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Malina Singh b-106, Indian Oil Apartments, Plot C58/23, Sector 62, Noida 301207, Uttar Pradesh 9810319254

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Malina Singh

B-106, Indian Oil Apartments, Plot C58/23, Sector 62, Noida 301207, Uttar Pradesh


Seeking a challenging Human Resources position in a growth-oriented organization, which offers diverse job responsibility to utilize my skills.


  • Over two years of progressive experience and responsibility in planning, scheduling, training development, and human resource management.

  • Monitored, evaluated, and counseled staff of 50 employees.

  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • General office duties, including all daily correspondence and phone etiquette.

  • Word Processing: 60-70 wpm, 90% accuracy.

  • Software: Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Windows XP.


  • SAP-HR from CDAC, Noida, 2009

  • MBA (HR) Masters in Human Resource Management from Sikkim Manipal University.

  • B.A. (Political Science) in 1999 from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University

  • ISC from Dr Grahms Home, Kalimpong, West Bengal

  • ICSE from St James School, Binnaguri, West Bengal


  • GBL Healthnet Pvt. Ltd.

Human Resource Manager (August 2007 to September 2009)

  • Responsible for the expansion of the company from five to the current strength.

  • Arranging and conducting interviews of the desired candidate and induction.

  • Maintaining healthy public relations, excellent interpersonal skill, and sound problem solving capability.

  • Established capability of taking decisions and initiating those.

  • Planning, managing, and directing work flow.

  • Also responsible for (making time/cost estimates and ensuring implementation) keeping budgets and keeping it to schedules.

  • Responsible for increasing quality and production goals.

  • Keep records of productivity.

  • Timely appraisals.

  • Training new recruits on our software.

  • Weekly quality meetings with clients (and ensuring complaint redressal, if required).

  • Done various other duties as needed.

    • Samtech Datasys Pvt. Ltd

Worked as a Medical Transcriptionist and then a team leader and QA for two years.

    • Fortuna Pvt. Ltd.

Started as a Junior Medical Transcriptionist and then Senior Medical Transcriptionist for two years

    • Derek O'Brien & Associates

Worked as a Quiz master conducting quizzes in schools in and around Delhi and outdoor shoots.

Taught English for grade II, III, IV, and V for two years.

Other Skills

Pavneet Baweja (HR Manager GBL Healthnet Pvt. Ltd.): 9999572144

Shalini Mittal (MT/QA GBL Healthnet Pvt. Ltd.): 9953192727; 0120-4357450

(Malina Singh)

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