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List of Scientific Publication in Foreign Languages in 2005 1 Nuclear Technology, Vol. 149, 2005

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APPENDIX·List of Scientific Publication in Foreign Languages in 2005

List of Scientific Publication in Foreign Languages in 2005
1 Nuclear Technology, Vol.149, 2005

1) Review and research of the neutron source multiplication method in nuclear critical safety, No.1, p.122.

SHI Yong-qian, ZHU Qing-fu, HE Tao
2 Radiation Physical Chemistry, Vol.73, 2005

1) Thin film alanine-PE dosimeter used as transfer dosimetry system for electron beam dose measurement, No.5, p.280.

LI Hua-zhi, CHEN Yun-dong, CUI Ying, XIAO Zhen-hong, CHEN Ke-sheng, LIN Min, et al.
3 Nuclear Science and Engineering, 2005

1) Calculations and evaluations of cross sections for n+204,206,207,208,natPb reactions in the En≤205 MeV energy range, Vol.150, p.78.

HAN Yin-lu, SHEN Qing-biao, et al.

2) Calculation and analysis of n+233,235,237U reactions, Vol.150, p.170.

HAN Yin-lu
4 Asian Journal of Andrology, Vol.7, 2005

1) Effect of β radiation on TGF-β1 and bFGF expression in hyperplastic prostatic tissues, No.1, p.49.

MA Qing-jie (Institute of Genetics and Cytology, Northeast Normal University), CAI Shan-yu
5 Acta Mechanica Sinica, Vol.21, 2005

1) A preliminary study of 3D difference scheme with energy dynamic equilibrium, No.2, p.121.

WU Chi-ping(China Institute for Radiation Protection, Taiyuan), ZHANG Yong-xing, et al.
6 Journal of Radiation Research and Radiation Processing, Vol.23, 2005

1) Qualitative and quantitative analysis of hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced by radiation degradation of N, N-dimethyl hydroxylamine, No.2, p.110.

WANG Jin-hua(Shanghai Applied Radiation Institute, Shanghai University), et al., ZHANG Xian-ye, HU Jing-xin, YE Guo-an
7 Chinese Physics, Vol.14, 2005

1) Spectra of highly ionized nickel, No.5, p.953.

YANG Zhi-hu(Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), DU Shu-bin, ZENG Xian-tang

2) Nuclear halo effect on nucleon capture reaction rates at stellar energies, No.8, p.1544.

LIU Zu-hua, et al.

3) Celerated oxygen precipitation in fast neutron irradiated czochralski silicon, No.9, p.1882.

MA Qiao-yun(School of Material Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology), et al.,CHEN Dong-feng, LI Hong-tao

4) Azimuthal distributions of final-state particles and fragments and transvese structure of emission source in high-energy nucleus-nucleus collisions, No.12, p.2458.

LIU Fu-hu (Department of Physics, Shanxi University), MA Yin-qun
8 Engineering Sciences, Vol.3, 2005

1) Fission yield data systematics for 238U, No.4, p.50.

LIU Ting-jin, SUN Zheng-jun, SHU Neng-chuan
9 Science in China Ser.G, Vol.48, 2005

1) β-delayed proton decays near the proton drip line, No.3, p.257.

XU Shu-wei(Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), et al., SHU Neng-chuan, CHEN Yong-shou, et al.

2) Observation of signature inversion in the πh9/2 vi13/2 oblate band, No.4, p.442.

XIE Cheng-ying(Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), et al., ZHU Li-hua, WU Xiao-guang
10 Modern Physics Letters A, 20, 2005

1) Search for possible way of producing super-heavy elements, No.34, p.2619.

WANG Ning, LI Zhu-xia, WU Xi-zhen, ZHAO En-guang
11 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2005

1) New measurement of 129I in IAEA-375 reference material, Vol.264, No.3, p.549.

JIANG Song-sheng, CHANG Zhi-yuan, ZHAO Min, ZHAO Yong-gang, ZHAO X. L., W. E. Kieser

2) Half-life of 97Zr, re-measured, Vol.265, No.3, p.499.

HUANG Dong-hui, WANG Ping-sheng, CHEN Xi-lin, TIAN Wei-zhi, NI Bang-fa, ZHANG Lan-zhi, ZHANG Gui-ying, LIU Cun-xiong, LIU Li-kun

3) Determination of dispersity of crushed granite, Vol.264, No.3, p.583.

LIU D. J., FAN X. H.

4) Adsorption behavior of 99Tc on Fe, Fe2O3 and Fe2O4, Vol.264, No.3, p.691.

LIU D. J., Fan X. H.
12 Materials Research Bulletin, Vol.40, 2005

1) Structure study on the thermoelectric materials CexCo4Sb12(x=0.5,1.0) by neutron diffraction, p.1 172.

