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Los angeles – January 25

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Tanya Berenson

(310) 204-1980
Olympians and Top Athletes from Around the World Compete at

World Renowned Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition in Jan 2013

More than 200 Gymnastics will Compete at the 2013 LA Lights Tournament of Champions
LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2013 – Sponsored by Los Angeles School of Gymnastics (LASG) and sanctioned by the International Gymnastics Federation (IGF), the 2013 LA Lights Tournament of Champions is the nation’s largest and most prestigious gymnastics event.
2013 LA Lights is scheduled for Jan 26-27, 2013 starting at 8am to 8pm at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium at 4117 Overland Ave in Culver City at more than 200 top gymnasts from USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Puerto Rico, Armenia, China and Canada will participate in this event.
Some of the top gymnasts include Lubov Charkashyna, (All-Around Silver Medalist from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the 2011 World Championship Bronze Medalist), Melitina Staniouta (who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympic Gamesand ranks #6 on the 2011 World Champion List), Aliaksandra Narkevich (who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympic Gamesand ranks #14 on the 2011 World Champion List), Anna Bessonova (2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist) as well as LASG gymnasts Heather Chan, Shirley Gon-Gibbs and Elizabeth Petrosyan (2012 VISA USA National Qualifiers).

“This event is largest multi-level competition in the world, drawing top gymnasts from around the globe and culminates in a dramatic awards ceremony and gymnastics celebration”
, said Tanya Berenson, General Manager of LASG.

Given this following the great success of gymnastics after the Olympic year, all gymnasts are gearing up for their top performances with new rules and policies.”

LA Lights 2013 is the first and only event in the U.S. and one of only 12 in the gymnastics global community to be approved by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG). Recognize by the International Olympic Committee and its officials as the oldest of international sport federations, FIG is the supreme authority on international gymnastics.

The LA Lights Tournament of Champions serves as the primary route for major international tournaments including the World Championship and the Olympic Games.

*The 2013 LA Lights competitor list below is broken down by gymnasium and location.
United States

Bala Gymnastics (BLG) – Bala, PA: 5 Competitors

Balis Gymnastics (BAG) – Los Angeles, CA: 9 Competitors

Bright Stars Gymnastics (BRS) – Glendale, CA: 4 Competitors

Burlo Gymnastics (BURL) – Chatsworth, CA: 20 competitors

Champion Rhythmics (CHR) – San Diego, CA: 7 competitors

Emerald City Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics (EMC) – Coronado, CA: 12 competitors

Eurogymnastics (EUR) – Irvine, CA: 4 competitors

Grace Rhythmics (GRR) - Sherman Oaks CA: 14 competitors

JAG (JAG) - Culver City CA: 8 competitors

LA Ritmica (LARI) - Culver City CA: 6 competitors

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics (LAL) - Culver City, CA- 20 competitors

Miami Gymnastics and Dance Academy (MIG) - N Miami Beach FL: 15 competitors

Nino's Rhythmic Club (NIN) - San Francisco CA: 19 competitors

North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center (NSR) – Glenview IL: 1 competitor

Rhythmic Dreams (RHD) – Newton, MA: 6 competitors

Rhythmic Pearls (RHP) – Van Nuys, CA: 8 competitors

San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy (SAD) – San Diego, CA: 7 competitors

So Cal Rhythmic (SOC) -Encinitas CA: 10 competitors

Twister Sports (TWS) - Mountain view CA: 4 competitors


Belarus Gymnastics Association (BLR) - Minsk BLR: 5 competitors

Club Elite Rhythmics (CER) - Vancouver BC CAN: 3 competitors

Olympic Junior School of Russia (RUS) - Kirovsk RUS: 3 competitors

Planet Rhythmics (PLR) - Vancouver BC CAN: 7 competitors

Questo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (QRC) - Montreal Quebec CAN: 3 competitors

Russia (RUSS) RUS: 17 competitors

Stockport Rhythmic (STRH) - Cheshire England UK: 14 competitors

Ukraine Team (UKR) - Kiev UKR: 3 competitors

Zhong Ling RG Club (ZHL) - Hai Dian District Beijing CHN: 2 competitors

LASG, the nation’s leader in gymnastics industry, is headed by Executive Director Alla Svirsky – a four-time Olympic Coach and a USA Gymnastics Inductee to the Hall of Fame. After years of dedication, coach Svirsky pioneered rhythmic gymnastics in the United States through the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. This was the first sanctioned Olympic Games for rhythmic gymnastics and Svirsky was acclaimed as the first Olympic coach for the sport.
About Los Angeles School of Gymnastics (LASG)

LASG, an Olympic quality training center, is a nonprofit corporation, is considered among the top training facilities in the county, which has been training Los Angeles youth since 1975. Led by four time Olympic coach Alla Svirsky, LASG has provided thousands of young athletes with quality gymnastics instruction and has produced several Olympians and Internationally ranked athletes. Visit:

About 2013 L.A. Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational

LA Lights is one of the largest rhythmic gymnastics events in the nation. Sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) and USA Gymnastics Federation, the tournament hosts hundreds of the world’s most divers and competitive athletes in rhythmic gymnastics, including world champions from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA and many more. Visit for more information.

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