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Main Department of Statistics in Lviv region, Ukraine

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Main Department of Statistics in Lviv region, Ukraine

17th PC-Axis Reference Group Meeting, Rome, Italy

24 – 26 September 2008
Report on the Use of PC Axis Software in Statistics Lviv, Ukraine
Organizational issues
Project leader of our current PC-Axis team is Semen O. Matkovskyj (, Chief of Lviv Main Statistical Office.
PC-Axis resources within our Main Statistical Office:



PC-Axis responsibility

Volodymyr Prokopiv,

Database Coordinator: Data integration

PC-Axis, PX-Edit, PX-Web

Nataliya Skobylko,

Manager: Electronic Product Development

PC-Axis, PX-Make, PX-Edit, PX-Web

Tetyana Yavdoshchyna,

Manager: Databases Developer

PC-Axis, PX-Edit, PX-Web

Liliya Avdyeyeva,



Yuriy Dziubyna,

Technical support, organization of PX-Web


Svitlana Kolivashko,

Professional: Electronic Product Development

PC-Axis, PX-Make, PX-Edit, PX-Web

Nataliya Petruh,

Professional: Electronic Product Development

PC-Axis, PX-Edit

Nadiya Harhay,

Professional: Electronic Product Development

PC-Axis, PX-Edit

This year is historical for our Main Department of Statistics in Lviv region. In April our region statistics has signed the Software License Agreement with Statistics Sweden. We find PC-AXIS project of Statistics Sweden very interesting and convenient and in line with modern international technology. We hope that thanks to PC-Axis we can rather quickly provide a higher-quality statistical information service for dissemination of statistics produced by our organization.
Use of PC-Axis in Statistics Lviv
Now the PC-Axis family becomes a basic part of our dissemination strategy. All employees have PC-Axis 2007 and PX-Map on their computers. All employees have access to our PX-data through our internal web that also includes the local version of our published web site. PX-Web is installed on the local data network. It is centrally supported and thus available for all 460 staff. PX-Web has become rather popular tool for publishing data and our colleges prefer to use it more than PC-Axis. Our employees have participated in training sessions organized by our PC-Axis team.

PX-Web is the software providing data on-line, free for charge in our web site. Our organization has used it to disseminate statistical data via the Internet since April 2008 (see PC-Axis Population of Ukraine database start page: and since June 2008 (see PC-Axis Current Statistics database and Main Indicators start page: and

Current Situation
Our organization offers PX-file with PX-Web within it through the intranet and outside it through the internet. At the moment there are more than 1500 different PX-files, containing time variable.
Now our six statistical databases are completely or partially presented in PX-Web form, namely:

  • Population of Ukraine (6 topics over 7 sets of statistics, 24 tables, 4662 parameters, 1989-2008);

  • Current statistics annual (23 topics, 101 tables, 1995-2007);

  • Current statistics monthly and quarterly (16 topics, 60 tables plus 37 regional indicators, 2006-2008);

  • Monthly and quarterly data (17 topics, 28 themes, 70 tables, 2006-2008) - for internal use only;

  • RegioStat (19 topics over 97 sources of statistics, 44 themes, 164 tables, 1989,1995-2007) - for internal use only;

  • InfoStat (has a function to produce PX-file, 25 topics over 145 sources of statistics, 1913-2007) - for internal use only;

  • Strategy (4 topics, 15 themes, 83 tables, 2001-2007) - for internal use only.

There is a plan of upgrading all our PX-bases.

The data disseminated on our website for external use are mostly at national and regional level. It contains all official statistics.

The data disseminated for internal use only has more detailed level and information. As a whole such our PX-integrated system contains about 25 datasets, 31 statistical indicators (they are presented in a predefined “Quicktables”) and 45 basic statistical items from all statistics subject areas.

The public interface is currently available only in one language - Ukraine. The use of the multilingual option remains for the future.

The retrievals from the data-bank have gone on increasing.

PX-Web statistics
The number of PX-files is constantly growing; currently there are 232 tables in Ukraine on the website for external users. The PX-Web server serving external customers contains 3 charged databases – it is approximately 2 Gb of data.

It was really shock for us when we have found a lot of temp files in the temp folders. We have understood that we already have visitors and our temp files very soon can give us a real picture of database visits statistics. There were approximately 368 extractions from .px files for the first week in July. This does not include direct .px file downloads. These estimates are based on files created in the temp folders of the web server.

Creating PC-Axis files or databases for dissemination
The following steps take place in the process:

  • Data retrieval from different databases and servers

  • Creating tables

  • Creating metadata files

  • PX-Make to create PX-files

  • PX-Edit for testing and editing PX-files

  • PC-Axis to create VS-files and AGG-files for aggregations

  • Creating the description of hierarchical variables

  • Linking with PC-Axis databases

  • Loading and generating PC-Axis databases on the web for dissemination

All databases in PX-Web form are structurally identical to their original. Their disc directory names have short codes and contain its alias names.

Creating tables
Many tables are prepared for updating in Excel format and are converted to PX-format by database managers. PX-tables are created as output from internal Sybase macrodata base “Infostat”. So they can be downloaded in PC-Axis format. The PX-files, created using PX-Make, were sourced from dbf-files and from internal Access macrodata bases.
Hierarchical variables: For users: It is required a lot of effort to create. Sometimes it is possible to be replaced by aggregations.

PX-WEB: A notice that for hierarchy the folder Treeview in the directory Dialog is obligatory.

PX-WEB: Database visits statistics. Better and more manageable control over temp files.
Questions / Problems
Hierarchical variables: The hierarchy isn’t always correctly worked in PC-Axis (main module) opposite to PX-Web.

PX-WEB: When databases in PX-Web have more than three levels disc directory there can be some problems with its generation and presentation.
Use of PC-AXIS Family Tools
We currently use the following components:



PC-Axis 2007 (main module)

One of the main tools used to disseminate data in the organization

PX-Web 2007

Website dissemination tool of statistical data


Used for testing and editing PX-files


Used to create PX-files


Used in conjunction with PC-Axis main module on region level


Used in conjunction with PC-Axis main module on region level.

PX-Map2.0 is a very useful and powerful data visualization tool


Used in conjunction with PC-Axis main module


Used in conjunction with PX-Web 2007


Used in conjunction with PX-Web 2007

Promote the application of PC-AXIS Family
PX-Web under our authorization is testing by State Statistics Committee of Ukraine now. We also try to promote and expand the usage of PC-AXIS family outside our organization within our Lviv region as well as outside it, i.e. to other regional main statistical departments. We expect to see PC-AXIS format as a standard for the interchange of statistical information and PX-Web as a statistical information service network for communications in Ukraine.

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