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Los Medanos College Minutes of the Academic Senate

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Los Medanos College

Minutes of the Academic Senate

Date: Monday, February 9, 2015 Time: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Location: L109

Members Present: Silvester Henderson, Louie Giambattista, Erich Holtmann, Nick Garcia, Alex Sample, Mark Lewis, Janice Townsend, Christina Goff, Paula Gunder, Estelle Davi, Janith Norman, Elizabeth Abril, Nila Adina, Kyle Chuah, Sophia Ramirez and Abbey Duldulao (Recorder Secretary)

Members Absent: Tue Rust (Conference), Theodora Adkins, Joanna Perry, Julie Ashmore, Dave Zimny and Anthony Hailey

Guests: Nancy Ybarra, Milton Clarke, Jeff Michaels (Executive Director UF), Students; Gary Walker, Anthony Anaya, Sam Rainey, Martin Montoya, Jim Wang and Nam Tran


Topic Action Items: Bolded Texts


Call to Order (S. Henderson):

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. – No Quorum yet


Public Comments and Announcements (S. Henderson):

  • Rayco (Office of Club READ) – Club READ is holding a riddle contest. The puzzle can be found at Free Door Prize tickets will be given for every completed riddle entry. Contact Club READ Adviser Scott Cabral at for info. Club READ and ICC are also doing a fundraising selling memorable bottled Coke and Sprite at a discount , trivia at tables, second contest and every $2 you will receive another drawing ticket or 3 tickets for $5. The event will be this Wed, Feb 11th from 1:30-3pm at SS-412. The fundraisings are for books for the Library and Math Lab students. Please help support Club READ.


President’s Opening Comments (S. Henderson):

  • S. Henderson reminded the Senate to send all questions/concerns regarding A&R – Incomplete Grade Contract to Abbey by 2/23/15 – to be discussed during 3/9/15 meeting.

  • S. Henderson reminded the Senate of Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on May 29-31st as well as the A2mend Conference Summit in Los Angeles, CA on March 4-6th.

  • S. Henderson also reminded all Senate regarding ASCCC Spring Plenary Conference at Westin Hotel in Burlingame, CA on April 9-11th as well as CA Community College Area B Meeting in San Jose City College on March 27th from 10-3pm.

  • S. Henderson announced that Box2A has been placed on FSCC meeting agenda to be held on Feb 11th.

  • S. Henderson announced Dr. Kevin Horan (LMC VP) will be rescheduled to do an Educational Presentation at a later date due to a load meeting.


Presidents Opening Comments and Educational Presentation (S. Henderson) Continued:

  • Educational Presentation – Music Department – Kyle Chuah

  • K. Chuah brought in his whole music system along with some of his music students. K. Chuah explained the process taken by Instructors and students collaborating knowledge and experience to assist each other with producing songs, become Producers and to follow their passion in music with the hopes of becoming professional artists.

  • K. Chuah introduced his students who explained their pathway in music; recording arts, home studio projects, learning program in music courses, recording arts in business aspects, copyrights, expanding knowledge in reasons and other overall aspects in producing music.

  • K. Chuah explained the money it takes these days to produce music, CD productions and he demonstrated connecting various instruments to collaborate and create one song in mind. Everyone enjoyed themselves listening to live music being played by Kyle Chuah.


Senate Announcements and Reports (S. Henderson): - Quorum Met

  • SGC – No report

(SGC Minutes are 3 or 4 months behind – Past 2 minutes were just approved – L. Giambattista will ask Jennifer Adams to post on website)

(Agenda’s first page only is posted – E. Holtmann asked if there’s an agenda packet, please post on website).

  • CC – Still waiting for Course Outlines of Records results of assessment.

  • TLC – CSLO/PSLO Interim Candidacy deadline was extended to Feb 12th.

  • GE – No report

  • FSCC – To meet on Wed, Feb 11th – Box 2A process is on the FSCC agenda.

(For Senate to document the actual Box 2A process as relates to Grant and Categorical Funding and S. Henderson to bring back an in-depth report after FSCC meeting on Wed, Feb 11th.

  • Legislative Liaison Report – Governing Board opened and voted the current Accreditation group might not be the only one and in the future it is okay for another Accreditation group can be established. It would have to be charted, approved and will not be opened up until another cycle which is 7 years.

  • Accreditation Steering Committee – J. Norman reported on Actionable Improvement Plan, results of Accreditation and organizational meeting.


Approval of Previous Minutes – 2/9/15

  • Motion to approve previous 2/9/15 minutes – Approved (M/S; J. Townsend/K. Chuah) – Majority Approved (12 Votes)

  • Abstained – P. Gunder, C. Goff and N. Garcia.


Agenda Reading and Approval:

  • Motion to approve the 2/23/15 agenda as listed – Approved (M/S; M. Lewis/J. Townsend) – Unanimous

AGENDA ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


District Compressed Calendar – Re-discussion (S. Henderson) :

  • Discussion was around 18 weeks to 16 weeks calendar (15 weeks and 1 Flex obligation – similar to State College), FTES accounting, bargaining negotiation details, inviting faculty/non faculty to talk about compressed calendar, hours by Title V, students’ calendar preferences and model compressed calendar example of SWCCD from UF Website.

