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Macintosh® ti-graph link™2

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The TI-GRAPH LINK™ 2 for Macintosh® Condensed Guidebook for the TI-83 (and TI-83 Plus) Graphing Calculator (gl2m82-usa.pdf which requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader) and the

TI-GRAPH LINK 2™ software are located in the resource/graphcal/ti83res folder on the CD ROM as are all other files mentioned in this brief summary.

The latest version of the TI-Graph Link software is available for download at the TI Web Site at HREF="  MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor TI-Graph Link hardware is available from Instructional Products Dealers or the TI Accessory Store at the same TI Web Site. For further information, call Texas Instruments at 1-800-TI-CARES.

1. Install TI-83 Graph Link software onto your hard drive.

2. Install the TI-83 fonts into the fonts folder in your system folder.

3. Connect the Graph Link cable to your computer print/modem port.

4. Connect the other end of the cable to the port at the bottom of theTI-83 calculator. TURN THE CALCULATOR ON AND MAKE SURE YOU AT THE HOME SCREEN.

5. Open the program "TI-83 Graph Link Software."

6. From the menu select LINK, then SEND...

7. Locate the TI-83 Graph Link data files folder on the CD. The graph link data files are contained in the ti83data folder in resource/graphcal/ti83res/ti83data on the CD.

8. Select a data file program and press ADD, then continue to add any additional desired data files. When all data files have been added, click SEND.

9. To use the data files on the TI-83, calculator press [PRGM]; then select the program number; and press [ENTER] to activate the program on the Home Screen.

10. To see the data stored in TI-83 lists, press [STAT] [1:EDIT].

11. To plot the data on the TI-83, press [2nd] [STAT PLOT]. You can refer to

Chapter 2 in the Graphing Calculator Workbook for detailed instructions on plotting data.

  1. A list of all the data files appears in the appendices of the Instructor's Manual and the ti83res folder.

Additional technical information is available in TI-GRAPH LINK 2™ for Macintosh Condensed Guidebook.

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