XUE Yan-jie, LI Jun-hong, CHEN Na, et al.
13 The European Physical Journal A, Vol.26, 2005

1) Partial fusion of a weakly bound projectile with heavy target at energies above the coulomb barrier, p.73.

LIU Z.H., RUAN M., ZHANG H.Q., WU Y.W., LIN C.J., YANG F. , et al.
14 Journal of Physics G, Vol.31, 2005

1) Modified string fragmentation function and particle production in nuclear collisions at top RHIC energy, p.1 031.

SA Ben-hao, et al.

2) Probing the density dependence of the symmetry potential in intermediate-energy heavy ion collisions, p,1 359.

LI Qing-feng (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies), LI Zhu-xia, et al.
15 Nuclear Data Sheets, Vol.104, 2005

1) Nuclear data sheets for A = 197, No.2, p.283.

HUANG Xiao-long, ZHOU Chun-mei
16 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 2005

1) Application of non-monoenergetic sources in fast neutron scattering measurements, Vol.545, p.658.

Dankwart Schmidt(Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), ZHOU Zu-ying, RUAN Xi-chao, TANG Hong-qing, QI Bu-jia, XIA Hai-hong, DENG Jian-rong
17 Physical Review D, 2005

1) Production of electon neutrinos at nuclear power reactors and the prospects for neutrino physics, Vol.72, 012006

XIN B., ZHOU Z.Y. , et al
18 Chinese Science Bulletin, Vol.50, 2005

1) Analysis of length distribution of short DNA fragments induced by 7Li ions using the random-breakage model, No.9, p.841.

KONG Fu-quan, ZHAO Kui, CAO Tian-guang, NI Mei-nan, SUI Li, CAI Ming-hui, ZHUO Yi-zhong

2) Exotic stucture of the third excited state in 21Na, No.23, p.2 677.

LI Xi-han(Key Laboratory of Beam Technology and Material Modification of Minister of Education), et al., LIU Zu-hua, et al.
19 Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2005

1) Chemiluminescence immunoassay for chloramphenicol, Vol.382, p.1 250.

LIN Si, HAN Shi-quan, LIU Yi-bing, XU Wen-ge

20 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2005

1) New measurement of 129I in IAEA-375 reference material, Vol.264, p.549.

JIANG Song-sheng, CHANG Zhi-yuan, ZHAO Min, ZHAO Yong-gang, et al.
21 Nuclear Physics A, 2005

1) Calculations and analysis of n+50,52,53,54Cr reactions in the En≤250 MeV energy range, Vol.748, p.75.

HAN Yin-lu

2) Double differential neutron emission cross sections for n+230,231,232,233,234 Th reactions, Vol.753, p.53.

HAN Yin-lu, et al.

3) Nuclear astrophysics experiments at CIAE, Vol.758, p.110c.

LIU Wei-ping, LI Zhi-hong, BAI Xi-xiang, LIAN Gang, GUO Bing, ZENG Sheng, YAN Sheng-quan, WANG Bao-xiang, SHU Neng-chuan, WU Kai-su, CHEN Yong-shou

4) The 11C(p,γ)12N reaction rate and the conversion of 3He into CNO, Vol.758, p.419c

SHU N. C., CHEN Y. S., WU K. S., BAI X. X., LI Z. H., LIU W. P.

5) The 8Li(d,p)9Li reaction and astrophysical 8B(p,γ)9C reaction rate, Vol.761, p.162.

GUO B., LI Z. H., LIU W.,P., BAI X. X., LIAN G., YAN S.Q., WANG B.X., ZENG S., SU J., LU Y.
22 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 2005

1) Calculation and analysis of 63,65,natCu(p,x) reaction cross sections in the Ep≤250 MeV energy range, Vol.239, p.314.

HAN Yin-lu , et al.

2) Measurement of the cross-section of 14N(16O,α)26Al with AMS, V240, p.612.

HE Ming, JIANG Shan, et al., YANG Yao-yun, et al.
23 Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2005

1) Temperature and dose dependences of radiation damage in modified stainless steel, Vol.343, p.325.

ZHU Sheng-yun, ZHENG Yong-nan, XU Yong-jun, ZHOU Dong-mei, WANG Zhi-qiang, DU En-peng, YUAN Da-qing, ZUO Yi, RUAN Yu-zhen, DUAN Xiao

2) Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy on heavy ion irradiated stainless steels and tungsten, Vol.343, p.330.

ZHU Sheng-yun, XU Yong-jun, WANG Zhi-qiang, ZHENG Yong-nan, ZHOU Dong-mei, DU En-peng, YUAN Da-qing, et al.

