studies (IELS)

Ms Isabella Conti – Sales & Marketing Manageress

English Language School to teach English.

Polish Tour Operators, Agents of students looking to study English abroad and Language Schools.


Easy School of Languages

Ms Kasia Parascandalo – Product Manager


English language courses

Agents who sell English language courses and are interested to send students to Malta e.g. JDJ Bachalski


Globalair Travel ltd

Mr Joseph A. Bugeja - Chairman


Travel and tourism services, English language teaching schools

a) Agents to promote tourism to Malta and b) agents to promote English teaching in Malta to Polish students


FCm Howards Events

Mr Michael Gatt – Managing Director


Tourism Services including destination Mangement services and outgoing tours.

Destination Mngt agents for meetings, incentive, conferences & events in Malta


Cassar & Cooper

Mr John Cooper – Managing Director


Destination management company, Travel in/out, shipping, Real Estate, Airfreight, Air courier, Insurance

Real estate agencies, outgoing tour operators

Sector: Travel, Tourism and English Language Schools


Link School of English

Mr Roger DeGaetano – Director

11 Fulltime

18-63 Parttime

Language School, exams enter, accommodation provider, cultural and sports coordinator.

Outgoing Language travel agents and tour operators, heads of schools and universities. Also the Major of Warsaw or his assistants.


Sunlingua Tour Operator

Ms Gillian DeGaetano – Director

11 Fulltime 18-63 Part-time

Incoming and Outgoing Tour Operator. Accommodation provider, airport transfers, cultural, sports and leisure activities.

Outgoing Language travel agents and tour operators, heads of schools and universities.


International School of Languages

Ms Michelle Caruana Dingli


Language teaching and training

Language agents, Universities and Human Resources Managers of Business Companies


Air Malta p.l.c.

Mr Joe Capello – Chief Executive Officer


International schedule and charter airline

Trade sector, particulary established Tour Operators, especially those already operating charter flights with Polish Carriers

Sector: ICT



Mr Johnatan Camilleri Bowman – Managing Director


Software development, Resourcing & Outsourcing

a) software companies who work with the public sector b) telecommunications companies c) yacht builders/ marina operators d) business objects resource companies


Attard & Co Industrial Ltd

Mr Hugh Arrigo - Director


The company is a holding company with a number of subsidiary companies in shipping, logistics, sales & techncial support in food, pharma/generics and industrial laboratories, building materials and building contractors, financial services and sales and technical support to North Africa, Libya in particular.

Polish recruitment agencies in particular with those who have strong links with candidates specialising in ICT.

The company is also interested in establishing contacts with polish partners interested in participating in EU funded projects.



Ms Sharon Scerri – Account Manager


Innovative web application development company. ICON is a Microsoft gold partner.

a) small web companies who would be interested in utilizing our knowledge, technology and processes to develop web portals in a more cost effective manner. This could be an outsourced relationship or a reseller relationship.

b) direct clients who are looking to contract a large, stable Mircrosoft-partner for the development of their online business.

c) Customers requesting payment gateway services.


Infomate Group

Mr Joseph Sultana – CEO


ICT and related services including: IT infrastructure Services, VOIP expertise,

MS Gold Partners, MS Dynamics Partners, SAP Business One Partners,

Offshore Software Development Services, and expertise in data mining, algorithms etc. The company also own a number of software products including for retail, postal, property management, Finacial services, Airline Catering, Management Software and Banking Software

The company would like to meet with ICT companies, software development companies and investors who can introduce their products and services in Poland


Megabyte Ltd

Mr David Galea – Business Development Manager


IT solutions including MICROS custom solutions for government and Airlines.

Airlines for their airline solutions, companies requiring ERP’s and IT companies interested in cooperation.

Definitely the company would like to meet LOT Polish airlines.

Sector: Financial Services


Malta Stock Exchange Plc

Mr Mark A. Guillaumier – Chief Executive


Financial Services, Operators of the Malta Stock Exchange

Fund Management companies.


IIM Business Consultants Ltd

Mr Pierre Galea Musu – Director


Incorporation, assistance in Banking, Administration, Accounting, Tax, Redomiciliation, financial services and Business support.

Financial services companies and practitioners, Insurance companies, fund and asset management companies.


Middlesea Group

Mr David G. Curmi - CEO


Insurance and Financial Services Group including general insurance, life insurance, insurance management services and investment services.

Polish companies in the areas of financial services, insurance, insurance management services, insurance captives and investment services.


