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Magnoliaceae (Magnolia Family) dates as far back as Pangea [Pierre Magnol, botanist]

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Magnoliaceae (Magnolia Family) dates as far back as Pangea

[Pierre Magnol, botanist]

12 Genera (2 on campus)

220 species

I. Leaves

A. Alternate

B. Simple

C. Stipulate - scars encircle twig

II. Flowers

A. Large, showy

B. Perfect

C. Numerous spirally arranged stamens and pistils

III. Fruits

A. Conelike aggregates of

1. Follicles (Magnolia)

2. Samaras (Liriodendron)

IV. Economic Importance

A. Veneer for cabinets & furniture

B. Wood pulp for paper

C. Ornamental

V. Range

A. E.USA -> C. America; West Indies -> E. Brazil; SE AsiaGeneric comparison

I. Liriodendron (Yellow-poplar, Tuliptree)

[Lily tree]

A. Lobed leaves with truncate or notched apices

B. Diaphragmed pith

C. Fast growing, valuable timer tree

D. L. tulipfera (OT,)

[Tulip bearing]
II. Magnolia
A. Unlobed leaves with acute to obtuse apices

B. Homogeneous or inconspicuously diaphragmed pith

C. Scarlet seeds dangle on slender threads from follicles

at maturitySpecies comparison

I. M. grandiflora (Southern; Evergreen Magnolia)

[showy flower]

A. Flowers with 6-12 large white tepals

B. Leathery, evergreen leaves with reddish brown pubescence

C. Buds & twigs with reddish brown pubescence
II. M. virginiana (Sweetbay)
A. Flowers with creamy white tepals

B. Deciduous to semi-evergreen glaucous and white pubescent

leaves with distinct oder

C. Buds & twigs sparse pubescence

III M. macrophylla (Large-leaved Cucumber Tree)


A. Flowers with large white fragrant tepals

B. Very large (30 - 100 cm long) deciduous leaves

with auricled or cordate base.

C. Pubescent buds/branches

III. Species with Deciduous leaves, Tomentose buds, and Pubescent

A. M. acuminata (Cucumber Tree)

1. Yellow flowers

2. 15-25 cm long leaf blades

3. > 2 cm petioles
B. M. soulangiana (Saucer Magnolia)
1. Pink flowers

2. =>12.5 cm long leaf blades

3. => 8 cm long fruit
C. M. stellata (Star Magnolia)


1. White flowers

2. < 12.5 cm long leaf blades

3. 5 cm long fruit

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