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Ls communications 165 West 66 Street Suite 9s new York, ny 10023

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165 West 66 Street Suite 9S

New York, NY 10023


For Immediate Release


New York theater and cabaret audiences are in for a rare treat – or is it treats? – on Saturdays, December 6 and 13 at 9:30 PM when Australian actor/comedian/writer Jim Dailakis opens his widely heralded world-traveled one-man comedy show – Skitso! – at Stage 72/The Triad, 158 West 72nd Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Jim promises that the 90-minute show will have audiences in stitches! And why doubt him? After all, the production is a hilarious confessional of -- to put it in Jim’s own words -- “a nobody who dreamt about becoming a somebody …. or three, maybe more!” Directed by Charles Messina and written by Dailakis, Skitso! ( is an entertaining, fast-paced, hilarious, dramatic, sad, happy, definitely crazy and inspirational journey where he (Dailakis) continues failing his way to success. How did he arrive at this point in his life? According to Jim, it all started when he was a bullied, weak Greek Australian boy. “When you have the physique of a stick insect, resemble a pretty girl, talk to yourself more often than is considered normal, inspired by American icons and want to be Chinese, your choices in life are often limited to becoming a comedian, an actor or a comedian,” he says. As a child in Perth, Australia, to escape the harshness of his constant teasing, beatings and harshness of his elementary school reality, Jim turned to watching American television shows for inspiration. From Bugs Bunny, his first comedic hero, and a desire to be just like his other American movie star idols, he was determined to find success in Hollywood as an Academy award-winning A-list actor, or perhaps the next Bruce Lee. In Skitso!, his childhood icons all come to pay him visits in an effort to help him live out his dreams and to become a stronger, better, faster more motivating force. Jim, a trained, successful voice-over actor in real life, plays all of them -- over 25 stars and celebrities -- as well as original characters. Along his real-life journey from Australia to Stage 72, Jim Dailakis spent many years in New York City working on his craft. He attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, received private coaching from lifelong members of the Actors Studio and trained at AIDA. He has appeared in TV commercials in the US and in Australia, and essayed roles in the independent award winning movies Mona and Broadway's Finest. He also had a supporting role in the movie Uncle Melvin's Apartment, played a Greek immigrant in the film This Is Reality, a music producer in the music video Fly Away and recently had a principal role in the TV series A Crime to Remember. As a comedian, Jim has worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Nealon, Caroline Rhea, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin and Weird Al Yankovic. He's performed alongside Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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Director Charles Messina is a NYC born and bred writer/director and one of the strongest voices of the Afterlife and Times of a Rock God, Cirque Jacqueline, and the upcoming Broadway production of A Room oF My Own. Projects in development include the musical THE WANDERER based on the life and music of Rock & Roll legend Dion, and the feature film Thunder & Lightning about the life of fighter Arturo Gatti, starring John Leguizamo. ( Skitso!  Is a Step Forward Entertainment Production produced by Robert R. Blume, entertainment producer and talent manager in his 16th year as an Executive Producer of the annual Drama Desk Awards now overseen by He is a current Drama Desk voter and Advisory Board member of the Duke Ellington Center for the Arts; a partner with Michael Katz in Katz-Blume Management which manages the career of Drama Desk nominated Actress/Singer/Impressionist, Christina Bianco; and a prior 20 year Tony voter.  For more information:


For Tickets: 1-800-838-3006 www.skitsostarring


“Skitso! …. a one man tour de force! A very long journey to the most pleasing of places: one’s own heart! Take the ride. It’s a darn good roller coaster!” John Blenn, Live Magazine

“ He’s brilliant and we love him!” Brad Garrett, “Everyone Loves Raymond”

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