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Lufthansa in China

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Lufthansa in China
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a global aviation group with its headquarters based in Germany, employing more than 112,000 staff worldwide. Lufthansa is an international group of European airlines. Lufthansa Group airlines are serving 274 destinations in 104 countries on four continents from their hubs Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, Munich and Zurich. With 23 gateways in Asia/Pacific Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines is the leading European airline group in the region.
Lufthansa’s airline Network

In summer 2010, Lufthansa Group operates 71 weekly flights to and from China including Hong Kong.

  • Beijing Daily non-stop flights to Frankfurt

Daily non-stop flights to Munich

Six weekly non-stop flights to Vienna

Daily non-stop flights to Munich

Daily non-stop flights to Zurich

  • Guangzhou Three non-stop flights per week to Frankfurt

  • Nanjing Three non-stop flights per week to Frankfurt

  • Hong Kong Daily non-stop flights to Frankfurt

Daily non-stop flights to Munich

Daily non-stop flights to Zurich

Quality and Innovation

Lufthansa provides a choice of Chinese meals on board, as well as Chinese movies and audio entertainment for passengers. On arrival in Frankfurt and Munich, a Chinese Welcome Service is available to greet Chinese passengers in their language and assist them with their travel needs and information.

Online Information

The web page conveniently provides passengers with travel information and special programs in English and Chinese. Lufthansa has also introduced an online virtual tour at This online platform demonstrates Lufthansa’s unique flying experience through a highly-personalized introduction to Lufthansa’s products and services. These are specific for the Chinese market, detailing the network and flight schedule to and from China to various European destinations.


Since first flying to China over eight decades ago, Lufthansa has widely expanded its network in China.

  • 1926 First flight arrives in China, landing in Peking with two Junkers G24

  • 1961 First scheduled flight lands in Hong Kong with a Boeing 707

  • 1980 Lufthansa opens scheduled flights between Frankfurt and Beijing

  • 1992 Shanghai becomes the second destination in mainland China

  • 2002 Three weekly non-stop flights between Shanghai and Munich

  • 2004 Guangzhou becomes Lufthansa’s fourth destination in China

  • 2008 Nanjing becomes the airline’s fifth destinations


In January 2001, Lufthansa introduced native Chinese flight attendants on flights between China and Germany, providing Chinese-speaking passengers with in-flight services in their own language and cultural background. Lufthansa now employs 250 flight attendants from China. The Lufthansa Group employs more than 11,000 staff within Greater China, including all joint ventures and affiliated companies.
Customer care

Lufthansa offices are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Hong Kong. The Shanghai office hosts one of Lufthansa’s nine customer service call centers worldwide, servicing the greater China region.

Star Alliance

Lufthansa is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance, the world’s leading global alliance. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2007, and now numbering 26 full member carriers, Star Alliance offers passengers 19,700 daily flights to 1,077 airports in 175 countries – and the opportunity for points redemption in all corners of the globe. With Star Alliance, passengers can benefit from fast and convenient flights and unrivalled flexibility across a global network of destinations.
Air China and Shanghai Airlines both joined Star Alliance on 12 December 2007, and as member airlines cooperate in areas such as codeshare flights, frequent flyer programs, network connectivity and product and services harmonization.
Air China

Lufthansa has a long-last relationship with Air China, having had a codeshare agreement with Air China since October 2000. With Air China, Lufthansa extends its service beyond its own gateways in China via codeshare flights operated by Air China. At the same time, Lufthansa operates codeshare flights with Air China from Frankfurt and Munich to several destinations throughout Germany.

Shanghai Airlines

Lufthansa and Shanghai Airlines established a codeshare agreement in April 2004, based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in May 2002. Codeshare flights are operated by Shanghai Airlines to/from several destinations in China, with Lufthansa operating flights to/from several cities in Germany and Shanghai under the code of Shanghai Airlines.

Lufthansa Group Companies in China
1. Lufthansa Cargo AG

Lufthansa Cargo offers own freighter services from Germany to Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Together with its partner Air China and the joint venture Jade Cargo International the freight airline is connecting China also with Amsterdam, Barcelona and Verona/Brescia.