3) Investigation of the compatibility of tungsten and high temperature soldium, Vol.343, p.360.

XU Yong-li, LONG Bin, XU Yuan-chao, LI Hua-qing
24 Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Vol.62, 2005

1) Evaluation of 233Pa decay data, p.797.

HUANG Xiao-long, LIU Ping, WANG Bao-song
25 Physical Review C, 2005

1) Probing the density dependence of the symmetry potential with peripheral heavy-ion collisions, Vol.71, 024604

ZHANG Ying-xun, LI Zhu-xia

2) The 8Li(d,p)9Li reaction and the astrophysical 8Li(n,γ)9Li reaction rate, Vol.71, 052801(R)

LI Z. H., LIU W. P., BAO X. X., GUO B., LIAN G., YAN S. Q., WANG B. X., ZENG S., LU Y., SU J., CHEN Y. S., WU K. S., SHU N. C.

3) Screening of nuclear pairing in nuclear and neutron matter, Vol.71, 054301

SHENG Cai-wan, et al.

4) Σ+ ratio as a candidate for probing the density dependence of the symmetry potential at high nuclear densities, Vol.71, 054907

LI Qing-feng(Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies), LI Zhu-xia, et al.

5) Probing the density dependence of the symmetry potential at low and high densities, Vol.72, 034613

LI Qing-feng(Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies), LI Zhu-xia, et al.

6) High-spin states and shell structure of the odd-odd nucleus 90Nb, Vol.72, 044322

Cui X. Z., ZHU L. H., WU X. G., WANG Z. M., HE C. Y., LIU Y., LI G. S., WEN S. X., ZHANG Z. L., MENG R., MA R. G., et al. YANG C. X.
26 Nuclear Science and Techniques, Vol.16, 2005

1) Calculations of energies and absolute intensities of auger electrons and X-rays arising from electron capture decay, No.2, p.90.

ZHOU Chun-mei, WU Zhen-dong, HUANG Xiao-long

2) Radiation effects of pyrochlore-rich synroc by heavy-ion irradiation, No.2, p.99.

YANG Jian-wen, XU Yong-jun, ZHU Sheng-yun, LUO Shang-geng

3) Tc immobilization by using perovskite-rich and rutile-rich synroc, No.2, p.114.

ZHANG Chuan-zhi, LI Bao-jun, LUO Shang-geng

4) Calculations of absolute intensities of γ-ray associated with (ε+β+) decay, No.3, p.139.

ZHOU Chun-mei, WU Zhen-dong

5) Application of mixture design to optimize cementation of simulated spent radioactive ion exchange resins, No.3, p.160.

GAN Xue-ying, BAO Liang-jin, LIN Mei-qiong, et al.

6) Simulation of experimental spectra for medium-heavy nuclides in accelerator mass spectrometry, No.5, p.273.

WANG Hui-juan, GUAN Yong-jing, HE Ming, DONG Ke-jun, WU Shao-yong, JIANG Shan
27 Chinese Physics Letters, Vol.22, 2005

1) Deformed potential energy of super heavy element Z=120 in a generalized liquid drop model, No.2, p.302.

CHEN Bao-qiu, MA Zhong-yu, et al.

2) Master equation approach to molecular motor’s directed motion, No.2, p.503.

FENG Juan(College of Materials Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences), ZHUO Yi-zhong

3) Large decay rate variation of 7Be in Pd and Au, No.3, p.565.

ZHOU Shu-hua, LIU Zhi-yi, ZHOU Jing, MENG Qiu-ying, LI Cheng-bo, LIAN Gang, WANG Bao-xiang, BAI Xi-xiang

4) Triaxial superdeformed band and its formation mechanism in odd-odd nucleus 168Lu, No.3, p.568.

Tu Ya, CHEN Yong-shou, SHEN Cai-wan, et al.

5) Atomic force microscopy measurement of DNA fragment induced by heavy ions, No.4, p.1 010.

SUI Li, ZHAO Kui, NI Mei-nan, GUO Ji-yu, KONG Fu-quan, CAI Ming-hui, LU Xiu-qin, ZHOU Ping

6) Theoretical analysis of the exotic structure of 17F, No.5, p.1 086.

LIANG Yu-jie(The Key Laboratory of Beam Technology; and Material Modification of Minister of Education), et al., LIU Zu-hua, et al.

7) Oscillator strength for n = 2 transitions in highly ionized sulfur, No.5 p.1 099.

YANG Zhi-hu (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), DU Shu-bin, et al.

8) Reflection-asymmetric shell model description of the neutron-rich 142,145Ba, No.6, p.1 362.

