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List of the Ukrainian business delegation-members

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List of the Ukrainian business delegation-members

for the Ukrainian-Iranian Business Forum and Session of the Ukrainian-Iranian Business Council (12-16.09.2015, Tehran, Iran)

Delegate Name

Position /Company

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زمینه فعالیت

Mr. Gennadiy Chyzhykov

Head of the delegation,

President UCCI

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fields of interest:

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry according to the law is a non-government non-profit self-governing organisation incorporating on a voluntary basis legal entities and Ukrainian citizens registered as entrepreneurs as well as their associations. Nearly 10,000 enterprises and companies of different forms of property are now members of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main chamber objective is primarily creating favourable conditions for the national business environment, supporting relations between Ukrainian and foreign business partners in economy, science and trade, representing economic concerns of the chamber members in Ukraine and overseas.

Mrs. Elvira



Donetsk Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Fields of interest:

Cooperation with business associations, joint projects with the aim of supporting business.

Mr. Oleksandr


Head of commercial Dpt.

UKRFERRY, Shipping Company

Fields of interest:

Ferry transport within Black sea TIR ferry lines: Batumi (Georgia) Illichivsk (Ukraine), Haydarpasa (Turkey) – Illichivsk (Ukraine

Mr. Oleksandr



Ilyichevsk Enterprise of Odessa Regional Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

Fields of interest:

Expertise services, certification, customs brokerage services, tourism. Business promotion

Mrs. Olena


Director of foreign trade Department


Fields of interest:

Export/import: grains and oilseeds

Mrs. Tetiana




Fields of interest:

Consulting in agricultural field, export of agricultural products (grains, cereals, animal feeds).

Mr. Oleksandr Nechepurenko

Market access & business development

manager, MENA region

Yuria-pharm Ltd

Fields of interest:

Pharmaceutical products, medical devices. License manufacturing, joint production.

Mr. Gennadiy


Dr., Director

Research Institute of Building Construction, State Enterprise

Fields of interest:

- Technical solutions for the building enclosing structures (including the medical institutions) for their energy effectiveness when cooling/heating;

- Calculations for energy effectiveness of the buildings (including the medical institutions);

- Technical solutions for buildings and facilities (including the medical institutions)when seismic actions

Mr. Vadym


Member of Board, Sales and Marketing Director – Director of Trade Firm,

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, PJSC

Fields of interest:

Manufacturing of: freight wagons; passenger coaches; EMUs & DMUs; metro-cars; escalators; spare parts, etc.

Mr. Dmytro


Head of the Supervisory Board,

KROK, Investment company

Fields of interest:

Manufacturing and trade of agricultural products such as milk, whey, cheese, butter, sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil, flour, wheat.

Mr. Oleksandr


Project Manager,

GIPROKOKS, State Institute for designing enterprises of coke oven and by-product plants

Fields of interest:

Comprehensive engineering services in terms of new coke oven and by-product plants construction, as well as the revamping and upgrading of those being in operation.

Mr. Vidadin


Foreign economic activity expert


Fields of interest:

Coloration, fumigation/Degassing, Recirculation system (j-system), Port-to-Port service, Disinfection/Deratization, Commodities Sampling, Humidity and Temperature Measuring, Supervision for Loading/Unloading for the Commodity, Quality Control, Control of the storage facilities, Ultrasonic measurement of tightness.

Mr. Valeriy


General Director (CEO)


Ms. Ganna


Marketing Manager


Fields of interest:

Freight forwarding services in rail transportation between Europe, Ukraine, CIS countries and Asia

Interest: Want to establish contacts with companies PTB и Terabariarail

Mr. Petro




Fields of interest:

Equipment for livestock: livestock complexes, farm equipment, wagon. Gardening equipment: garden telizhky, garden platforms that are intended for transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Mr. Igor


Managing partner

IMG Partners Attorneys at Law

Fields of interest:

Provision of legal and consulting services to investors and companies who are considering cooperation with Ukraine and entering the market of Ukraine. Our law firm specializes in two main industries: agriculture sector and logistics. With this in mind we easily accompany any agreements in the seareas and provide representation and advice at any stage. We also have partner companies which are interested in exporting grain, including wheat, soya, barley.

Mr. Sergii



Kramtehcentr, NPP, LLC

Fields of interest:

Conveyors for for metalworking, grain complex and for storage, scraper and screw conveyors for for metalworking and commodity dairy farms, rollers, unique welded metal structures, and a range of services for metalworking, machinery for grinding feed (desintegrators), flour milling line.

