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Liverpool Advocacy Rights Information Development and Equality cic (Laridae cic)

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Liverpool Advocacy Rights Information Development and Equality CIC (Laridae CIC)

From April 2013 Laridae will be delivering an information and signposting service as part of Healthwatch Liverpool. As part of this, we are looking to recruit two new members of staff. Both posts will be based at our city centre office.

The closing date for application for both posts is Thursday 11th April 2013. The planned interview date is Friday 19th April 2013.

A summary of each post is given below. For further information on either or both posts please contact Laridae by emailing or calling 0151 707 1900. Please indicate which post(s) you are interested in.

Information Worker (Ref: Post 1) Salary £21,000 plus 6% pension contribution

This is a full time post (35 hours per week) until 31st March 2015. The successful candidate will work as part of a team to receive enquiries, (predominantly about health and social care issues), research options, provide information and refer or signpost people to appropriate services or sources of help. They will also assist with updating web-based directories to make it easier for the public to find the help they need.

The post is a vital part of our staff team delivering the information element of Healthwatch Liverpool. “Local Healthwatch will be there to support individuals by providing information and advice about access to services and choice, e.g. signposting. It is hoped that this will enable people to take more control of their own health, treatment and care, and understand and use the increased choices available to them”.
The post will start at the earliest opportunity.

Information worker / Volunteer coordinator. (Ref: Post 2) Salary £18,000 plus 6% pension contribution.
This is a 30 hour per week post (spread over 5 days per week) and will run from June 2013 to 31st March 2015.

The successful candidate will have two main parts to their role.

  1. They will spend part of their time working as part of our team of information workers, to deliver an information and signposting service (as described above).

  2. They will also take a lead within the organisation for recruiting, supporting and coordinating the work of volunteers who will play a vital role in our work, enabling us to help more people.

Laridae is committed to equality and values diversity in our workforce. We welcome enquiries from all sections of the community.

Laridae is registered as a Community Interest Company. Company Registration number 8254903
Registered office: Unit 13, 7th Floor Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 4LN

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