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London brookes college enrolment Procedure (International Students) Adult student: full-time

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Enrolment Procedure (International Students)

Adult student: full-time (Learners coming to the UK for post-16 education)

Minimum requirements:

30 points for a visa letter, which students get from their education provider and 10 points for having sufficient money (maintenance funds). 

An initial enquiry may be made by contacting LONDON BROOKES COLLEGE to receive detailed information on the admission process. Applicants are required to make a non-refundable payment (administration fee), which forms part of the first year’s fees. 

An application form can be downloaded from the LONDON BROOKES COLLEGE website at printed off and completed. An applicant is also required to complete an assessment form, which can be found online in the section on how to apply to the college. Both the application form and the assessment form must be submitted along with required supporting documents for the application to be considered for admission. 

An application form must be accompanied by ALL supporting documents.

1. Proof of the first year’s fees (see section on Tuition fees ), plus £7,200 covering expenses for the first nine months of study, must appear on the applicant’s personal bank statements covering a 28 day period ending no more than one month before the date of a visa application. 
2. Original copies of bank statements and all certificates for qualifications held must be provided.
3. A bank reference confirming funds in a personal account must be provided. 
4. Two (most recent) academic references are required.

Academic references should testify to the candidate’s

Academic ability
Past achievement 
• Behaviour
• Academic and professional suitability for the proposed course of study

5. Mature students should provide details of recent work experience, supported by a CV and employer’s reference.
6. The course will require evidence of a student’s ability to communicate well in oral and written English, e.g. a qualification taught in English.
7. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport must also be provided on application along with two (additional) passport-size photographs.
8. Evidence of ability to study in English, that is, an assessment in English.
All supporting documents, together with the completed application form, must be submitted to LONDON BROOKES COLLEGE before an eligibility letter, granting admission, can be issued.
Supporting Document Checklist:

1. Unconditional offer of enrolment
2. Evidence of previous study or qualifications gained in the UK or elsewhere
3. Evidence of English language ability and qualifications
4. Evidence of previous education history
5. Evidence of meeting the cost of course fees
6. Evidence of meeting all other costs relating to studies in the UK e.g flights, accommodation, food, exam fees, books, etc.
7. Evidence of any money paid out towards the cost of study (if wholly or partially funded) e.g. bank statements
8. Evidence of any funds set aside by financial sponsors especially to pay for the applicant
9. Evidence of a financial sponsor’s occupation, income and any savings or assets they have
10. Evidence that a sponsor has agreed to sponsor e.g. a letter 
11. Evidence of a sponsor’s immigration status if in the UK

Please go through the guidance notes in relation to your application which can also be found on

Once an eligibility letter has been issued, applicants must make full payment for tuition fees for the first year, inclusive of the fees already paid for admission processing.
A receipt will then be issued along with a visa letter, which applicants need to submit to a British Embassy, along with all the supporting documentation itemised above. 
Applicants need to make sure that evidence of funds comes from a source that can be clearly identified and independently confirmed. The College will verify the documents submitted and British Embassy will also carry out verification checks.
If applicants use overseas currency, the Home Office requires documents to show the closing balance in GB Pounds Sterling. The Home Office uses the official exchange rate on the OANDA website, which can be found at

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