Lufthansa Cargo also has commercial interests in China, including PACTL, International Cargo Centre Shenzhen, Jade Cargo International and HYACT.
- Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal (PACTL)

In 1999 Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co. Ltd. (PACTL) was established as a joint venture of Shanghai Airport (Group) Co. Ltd (51%), Lufthansa Cargo AG (29%) and JHJ International Transportation Co. Ltd (20%). The Cargo Terminal at Shanghai Pudong International Airport provides cargo terminal services to airlines, forwarding agents, shippers and consignees. The cargo area totals 146,200 square meters and has an annual capacity of 500,000 tons.

- International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS)

In 2004, LH Cargo (50%) and Shenzhen Airport Co. Ltd. (50%) set up a joint venture, International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS), to operate an international airfreight terminal in the Southern Chinese city. The terminal operates as a highly modern service provider for Chinese and international airlines.

- Jade Cargo International

Lufthansa Cargo (25% stake), Shenzhen Airlines (51%) and Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (24%) founded Jade Cargo International in 2004. The new cargo airline, based in Shenzhen, is the first carrier with foreign participation to operate in the Chinese market. Jade Cargo operates six brand new Boeing 747-400ERF freighters to and from China.

- Tianjin Airport Hua Yu Cargo Terminal (HYACT)

In 2008, Lufthansa Cargo (46%), Taiwanese investor Hwa-Hsia International Holding (49%) and Tianjin Airport International Logistics Joint Stock Co (5%) launched Tianjin Airport Hua Yu Cargo Terminal (HYACT) at the second-largest airport in Northern China and located close to Beijing. The 90,000 square-meter air cargo center at the airport and has an annual capacity of 360,000 tons.

2. Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik is the world’s largest civilian providers of aero-engineering services. Lufthansa Technik has numerous important commercial interests and several highly visible projects in China, including AMECO and Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen.


The Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation (AMECO) is a joint venture of Lufthansa (40%) and Air China (60%), founded in 1989. AMECO operates a large maintenance and overhaul base with over 4,000 employees in Beijing and an Aeronautical Apprentice Training Centre, also located in the Chinese capital. In 2004, the joint venture partners extended their cooperation for another 25 years. Ameco invested in the construction of an A380 hangar, one of the largest maintenance hangars worldwide, which has been put into use as of April 2008.

- Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

Established by Lufthansa Technik (85%), Beijing Keilan (10%) and Shenzhen Investment Holding (5%) in 2000, Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen Co., Ltd. represents another major investment in China. This operation overhauling high-grade airframe-related components (ARCs) further strengthens Lufthansa Technik AG’s activities in China.

3. Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems is one of the leading IT service providers for the airline and aviation industries worldwide. The company’s portfolio consists of services and solutions which cover all of an airline’s business processes, including planning, passenger and cargo management, finance, flight operations, and aircraft maintenance. With its deep understanding of aviation processes and strong technological expertise, Lufthansa Systems not only develops individual applications but also provides airlines with integrated platform solutions which optimize their core processes.

Lufthansa Systems has its regional head office for Asia/Pacific in Singapore. A growing customer service team based in representative offices in Hong Kong and Beijing cater to the requirements of China’s striving airline industry. Cathay Pacific Airways is the launching customer of the new, state-of-the-art fleet assignment solution. Cathay Pacific, as well as China Southern Airlines, also manages its network planning and scheduling processes with the NetLine products from Lufthansa Systems. Shanghai Airlines is another customer in the area of scheduling, while Hainan Airlines manages its pricing processes with Lufthansa Systems solutions. In the air cargo business, Air China Cargo has been a long-standing customer of our load planning solution. Furthermore, Jade Cargo International flies with Lufthansa Systems’ navigation data and is now also introducing the proven navigation charts.
4. LSG Sky Chefs

LSG Sky Chefs has established plants in cooperation with its Chinese partners in Beijing, Chengdu, Dunhuang, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, Kunming, Lanzhou, Lijiang, Nanchang, Nanjing, Qingdao (frozen airline food center), Sanya, Shanghai (Pudong and Hongqiao), Shangri-La, Urumqi and Xi’an. In total, LSG Sky Chefs has a daily production capacity of more than 150,000 meals in China. LSG Sky Chefs is the leading international catering company in China.

Beijing Lufthansa Centre

Also noteworthy is the unique Beijing Lufthansa Centre, a state-of-the-art office complex including a shopping center, residential apartments and the Beijing Kempinski Hotel.

Regional Headquarters

The Asia-Pacific Area Management Office of Lufthansa (Passenger), Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Consulting are all located in Singapore. LSG Sky Chefs’ Area Management Office is based in Hong Kong.

For more information about Lufthansa please visit:

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