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London Analyst Support Site Website Terms of Reference

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London Analyst Support Site Website

Terms of Reference
The LASS programme:

  • The primary purpose of the London Analysts Support Site (LASS) programme is to deliver secure web-based data analysis, warehousing and GIS functionality to help reduce crime and disorder in the capital. It aims to achieve this by supporting London’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRP’s). The site’s functionality should be delivered in such a way that partner agencies:

  • Are able to spend less time in the preparation of data sets for analysing crime patterns and trends; and

  • Are able to understand patterns and trends more clearly.

Access to data through LASS

LASS supplies data to CDRPs on the basis that it will be used either:

  • To further their efforts to prevent and reduce crime and disorder; or

  • For any purposes related to the exercise of their duties and powers under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 or other relevant statutes.

Other organisations will be granted access to data held on LASS with the agreement of the Steering Group. The SG will need to be satisfied that:

  • Relevant statutes apply;

  • The proposed access to data would be of no detriment to the (above stated) primary purpose of the LASS programme; and

  • Both the Receiving and Disclosing MOUs are appropriately updated and processed.


The LASS team will be part of the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Data Management Analysis Group. As the LASS programme is part funded by partner organisations the governance arrangements are such that funding partners and stakeholders are involved in decision-making and engaged in developing the work programme.

There are two opportunities for stakeholders to be involved: the Steering Group, and the User Group.
The Steering Group:

The Steering Group comprises:

  • Representatives of funding partner organisations;

  • Representatives of other stakeholder organisations;

  • Representatives of the User Group; and

  • Individuals recognised as experts in issues relating to crime and disorder, by invitation from the GLA.

The purpose of the Steering Group is:

  • To ensure stakeholder representation and involvement in the development of the LASS programme;

  • To maintain an overview of the programme’s finances;

  • To oversee the operation of the MOUs (acting as the Memorandum Oversight Committee) and set policies that are consistent with them;

  • To take account of both the collective and the specific needs of stakeholders; and

  • To ensure these needs are met by the projects and products of the LASS programme in accordance with the (above stated) primary purpose of the LASS programme.

The Steering Group will:

  • Agree an annual work programme for the LASS team;

  • Receive updates from LASS staff about progress and work completed;

  • Promote the work of the LASS programme within their respective organisations and externally to others, identifying efficiencies and benefits;

  • Assist the LASS team to identify new opportunities for the LASS programme;

  • Specify and agree the criteria by which the LASS team should consider additional project work, to ensure that the proposed work has broad acceptance, and will deliver both significant benefits across London, and a direct and positive impact on the primary purpose of the LASS programme;

  • Authorise major developments to the LASS website;

  • Consider and agree a model of partnership funding for the LASS programme as proposed by the Chair; and

  • Meet at least six-monthly and more frequently as required (the Chair or Programme Manager may raise urgent issues for resolution by correspondence between meetings).

The User Group:

The User Group will be open to all registered users of the LASS website.

User Group representation:

To ensure that sub-regional crime analysis interests are adequately represented on the SG, the User Group will nominate 3 members to sit on the SG, all of whom must hold a Local Authority post and have day-to-day sub-regional crime analysis responsibilities.
The purpose of the User Group is to:

  • Encourage a dialogue between users and the LASS team as providers;

  • Ensure that the LASS team is aware of the needs of analysts in their responsibility to CDRPs, and respond to meet their needs wherever possible;

  • Promote networking and the sharing of new methods and best practice; and

Assist in the development of the LASS programme through representation on the Steering Group.
The User Group will:

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the LASS programme;

  • Identify and highlight potential areas of development that would add value to LASS;

  • Raise any issues with the current functionality of LASS;

  • Recognise and promote the value of a partnership approach to crime reduction and consider this in any representation to the SG;

  • Nominate three members to sit on the Steering Group to represent User Group interests;

  • Meet at least twice a year and more frequently as required; and

  • Encourage the formation of specialist informal sub-groups relevant to the data of the LASS programme to inform the discussions of the User Group

Steering Group Members: Current as at 07 11 07



Contact details:

Janet Worth

GLA (Chair)

Lisa Henry

GLA, (minutes)

Rob Lewis


Steve Forgan


Ron Belgrave

GLA (Community Safety)

Michael Layton

British Transport Police

Jo Gordon

Government Office for London

Stephen Moore

London Ambulance Service

Doug Flight

London Councils

Hilary McCollum

London Councils

Jonathan Gordon-Till

London Development Agency

David Wyatt

London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority

Susan Quain

London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority

Steve Simmonds

London Probation Service

Guy Beattie

Metropolitan Police Authority

Mark Simmons

Metropolitan Police Service

Steve Neale

National Treatment Agency

David Wilde

User Group

Henri Reinbolt

User Group

Lawrence Ovenden

User Group

Rachel Carson

Transport for London

Vince Tooke

Transport for London

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