  • It was pointed out from supporting documents on page 2 explains District offering weeks of semesters of compressed calendar.

  • We’re at the beginning of its process, no model has been considered and submitted and at some point, faculty will be asked for opinions.

  • Discussion continued surrounding faculty compensation, campus percentages, pros & cons having pilot program, Course of Outlines lecture hours, specialized classes and statistic findings.

  • The Senate would like some answers to properly address and give more informed opinion or feedback.

  • UF will ask the Senate at the end of March for an advisory vote, faculty opinions and LMC – if are in favor of 16 week compressed calendar.

  • Each Senate Representative to solicit key questions and comprised a list of suggestions from their departments and to create as a packet to have a starting point of what the concerns are.


CSLO/PSLO Interim Candidate – Senate Confirmation – Cindy McGrath (T. Rust):

  • Motion to approve Cindy McGrath as CSLO/PSLO Interim Candidate – Approved (M/S; J. Townsend/N. Garcia) – Unanimous

  • 0 – Opposed and 0 - Abstained


Kennedy-King Memorial Scholarships – Senate Donation (E. Holtmann):

  • S. Henderson explained that the Senate budget proposed to Senate Council is totally exhausted through the end of the year. $589.00 ($12.00 a month) is from donations from one of our Senators. The scholarship details, expenditures, Senate budget and trust account was discussed.

  • Next year the Academic Senate will receive an increase of $5,000 for our clerical assistant and to offer more professional development.

  • Motion to save the money from trust fund for Academic Senate’s future needs and do not contribute to Kennedy King Scholarships:

  • Approved (M/S; N. Garcia/P. Gunder) – Majority Approved (12 Votes) - Opposed – E. Holtmann


The Contra Costa County Adult Education Summit – CCAE Consortium’s response to AB86 (Report) – (J. Norman):

  • N. Ybarra explained a summary of AB86 history/plans and showed resources for reading and recommended to bring it back on the agenda for longer discussion prior to deadline to the State in March 1st.

  • N. Ybarra pointed out the 5 main program areas of AB86, Section 76, Article 3 found on the website: website. N. Ybarra also called attention to recent drafted 12/31/2014 plan on LMC website\Consortia\Effective Practices\Consotium Planning Reports.

  • Discussions was about to provide intergrade education, seamless transitions, dual system, college readiness gaps & matriculation process.

  • N. Ybarra suggested for Senate to read the plan in-depth as it is in its final stages particularly:

-Co-located services, Professional Development (Adult Ed/CC Faculty engaged in same activities) and Objective #5 (Contextualized Basic Skills).

  • Abbey to send out the link to all faculties and Nancy to reach out to ask Natalie & David to come in and be part of the discussion.

  • Tabled to Feb 23, 2015 Senate meeting for longer discussion.


Adjuncts in Leadership Role – Re-discussion (L. Giambattista):

  • Discussions took place around having adjuncts in leadership role; putting a process together with firm documentation, stipend percentages, 67% rule, restrictions, limitation, policy for adjuncts, working from the list/grid of release time, Union association, compensation equal to release time and FT faculty contractual obligation to serve in committees and

  • S. Henderson will ask for release time list from Bob Kratochvil and meet with Gene Huff and Donna Wapner to send information to them.

  • J. Norman requested to be on record that she is not planning on running for anything with 100% time involved and she is happy with what she is currently doing.


Appointments to LMC Equity Focused PD Advisory Team – 2 Faculty Appointments (S. Henderson):

  • Motion to approve Joanna Perry and Janice Townsend as the Representatives for the LMC Equity Focused PD Advisory Team:

  • Approved (M/S; N. Garcia/A. Sample) – Unanimous - 3 Abstained – N. Adina, P. Gunder & J. Townsend


Campus Committee Request – Appointment Procedure – Discussion (S. Henderson):

  • Discussions were around the powers from Title V; Kennedy King Scholarship, CSLO/PSLO Position, how much say does the President have, joint agreement/conversation, designee by the Academic Senate and various Bylaws.

  • P. Gunder and L. Giambattista to create a document draft for clear policy and procedures and bring back to Senate for further discussion.


CCC Bachelor’s Degree Program – Discussion – Article Attached (S. Henderson):

  • Tabled for later meeting.


ASCCC State Appointments – Faculty Nominations – OEI (Online Educational Initiative), CAI (Common Assessment Initiative) – (S. Henderson):

  • Tabled for later meeting.


Academic Senate Upcoming Nominations Update – FALL 2015 (J. Norman):

  • J. Norman called for candidates for upcoming election and asked everyone in the room to confirm the Term of Service list.

  • S. Ramirez confirmed that she started in 2013.

  • All Senators to confirm with their departments of their start date.

  • Elections for this SPRING 2015 are: President, Secretary and At-Large CTE FT positions.


Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.

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