Mr. Mykhailo Kharenko


Sayenko Kharenko LLC

Mr. Nazar Cherniavskyi


Sayenko Kharenko LLC

Fields of interest:

Practices. Sayenko Kharenko is known for delivering top-notch legal services to our clients on the full range of their business and financing needs. Our main areas are Antitrust/Competition, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate and M&A, Debt Restructuring, International Arbitration, International Trade,Litigation, and Real Estate. We are proud to have among our ranks the leading practitioners in specialist areas, including Corporate Security, Intellectual Property, Labour and Compliance, Private Wealth Management, and Tax.

Interested in all forms of cooperation.

Mr. Oleg Todchuk

Director for the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East


Fields of interest:

Crude Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Vegetable Fats, Soybeans and Sunflower Meals, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Premium Beef Steaks, Fresh Chicken Eggs and Egg Products, UHT Yogurts for long-term storage, Frozen chickens and Chicken Cuts; Corn, Barley, Wheat, other grain crops

Mr. Gennadiy Lyashenko


Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant LLC

Fields of interest:

Production and supplying of seamless cold-rolled tubes of stainless steel, scale-resistant and heat-resistant steel and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys, refractory metals (molybdenum, tantalum, niobium).

As well as seamless elbows of stainless steel, Ti and Ti-based alloys.

Mr. Illya Davidenko



Fields of interest:

wheat flour, wheat bran

Mr. Alexandr Didkovskiy


Bogdanna K LLC

Fields of interest:

Foodstuffs including dairy products

Mr. Oleksandr Shakhov



Mr. Iyrii Volosnikov

A specialist-analyst from commodity market research POLYMERIC COMPANY LLC

Fields of interest:

Suspension Poly Vinyl Chloride (S-PVC or PVC) Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), PE (HDPE, LDPE ) Polypropylene (PP)

Interest: Please invite the representatives of the following petrochemical companies, such as The National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Jam, Shazand, Tabriz

Mrs. Kateryna Rybachenko


PZ «Agro-Region LLC

Fields of interest:

Export – Corn, wheat, oats

Import – Seeds, pesticides, mineral fertilizers, agricultural machinery

Mr. Volodymyr Klymenko

Head of corporate finance department

Trade House ISTA LLC

Fields of interest:

Export – Lead-acid starter batteries. Import – lead.

Interest: Contract production under the contractors brand, JV.

Mr. Olexander Naumenko

Deputy Chief Designer ANTONOV Company

Fields of interest:

Construction, manufacturing and delivery of ANTONOV airplanes, commercial production of the Аn-140-100 aircraft.

Interest: Resumption of the dialogue between Ukraine and Iran on the Аn-158 aircraft in accordance with the Principal Contract for Co-operation, Delivery, Manufacturing and Aftersale Support and Offset Program of the An-158 Aircraft and its Modifications in Islamic Republic of Iran No.158-2011-90-1 dated 05.10 2011.

Mr. Anatoliy Patselya

Director general


Fields of interest:

Agricultural products and frozen products

Mr. Oleksander Novikov

Counsellor of President UCCI

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fields of interest:

Cooperation with business associations, joint projects with the aim of supporting business

Mr. Viktor Polozov

Chairman of the Board

ALVIGO Science and Technology Center LLC

Fields of interest:

Provide complete package of engineering services to fertilizer and chemical industry starting from feasibility studies through basic and detail engineering to commissioning of energy efficient and cos-effective plant designs for production of: ammonia, urea, nitric acid, methanol, acetic acid, sulfuric acid, acetylene and etc.

Mr. Viktor Kurtiev

General Director

Management Company Metropoliya LLC

Mr. Sergii Karpenko

Manufacturing Director

Management Company Metropoliya LLC

Mr. Sharif Mohammad Reza

Project Manager

Management Company Metropoliya LLC

Fields of interest:

General contracting services in the energy sector, Production of energy engineering (supply of boilers, turbines, electrical equipment), Equipment for nuclear stations.

Mr. Karen Pogosian


United Chemicals LLC

Fields of interest:

Mrs. Mariia Naumets

Manager of Incoming


Sputnik Kyiv Travel

Company LLC

Fields of interest:

Travel services

Mr. Andrey Stavnitser

General manager

TIS Group of Marine Terminals

Mr. Philipp Grushko

Head of business development

TIS Group of Marine Terminals

Fields of interest:

Seaport terminals operation, stevedoring services provision.