Ernst & Young

Mr Mario P. Galea

Managing Partner


Audit Firm – Accountancy/Financial Services

Companies involved in fund adminstration and management, insurances and international companies.


Francis J. Vasallo & Associates

Mr Francis J. Vasallo - President


Tax specialist – international business services – consultacy services

Tax Law Firms


Malta Employer’s Association

Mr Reuben Buttigieg - Tresaurer


Employer’s Association

Business schools, English language schools, Islamic financial institutions, employrer’s organizations, tax advisors, accountancy firms

Sector: Food and beverages


Federated Mills plc

Mr Mark Camilleri – General Manager


Flour milling – wholemeal flour, bread flour, cake flour mix, semolina, pastry flour

Importers and medium sized supermarket companies to export their flour products.


Gomriza Agri Products Ltd

Mr Clement Azzopardi – General Manager


Producer of Fresh fruit and vegetables local market. The company also imports seeds and fertilisers.

a) W. Legutko 63/740 Kobylin for seed trade b) Cooperative banks, c) Manufacturers of fertilisers ie. Nitrate, 31% compound etc., d) exports of agricultural products


VSP Foods Ltd

Mr Herman Sant – International Sales and Purchases Representative


Import, Export and Transhipments of fruits, wines, foodstuffs and meat.

a) importers and retailers of foodstuff and fruits and b) exporters of meat and foodstuff.


International Topfresh Trading Ltd

Mr Salvu Micallef – Director


Export and Transhipments of foodstuffs, wines, fruits and edible oils.

Importers and retailers of food, fruits, wines and edible oils, exporters of food and beverages.


Maltese Kitchen Ltd

Mr Steve Garrett – Export Marketing and Sales Consultant

The company is responsible for marketing the products of nine Food manufacturer.

Export and Franchising of Typical Maltese Food

Food retailers, importers and distributors of foodstuffs, Fast food, take away and retail operators interested in opening a franchise.



Mr Paul Sapiano – Managing Director


Cigars Manufacturing

a) manufacturers of cigarettes and/or cigars and b) importers and distributors of tobacco products.

Sector: Building and Construction Services


Camilleri and Cuschieri Consulting Engineers

Ing. Charles Cuschieri – Senior Partner


Consulting engineers

a) other engineering consultancy services b) developers of real estate – commercial, residential, industrial c) contracting companies needing design expertise in MEP services


T4B Services Ltd

Ing. Patrick Spiteri Staines – Director


Building sector including distribution of building materials and surveying equipment as well as project works such as specialist water proofing, renovation and restoration.

a) companies manufacturing building materials for export especially: natural hydraulic lime, thermal insulation products, restoration products. b) contracting companies with interest in overseas work specialising in Building finishes contracting and restoration of stone fortifications. c) surveying companies willing to do overseas work. d) companies providing manpower for the building sector for overseas work.


Vassallo Builders Group Ltd

Mr Nazzareno Vassallo – Chairman


The company is mainly in construction services however it also specialises in elderly care services and in the hospitality industry.

a) property developers, estate agents b) companies involved in elderly health care.

Sector: Transport and Fleet Management Services and Security


Datanet Security Systems Co. Ltd

Mr Martin Zerafa – Managing Director


Security services, Tracking devices, Fleet Management, Security Equipment, Software for Telemetry Applications and Mapping

Police authorities, Airport management, Ministry for old people and special needs (to offer them telecare service), Transport Ministry, Service Corporations, Security Companies and Transport Companies



Mr Roland Scerri – Director


Fleet and Mobility Solutions,

Fleet Services and Geomatic Unit, ICT and Software Development, Business and ICT Consulting, Enforcement Mngt System

a) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers b) system integrators c) IT companies specialised in postal operations d) Fleet Management Companies including car rental companies e) Mobile operators f) distributors of large electronic chain outlets g) transport and logistic cargo h) Courier companies and i) local councils, municipalities and central governments

Sector: Medical and Pharmaceutical Products and Services


Alphafarma Ltd

Mr Mario Debono – Managing Director



Exporters and importers of pharmaceuticals, medical goods, pharmaceutical disposals, hospital IT, hospital management services.


Technoline Ltd

Mr Anthony E. Guillaumier – Chairman


Health care products and services – medical and scientific technology products and services for the Life Sciences Market

Companies in the institutional and private health care market.



Mr Alfred Barthet – Managing Director


Importers, distributors and consultants of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair products, medical instruments to the North African Markets

Importers and exporters of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair products and medical instruments.

