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Lor 7a resist Procedure

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LOR 0.7A Resist Procedure:
1. Clean substrate with a solvent (ultrasonicate if desired), rinse with DI water

2. Dehydration bake 5 min at 200˚C

3. Spin HMDS @ 4000 rpm.

4. Select desired LOR thickness at 1.2 to 1.3 times more than the intended metallization

thickness, and determine necessary rpm according to:

Spin speed should ideally be between 2500 and 4500 rpm. If you are well outside of this range, you may want to consider ordering a different series of LOR resist. See for more information.

5. LOR spin 5s @ 400 rpm, 45s at determined rpm.

7. Determine Prebake time and temperature according to:

8. Prebake on hotplate for determined time and temperature

9. Spin on S1813 5 sec @ 900 rpm, 60 sec @ 4000 rpm

10. Second Prebake 60sec @ 90˚C

11. UV Expose 9sec

12. Puddle develop with LDD-26 developer for 15 sec.

13. Spin rinse with DI water 35 sec @ 400 rpm

14. Spin dry 60 sec @ 4000 rpm, with a burst of nitrogen gas in the center of the sample

15. Clean bowl and chuck with EBR PG, NOT acetone (may clog drainage system)

16. Metallization

17. Liftoff in a 2 bath system as follows:

  • Bath 1: Ultrasonicate with Remover PG (~45˚C)55C on hotplate. -->: 30 min

  • Bath 2: Remover PG (60˚C): 30 min

  • IPA rinse, DI water rinse, N2 blow dry

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