TIS develops an industrial park iPARK in the common customs bonded area with our container terminal. For this purpose we have reserved more than 500 ha of portside territory which will be connected to engineering infrastructure and established utilities (electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, roads and railways).The project will enable producers to optimize goods delivery to consumers market in Europe, Belarus and Ukraine.

Mr. Sergii


Fields of interest:

Mr. Alexander Petrushko

Chairman of the Board

Association of Ukraine - Middle East Public Union

Fields of interest:

Information support, marketing, markets, logistics, market analysis, banking and financial advisory services. Organizing and promoting participation in international exhibitions in Iran, international conferences, business tourism and conduct focus groups among business partners.

InterestSearch partners - buyers and suppliers between Ukraine and the Middle East for the supply of export goods from Ukraine in various areas of production. Search the imported goods and equipment in the Middle East.

Mrs. Liudmyla Tverdostup



Mr. Seymur Babayev



Fields of interest:

Export – Natural stone - granite, Cereal, Sheets, Agricultural products

Import – foodstuffs

Interest – Investment activity, Joint venture, Specialized wholesale, Financial activity

Mr. Dmytro Pysaniy

Director for production and distribution of passenger cars and special vehicles

Bogdan Motors Automotive Company PJSC

Fields of interest:

Export – Bogdan buses, ambulances, special purposes vehicles BARS

Import – Passenger cars

Mr. Sergiy Rybachok



Mr. Oleg Ageienko

Deputy Director on strategic development


Mr. Andrii Arbuzov

Deputy Director on finance, commercial activity and marketing


Mr. Yuriy Iver

First Deputy Director


Fields of interest:

Production and sales of woven polypropylene bags for different kinds of bulk products for various branches (agriculture, cement industry, sugar production, flour-milling industry, packing of mineral fertilisers, etc.)

Mrs. Viktoriya Ostroumova

President of the Kherson CCI

Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Viacheslav Zhelieznyi

Advisor to the President of the Kherson CCI

Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mrs. Ksenia Karpenkova

Export Support Centre

Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mrs. Larysa Ponomarenko

Head of the International Cooperation Centre

Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fields of interest:

Expertise and certification, exhibition and fair activity, services of the Training Center, legal services, translation services, arrangement of business meetings, seminars, promotion of foreign economic activity of enterprises.

Mr. Igor Kovalenko

Deputy Director General on Economy and Finance

Kramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant, Public JSC

Fields of interest:

Production of large-scale, high unit capacity equipment for rubber, plastics and waste processing; production of oil industry and chemical equipment; equipment for metallurgical, mining and processing enterprises.

Mrs. Nadiya Korotun

Director General

Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library

Fields of interest:

Public library.

List of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs business delegates

Mrs. Polina


Remtochmehanika, Jewellery Factory

Fields of interest:

The jewellery company which engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of jewellery made of gold.

We are interested in wholesale buyers who want to buy our products in Iran. We offer services for the production of jewellery, exclusive series as well as series of mass demand, the possibility of cooperation on tolling scheme.

Mr. Lubomyr


Chairman of the Board


Fields of interest:

The leading manufacturer of bakery products. This business area includes activities of mills, bakeries, silos and granaries. All products are manufactured in accordance with traditional technology, used only organic materials without harmful additives and preservatives. LAUFFER includes a number of enterprises producing mayonnaise, pasta, canned food and other products. The major manufacturer and exporter of vegetable oil and fat


Mr. Denys


Deputy Director General, Marketing

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod, PJSC

Fields of interest:

Production of machines and equipment for metallurgical, mining and other sectors of national economy;

Production of machines and equipment for nuclear power facilities including equipment for transportation, treatment and storage of radioactive wastes;

Production of mining, hoisting-and-conveying, press-forging, mining and concentrating equipment.

Interest: Proposals regarding cooperation, wishes as to individual meetings:

Negotiations with companies:Esfahan Steel Co., Arfa Iron& Steel Co., Khouzestan Steel Co., Azarbaijan Steel, Mobaraken Steel Co., Kavir Steel Complex, Iran Steel, Iran National Steel Industrial Group, regarding cooperation and supply of new equipment, spare parts, modernization of existing metallurgical, steel-melting, rolling-mill, hoisting-and-conveying, crane, mining, press-forging equipment of any degree of complexity.

Mr. Volodymyr


Founder of the company

Chervonnaya Rus

Fields of interest:

Export: walnut in shell and shelled, pumpkin seeds, coriander.

