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Madame Butterfly Synopsis

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Madame Butterfly Synopsis

Pinkerton, an American naval officer is stationed in Nagasaki, Japan, about the turn of the century where he meets Butterfly. Butterfly falls in love with Pinkerton. They want to get married, but Pinkerton wants Butterfly to convert to his religion. If Butterfly converts to his religion, her family will disown her. Her love for Pinkerton is strong and decides to convert so that they can get married. When Pinkerton’s ship gets reassigned, he promises Butterfly that he will return. Suzuki is one of Butterfly’s servants and is a close friend.

Day after day, Butterfly goes to the docks to see if Pinkerton returns.

Meanwhile, Butterfly finds out that she is expecting with Pinkerton’s child.

She has a son. Time goes by and Butterfly never hears from Pinkerton.
Years have past, the war is over, and Pinkerton has returned to the United States where he marries an American woman. He hears that Butterfly & he have a son. Butterfly becomes poor and can barely afford to feed her son. Since her family has disowned her, she cannot go to them for help. She gave up so much for her husband who has rejected her. Pinkerton and his American wife decide that it is best to bring the son to America.
At the end, Pinkerton and his new wife, Kate, go to Japan, to Madame Butterfly’s house. Butterfly is in agony. She does not want to lose her son, but realizes that she cannot afford to provide for him. After she gives up her son, in great turmoil, she stabs herself and dies.

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