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Lotus Notes Installation Procedure for Waters Distributors

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Lotus Notes Installation Procedure for Waters Distributors

Before you begin the Lotus Notes installation procedure log into the VPN and install the VPN


  • Log into VPN


    • Select the Start button to the right of the Windows Secure Application Manager

  • Once the VPN installation is complete log into the VPN and select the Waters Portal link to access the Waters portal or Connections FileSync to access all other files

Lotus Notes Setup

Initialize the Lotus Notes setup:

  • Double click the blue IBM Notes icon on your desktop.

  • If you do not have the icon on your desktop select Start, Programs, Lotus Applications then Lotus Notes

  • Once the IBM Notes Social Edition Client Configuration screen opens select the Next button.

  • Enter your name in the Your name field

  • Enter Distributors/Waters in the Domino server field

    • As a Waters Distributor you are going to connect to The Distributors/Waters server

    • IP address for the server is

  • Place a checkmark in the box in the I want to connect to a Domino Server field

  • Select the Next button

  • The Lotus Notes id has been supplied to you previously and you should place it in your \Notes\Data directory

  • Once you have located the Lotus Notes id; select the Next button

  • Select the Yes button to copy your ID file to your data directory

You will be prompted for your password

    • This will be your original iNotes password. Not your current one.

Note: These passwords are not synchronized. You would have to manually change each one individually to have both Notes & iNotes use the same password.

  • Select the Log In button

  • Select the Next button

Note: Waters does not use Domino for any of the POP, IMAP, NNTP or LDAP options, do not check anything

  • Congratulations! You have finished the setup!

Lotus Notes Configuration
Now that you have "Setup" Lotus Notes, it is time to configure it for optimal performance

  • Launch Lotus Notes, if it is not already launched

Note: You can do this either by the shortcut on the desktop or the "Start" menu

  • The "Discover" screen will open

Note: You can configure this so every time you open Lotus Notes you can see your mail, your calendar, your to-do list, a webpage or two, etc...

Setting up the Workspace

  • Right click on Workspace and choose Set Bookmark as Home Page

  • Select File from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner then select Locations then Manage Locations

  • Select the Ports tab

  • Ensure that TCPIP is checked

    • If there are any other ports besides TCPIP, uncheck them

  • Click on the "Internet Browsers" tab

    • The default is Notes with Microsoft Internet Explorer but you can change the default browser to the browser of your choice

      • What does this mean to you? If someone sends you a link in an email and you have Notes with IE as your browser, you click on that link you get an internet window opened within Lotus Notes. If you have it just set to Microsoft IE then it opens a completely new IE window and your link.

  • Select the Save & Close button.

  • You will be brought back to your "workspace".

  • Select File from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner then select Preferences

  • Select the Notes Ports tab on the left hand side menu

    • You will see the available ports listed as well

Note: You will see the available ports listed in the Notes Ports section. If you see a checkmark next to a port name and it is NOT TCPIP then click on the port name and uncheck the box Port enabled

  • Once all ports are disabled, with the exception of TCPIP, select the other ports and click the Delete button.

    • Waters does not use them so it is safe to delete them

  • You should only see the TCPIP port and it should be enabled and the Compress Network Data option should be checked

  • Select the OK button

Note: You will see a message Some preferences will not take place until you restart Lotus Notes. When close & re-open Lotus Notes and all your changes will be in effect


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