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Lora J. Villarreal, Ph. D

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Lora J. Villarreal, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President
Chief People Officer

Career Highlights



  • MAOF 2009 National Hispanic Woman of the Year Award

  • Ogletree Deakins Human Resources Professional of the Year Award for 2008

  • Hispanic Business magazine’s Top 5 Hispanic Women of the Year in 2008

  • Dallas Business Journal Minority Business Leaders Award

  • Texas Diversity Council Diversity FIRST Award

Lora Villarreal is Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer for ACS.

In addition to her role with ACS, Dr. Villarreal is also a member of the Board of Directors for Buck Consultants, a wholly owned ACS subsidiary. Villarreal has more than 20 years of business, human resources and administration experience. Prior to her current duties with ACS and Buck Consultants, she served as President of the Human Resources Group, Inc., where she assisted organizations in aligning people strategies with company and client values. Villarreal also served as Vice President, Human Resources, for Transamerica Real Estate Information Companies. Additionally, she held various positions with First Data Resources, including Vice President of Administration for a start-up operation in Mexico City, which included human resources, training, purchasing, facilities, and public relations.
Active in charitable and civic affairs, Villarreal participated in the 1997-1998 Leadership Dallas Class, Executive Women’s Council, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Society for Human Resources Management. She is currently on the Board of the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc. and serves as President of the ACS Philanthropic Foundation. Dr. Villarreal also serves on the Board of the Texas Diversity Council and on the Board of the Dallas County Community College District Foundation.
Highlights in her career include being named one of Hispanic Business Magazine’s Top five Hispanic Women of the Year in 2008. That honor came after a previous ranking by the magazine as one of its Top 25 Elite Hispanic Women in Business. She was also selected as one of 25 Hispanic women from throughout the U.S. to attend the National Hispanic Leadership Institute, a program designed to prepare women for positions of national impact and to influence public policy. Most recently, she was named one of the Most Outstanding Women to Watch in 2008 by Hispanic Business magazine and received the Ogletree Deakins Human Resources Professional of the Year Award for 2008 and the MAOF 2009 National Hispanic Woman of the Year Award.
Dr. Villarreal holds a bachelor of science degree in human resource management from Bellevue University, a master of science degree in administration and management from Central Michigan University and a Ph.D. in philosophy and management from California Coast University.

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