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Listen for a Lipstick/Gloss Hotline Questionnaire

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Listen for a Lipstick/Gloss Hotline Questionnaire
What was the password mentioned on the call?_________________________
Date__________ Name____________________ Consultant’s Name__________________
Phone Hm_________________ Phone Wrk__________________ Ok to call at work? Y or N
Ph M_____________________ Occupation________________________________

  1. What impressed you the most about Mary Kay Cosmetics after listening to the Hotline?

  2. Did you understand what we do? Is there anything you would change about our business plan?

  3. What two things surprised you the most listening to Sharon on the Hotline?

  4. What qualities do you feel you have that would make you an assest to Mary Kay Cosmetics?

  5. What advantages of the Mary Kay opportunity interests you the most? (circle)

Unlimited Income, Recognition, Personal Growth, Flexibility, Free Career Car, Advancement,

Being your own boss, Tax deductions, Helping others, Positive atmosphere, Meeting people.

Do you like the products? Y/N Could you do with extra money Y/N

Do you like meeting people Y/N If we could teach you would you be willing to learn? Y/N

  1. Do you have any questions? Please write below.

  2. Where do you rank yourself on the scale mentioned on the Hotline? Tick the number

$99 will not change your standard of living but investing it on yourself for a kit could change your life & that of your family.

No Thanks I’d rather buy retail! Call Gwen I need more information! Get me started today!

  1. Who do you know that would be willing to listen for a gift and give their opinion of our business?

Name __________________________ Name __________________________
Phone___________________________ Phone__________________________
Name __________________________ Name __________________________
Phone___________________________ Phone__________________________

Call 07 8473406 Go to ‘Listen for a Lipstick or Lip Gloss’. Your Consultant earns credit towards her training, only for completed questionnairs with a follow-up call from Gwen for your feedback!You will then receive your Free Lipstick or Lip Gloss. Thank you for taking the time to gives us your op you for taking the time to give us your opinion. Thank You for giving taking the to give us your opinion< We truly appreciatte it. You can fill in and email

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