CHEN Yong-jiang(Department of Physics, Tsinghua University), CHEN Yong-shou, GAO Zao-chun, TU Ya

9) Isobaric identification using gas-filed time-of flight measurements in an accelerator mass spectrometry, No.7, p.1 622.

GUAN Yong-jing, HE Ming, WU Shao-yong, DONG Ke-jun, LIN Min, JIANG Shan

10) Measurements of g-factor of rotational levels in 83Y, No.7, p.1 628.

YUAN Da-qing, ZHENG Yong-nan, ZHOU Dong-mei, ZUO Yi, DU En-peng, DUAN Xiao, WANG Chao-hui, LUO Qi, WU Xiao-guang, LI Guang-sheng, WEN Shu-xian, XU Guo-ji, GAO Zao-chun, CHEN Yong-shou, ZHU Sheng-yun

11) Lifetime measurements for electric-dipole Δn=0 transitions in the beryllium-like sulfur, No.7, p.1 638.

DU Shu-bin, CHANG Hong-wei, et al.

12) Radius of 9C from the asymptotic normalization coefficient, No.8, p.1 870.

LI Zhi-hong, GUO Bing, LIU Wei-ping, BAI Xi-xiang, LIAN Gang, SU Jun, YANG Sheng-quan, WANG Bao-xiang, ZENG Sheng

13) High-spin states in odd-odd 140Pr nucleus, No.8, p.1 873.

YU Hai-ping(Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), et al., ZHU Li-hua, WU Xiao-guang

14) Dynamical structure of nuclear excitation in continuum, No.8, p.1 877.

ZHANG Chun-lei(School of Physics, Peking University), ZHANG Huan-qiao, ZHANG Xi-zhen

15) Control of beam halo-chaos by soliton, No.9, p.2 180.

BAI Long (Department of Physics, College of Science, China University of Mining and Technology), et al., FANG Jin-qing

16) Measurement of 2H(8Li,9Be)n reaction relevant to primordial nucleosynthesis, No.9, p.2 219.

ZENG Sheng, LIU Wei-ping, LI Zhi-hong, BAI Xi-xiang, YAN Sheng-quan, WANG Bao-xiang, LIAN Gang, SU Jun

17) Topological properties and transition features generated by a new hybrid preferential model, No.10, p.2 719.

FANG Jin-qing, LIANG Yong

18) Simultaneous elastic recoil detection analysis of H and other elements in foils, No.11, p.2 792.

LU Xiu-qin, ZHOU Ping, GUO Ji-yu, ZHANG Xin, ZHAO Kui, NI Mei-nan, SUI Li, MEI Jun-ping, LIU Jian-cheng

19) Effects of isospin equilibrium on cold fusion of superheavy nuclei, No.12, p.3 044.

LIU Zu-hua

20) Dynamical effects on sub-barrier fusion of 40,48Ca+90,96Zr, No.12, p.3 048.

ZHANG Huan-qiao, LIU Zu-huan, YANG Feng, LIN Cheng-jian, RUAN Ming, WU Yue-wei, LI Zho-xia, WU Xi-zhen, ZHAO Kai, WANG Ning
28 Communications in Theoretical Physics, 2005

1) Double-differential cross section of 5He emission, Vol.43, No.2, p.299.

YAN Yu-liang, DUAN Jun-feng, ZHANG Jing-shang, et al.

2) Shape coexistence and band termination in doubly magic nucleus 40Ca, Vol.43, No.3, p.509.

DONG Bao-guo, GUO Hong-chao, SHI Yi-jin

3) Study on proportional synchronization of hyperchaotic circuit system, Vol.43, No.4, p.671.

JIANG De-ping(College of Physics and Information Engineering, Guangxi Normal University), et al., FANG Jin-qing, et al.

4) Analytical solution of smoluchowski equation in harmonic oscillator potential, Vol.43, No.6, p.1 099.

SUN Xiao-jun, LU Xiao-xia, YANG Yu-liang, DUAN Jun-feng, ZHANG Jing-shang

5) Transverse ward-takahashi relation to one loop, Vol.44, No.1, p.103.

HE Han-xin

6) Analysis of neutron double-differential cross section of n+14N at 14.2 MeV, Vol.44, No.1, p.128.

YAN Yu-liang, DUAN Jun-feng, SUN Xian-jun, WANG Ji-min, ZHANG Jing-shang

7) Study of triaxial superdeformation in 162Lu, Vol.44, No.4, p.684.

YU Shao-ying (College of Science, Huzhou University), Tuya, SHEN Cai-wan, CHEN Yong-shou

8) Further analysis of neutron double-differential cross section of n+16O at 14.1 MeV, Vol.44, No.4, p.701.

DUAN Jun-feng, YAN Yu-liang, WANG Ji-min, SUN Xiao-jun, ZHANG Jing-shang

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