Sector: Automotive and Marine Parts and Components


Energeia Industries Ltd

Mr Bernard J Schranz – Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr Gustavo Gysler – Managing Director


Manufacture and Export of Electric & Electronic products for the Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Military sectors amongst others. Products include battery starters/boosters, rechargeable LED inspection lamps, testing equipment, leak detection devices and voltage surge protection devices.

Distributors and service providers auto/marine/avionic workshops and garages. Companies with large car fleets e.g. transport, car hire, distribution, vehicle recovery services. Also companies involved in the sale of boats/marine related products and aviation. Also Re-exporters to other markets from Poland.


Methode Electronics Aftermarket Ltd - MeritMalta

Mr Stephen Ciantar – Sales Export Manager

3500 (worldwide)

Manufacturer of automotive and marine universal aftermarket parts and type specific automotive spare parts.

Some of these products include toggle switches, push buttons, horns, fueses, thermostats, oil pressure switches, reversing light switches and complete range of Rocker switches.

Importers and Distributors/Wholesalers of Automotive parts, Importers and Distributors/Wholesalers of Marine parts, Agents specialised in the distribution of automotive parts, Agents specialised in the distribution of marine parts.

Sector: Ecology, Solar Systems and Water purification


Euromed Eco Power Company ltd

Mr Noel Gauci – Director


Renewable energy, air conditioning, water purification

Importers and installers of solar water heaters, photovoltaics, air conditioning and water purification companies. The company is also interested to find a partner to develop a solar water heater for countries characterised by cold weather.


Ecologic Ltd

Mr Anthony E. Guillaumier – Managing Director


Shooting Grass Technologies, encapsulated seeds – Technology Transfer for reclaiming land into grasslands

Environmental and scaping companies or commercial companies with established links to this sector.


Green MT Ltd

Mr Joseph Attard - CEO


Waste Compliance Scheme/ WEE Waste Packaging

The company would like to meet with Recycling companies and waste packaging brokers to export separated waste produced in Malta including waste of electrical and electrical and electronic equipment produced in Malta.

Sector: Precision Instruments/Laboratory Equipment and Services


Evolve Ltd

Mr Christopher Busuttil – Director


Supply of analytical equipment, consultancy services, sourcing, installation, maintenance and validation of analytical laboratory equipment in quality control laboratories.

a) Certified and qualified service providers and importers of analytical laboratory equipment. The companies should be involved in sales consultancy, design, installation, calibration and validation of equipment used in quality control labs of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics and environmental markets.

Particular interest will be given to companies offering the following services: a) internationally certified companies providing expert design and installation services of pharmaceutical grade purified water manufacturing and distribution systems and accessories. b) Specialised in providing calibration and validation services of spectroscopy equipment. c) Training providers for analytical technciques.

Sector: Audio Visual and Advertising


Lighthouse Communications

Mr Joseph Zammit


Marketing, Creative, Advertising – creative design, audio visual, printing, marketing, brand management, web development, public relations event management

Audio and visual production houses, advertising agencies and corporate clients.

Sector: Transportation, Shipping and Logistics


World Express Logistics Ltd

Mr Denis Gatt – Director Marketing


Logistics Management/ Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarders in Poland handling shipments to Malta and possibly North Africa.

Sector: Equipment & Machinery for various Industries


Rayair Automation Ltd

Mr Ray Schembri – CEO


Factory Automation Machinery

Manufacturers of plastic, cosmetics, food, electronics and automative products to offer factory atuomation machinery.


Zahra Enterprises Ltd

Mr Daniel Zahra – Company Director


Importation and sales of water pumps, power tools, cleaning machinary, irrigation equipment

Importers, exporters and installers of irrigation equipment and pumps, cleaning services, power tools for construction and wood working.

Sector: International Trading


Trade Hive – Marketing & Consulting

Mr Saviour John Galea – Business Owner


Trading of lubricants, herbal products, health products.

Importers and distributors of herbal coffee and anti bacterial soap. The company would also like to meet with Techam BP – suppliers of lubricants.



Mr Marcin Depczynski - Owner


Import/Export of all kinds of goods, development of web-based applications, sales of trucks and heavy equipment in cooperation with Van Vliet Automotive Group (Netherlands), property investment

Importers/Exporters in general, ICT companies and property investment in Poland

Sector: Pleasure boats


Alpha Ventures

Mr Mario Debono – Managing Director


Importers of yachts, boats and airboats

Manufacturers of yachts, boats and airboats to represent them in Malta.

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