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Liudmila Tsyrkun, 1977. 07. 14, Belarus the General education

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Liudmila Tsyrkun, 1977.07.14, Belarus

  1. the General education: high education

  • Belarusian State University – a faculty of international relations

  • Belarusian University of Culture and Art – a faculty of producing holidays and sights

(+Pedagogical college, a teacher of Music (violin and piano), sports master in Art gymnastics)

  1. Dancing education (seminars and congresses):

  • WDSF Adjudicator congress in Moscow (01.11.2010)

  • WDSF Adjudicator congress in Riga (20.12.2010)

  • WDSF Adjudicator congress in Stuttgart (10-12.08.2013)

  • WDSF Chairman congress in Stuttgart (18.08.2013)

  • WDSF Adjudicator congress in Stuttgart (09-11.08.2014)

  • WDSF Chairman congress in Stuttgart (17.08.2014)

  • a participant of all national seminars and congresses from 2000 year

  • a lector and organizer of the national judge and trainer’s congresses

  1. Achievements as a dancer:

Dancing activity – from 1989 till 1999:

  • A National champion in Formation Team (Standard and Latin) from 1995 till 1998, a semi-finalist of World championship (Latin; Berlin, 1995)

  • A semi-finalist of National championships in individual dancing in Adult group (1997-1999), a finalist of several national competitions.

  1. A Career of the judge:

First national category from 27.03.2001, the highest national category from 28.12.2008; a judge with the highest national category during 6 years. Highest national judging category assigned by the Belarus Ministry of Sports in 2014. Chairman of the commission of judges of the Belarusian Dance Sport Alliance.

WDSF Adjudicator "A", Division: General, Disciplines: Latin, Standard, Formation, Showdance, Judging System 2.0 , Issued on: 22 November 2011 

WDSF Chairman, Division: General, Issued on: 08 October 2013 

In 2014 in Stuttgart successfully passed WDSF ADJUDICATOR'S GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ENGLISH TEST.


A lot of national competitions in Belarus (from 2001 till now), including national and eliminating championships; a chairman in national superiorities and eliminating championship.

  • A judge of all the biggest international competitions in Belarus with WDSF status, like BELARUS OPEN, MINSK OPEN, GRODNO OPEN, GOMEL OPEN, VITEBSK SNOW FLAKE, CAPITAL CUP, STYLE CUP and others.

  • A judge of international competitions with WDSF status abroad in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Georgia.

5) A Career of the coach

- A coach of own Dance Sport Club (named “Liudmila”, from February 1997 till now. Nowadays this Club is officially the biggest club in Belarus. In 2014, 180 couples of the club "Liudmila" took part in the Belarus national championships. It is also one of the most active participants of the numerous international competitions abroad where the members of Club “Liudmila” successfully took part and become the winners, silver, bronze medalists, and finalists in different age groups from 1997 till now:

- Lithuania (Amber couple, Lithuanian open, Autumn Cup)

- Latvia (Grand Prix Latvia, Baltic Grand Prix)

- Finland (Winter Dance Festival)

- Italy (Bassano open, Trofeo Colombo)

- Russia (Nikolai Ozerov Cup, Mayor of Moscow Cup, Lights of Moscow, Crystal Cup, "Russian Club" Cup, "Latin Kvartal" Cup, Spartak Cup, Grand-Prix Dynamo, Russian Open, Danceforum, St.Petersburg Governors Cup)

- Ukraine (Sudak, Stanislav Shklyar Cup, Uzhgorod Open, Dnepr Cup, Kaleidoskope, Slavutych Cup, Dance Triumph, Grand Cup Kharkiv)

- Poland (Cin-Cin Polish Cup, Polish Open, Supadance Polish Open, Tropicana Cup, Wratislavia Open, Silesia Open, Warsaw Open Cup, Lodz Open )

- Moldova (Chisinau Open, Codreanca Open)

- Germany (German Open, DanceComp)

- Georgia (Caucasus Cup)

- Denmark (Aarhus International Galla)

- Bulgaria (Burgas Cup)

- Luxembourg (Luxembourg Open)

- Netherlands (Tilburg Moves, The Wooden Shoe )

- Belgium (Antwerp Diamond)

- France (Saphir Cup)

- Slovakia (Slovak Open Championship)

- Romania (Dance Masters) and many others.