Interest: joint activities, financing of JA, registration trade house "Iran-Ukraine" representation of the Iranian manufacturers (importers and exporters) in Ukraine, in Kiev

Mrs. Olena Siedykh

Export manager


Fields of interest:

Export – Cheeses; Cheese products; Sweet-cream butter 82% (in blocks and retail packing); Blended butter (in blocks and retail packing); Whey powder demineralized 40%; Butter ghee.

Interest: Cooperation with the potential clients in the following spheres:

- The major importers of dairy products (traders)

- The manufacturers of dairy, bakery, meat industry, confectionery industries

- Distributors of ready-made products (supermarket networks, wholesalers)

Mr. Denys


Deputy Managing Director on Export Markets Developments

Vice President,

Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Fields of interest:

Products under ChumakTM and the other high quality Ukrainian food products.

Interest: We are interested to cooperate and organize the business meetings with the buyers and representatives of the trade networks and distribution centers regarding the promotion of the products under ChumakTM and of the other high quality Ukrainian food products.

Mrs.Yuliia Krasnikova

Deputy director


Fields of interest:

Supply of granite products in any volume in the form of slabs, tiles, curbs, paving stones and granite blocks of different sizes.

Interest: In order to establish mutually beneficial partnership company is interested in the common business meetings with the representatives of companies that sell or need granite products in Iran, as well as general contractors, architectural firms and others.

Mr. Oleksandr


Acting Director


Fields of interest:

Export – Wheat, durum, spelt and other grains. Granulated flour.

Interest – Joint agricultural production of industrial, cereal crops and oilseed on irrigated lands.

Mr. Vadym


Development director,

TGL Ukraine, LLC

Fields of interest:

Sea, road and air transporting of import and export goods to and from Ukraine.

Primarily interested in establishing contacts with the Iranian exporters of goods to Ukraine, importers of goods from Ukraine to Iran and in the Iranian transport companies as potential partners in joint transportation.

Mr. Petro




Fields of interest:

Production of building materials, trade.

Mr. Artur

AL Khasan


Agro-Sense, Co

Mr. Muaz

AL Khasan


Agro-Sense, Co.

Fields of interest:

Export: walnut and pumpkin seeds to the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Russia and other countries.

Every year we increase our production scale and work actively with international partners. All products of "Agro-Sense" have a complete set of export documents. Processing is carried out on the newest equipment, personnel work in proper conditions, which allows production of high quality walnuts. Agro-Sense has developed extensive network of supply bases throughout Ukraine. Our walnut gardens located in the ecologically clean area of Vinnytsia region. Since 2014, we began selling our own walnut seedlings. The main goal is to insure quality of each consignment. We guarantee the quality of products and the meticulousness of the order, and each and every of our clients may personally come and check everything for himself.

Mrs. Lyubov


Chairman of the Board,

INDAR, Private Joint Stock Company for the production of insulin (INDAR PJSC)

Mr. Oleksandr Heylomskyy

First Deputy Chairman of the Board


Mrs. Anna


Head of the Department of Business Development and Export,


Fields of interest:

Full production cycle of genetically engineered insulin from substance to finished dosage forms.

Manufacturing has the appropriate certification under GMP standards.

Interest: We request to arrange a meeting with Iran's Minister of Health authorized for registration and procurement of medicines for the state budget by the Ministry of Health of Iran.

Mr. Oleksandr Trokhymets

Chairman of the Board,
Ukrainian Energy Corporation,

Group of Companies

Mr. Arzhanh Makhmudi

Director of the Department for Cooperation with the Middle East,

Ukrainian Energy Corporation,

Group of Companies

Fields of interest:

a. Production of equipment for electrical distribution networks with voltage up to 110 kV;

b. Manufacture, repair of electrical power transformers voltage up to 110 kV;

c. Repair of engine and electric machines.

d. Production of equipment for thermal power plants.

e. Object electrification.

f. Consulting in the energy sector.

g. Construction of civil and industrial objects.

h. Construction of electric power facilities.

i. Scientific research and education in energy and construction.

Representatives of business circles and public authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, involved in the fields of energy, construction and education.

Mr. Viktor Kazmin

Advisor Development,


Fields of interest:

Trade in building materials for facades and interiors, execution of general contracting and contracting building works. Interest – The company wishes to participate in the target business forums in order to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, manufacturers and trading partners. -- Joint activities in Ukraine for supply, processing, production and sales of materials. -- Assisting to partners in exhibitions, presentations of its products in Kiev.

Mr. Evgen


Head of food products direction

Petrus, Group of Companies

Fields of interest:

Production and distribution of food staff, pilot less air complexes.

Production and sale of confectionary, wheat & grain.

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