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Little scribble grew to big idea

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Calgary Herald
Published: Monday, June 16, 2008
Re: "Little scribble grew to big idea," June 7.
At first glance, the scribble looks like a piece of post-modernist fluff. It looks like the type of situationist experience that all too frequently passes off a prank as art. That would be superficially dismissive.
In this piece, Micah Lexier wonderfully integrates space and possibility. Such playfulness and conceptual daring is remarkable in an artist as young as Lexier and bodes well for his and our future. Half K will no doubt be a major piece of 21st century art that will vault Calgary into the forefront of the main libre esthetic, which represents a new freedom in the way artists approach their medium.
Lexier has successfully broken new ground for the main libre esthetic in the sense that the concept appears as an understandable construction. Half K resembles a twisted and constrained oil pipeline brought above ground. The tubes of wealth that undergird Alberta appear light and airy, enclosing a piece of Calgary in a protective, fond embrace. Lexier has succeeded in capturing the essence of Calgary's entrepreneurial spirit -- free-wheeling yet disciplined. Congratulations, Calgary! You have a winner.
Patrick Lynch,


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