- The members of Club “Liudmila” also successfully took part in national championships and eliminating competitions (winners, silver, bronze medalists and finalists) and in the biggest international competitions in Belarus with WDSF status, like BELARUS OPEN, MINSK OPEN, GRODNO OPEN, GOMEL OPEN, VITEBSK SNOW FLAKE, CAPITAL CUP, STYLE CUP, WORLD OPEN MINSK and many others from 1997 till now.

- more than 30 times couples trained by L. Tsyrkun were national champions in different age groups from Juveniles till Adults, a lot of time they won silver and bronze medals and become finalists.

- Adult couples become: the champion in 10-dance (2005), champion in Standard (2014), champion in Freestyle Standard (2014), winner Grand Prix Standard (2014), vice-champion in 10-dance (2006) and Standard (2006, 2013), vice-champion in Freestyle Standard (2014), bronze medalist in 10-dance (2007, 2009) finalist in Latin (2006, 2007, 2014), finalist in 10-dance (2013, 2014), finalist in Standard (2013)

- Adult couples also danced in final tournaments of WDSF competitions: Autumn Cup (2006), Aarhus International Galla (2006, Amateur Rising Star Standard), Vitebsk Snowflake (2007,2010,2012), Slavutych Cup (2009), Uzhgorod Open (2009), Kaleidoskope (2010), Caucasus Cup (2010), Dnepr Cup (2012), Calisia Open (2012), Platinum Open (2013) , The Wooden Shoe (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), World Open Minsk (2012, 2013, 2014), Vivat Russia (2013, 2014), Victory Waltz (2014), St.Petersburg Governors Cup (2014), Style Cup (2013), Mons Open (2013), Great Silk Way (2013), Krasnodar Open - 2014 and also have others good results in WDSF competitions.

- Also several times couples trained by L. Tsyrkun represents Belarus in official WDSF championships and cups and become:

Aleksey Laptenok and Ekaterina Yasyutina:

  • quarter-finalist of WDSF World Junior II Latin (Grand Prix Latvija - 2007,
    Latvia, Riga; rank 15)

Vadim Gorbach and Yana Rubleva:

  • semi-finalist of WDSF World Junior II Latin (Bassano Open - 2009,
    Italy, Bassano del Grappa; rank 9)

Viacheslav Chizhik and Kristina Dedok:

  • finalists of WDSF East European 10 dance (Belarus Open - 2007,
    Belarus, Minsk; rank 5)

  • semi-finalist of WIDSF World Cup 10 dance (World Cup 10 Dance - 2007, Austria, Salzburg; rank 11)

  • semi-finalist of WDSF European Cup 10 dance (WDSF European Cup Ten Dance -2007, VII Trofeo L'Eliana, Spain, Valencia; rank 8)

Yahor Boldysh - Maria Skorodumova:

  • semi-finalist of WDSF World Championship Junior 2 10 dance (Riga - Latvia on 03 November 2012; rank 12)

Yahor Boldysh - Diana Baranova:

  • semi-finalist of WDSF World Championship Junior 2 Standard (Moscow - Russian Federation on 26 October 2013; rank 9)

  • finalist of WDSF World Championship Junior 2 10 dance (Riga - Latvia on 02 November 2013; rank 6)

Yahor Boldysh - Polina Mineeva

  • semi-finalist of WDSF World Championship Youth Standard (Chisinau - Moldova on 11 October 2014; rank 11)

Egor Dulebenets - Aleksandra Samorodskaya

  • quarter-finalist of WDSF World Championship Adults Standard (Melbourne - Australia on 02 December 2012; rank 24)

  • quarter-finalist of WDSF World Championship Adults Standard ( Kiev - Ukraine on 23 November 2013; rank 26)

  • quarter-finalist of WDSF European Championship Adults Standard ( Moscow - Russian Federation on 29 March 2014; rank 25)

Liudmila Tsyrkun is the organizer of the largest training camps in Belarus with best professional couples of the World:

2012 – Alexey Silde – Anna Firstova

2013 – Zoran Plohl- Tatsiana Lahvinovich, Benedetto Ferruggia - Claudia Koehler

2014 – Andrey Zaytsev – Elizaveta Cherevichnaya

Also Liudmila is the organizer of the biggest International Dance Sport Competitions in Belarus - tournament "World Open Minsk" ( In 2013, these events have established official national record - 1300 couples from 17 countries. The honorary guest of "World Open Minsk -2013" was the President of the WDSF - Mr. Carlos Freitag (Spain).

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