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Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was shunned from society in two ways: socially and critically. Lindsay Lohan has been known for having outrageous and unacceptable behavior in public. The society shunned her socially when she brought her actions to the extreme. She had been partying every night, which included drinking and drugs, and was even showing up to work under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Today’s society does not accept any behavior out of the norm. This caused her to loose many offers on jobs and to be looked down upon in the social world. Her activities with the wrong crowds made society unacceptable to her as a person of the community.

Lindsay Lohan suffered critically when the word about her behavior was spread throughout the world in tabloids. Every magazine had some kind of insult towards activities. The society frowned upon her and made her actions shown in a spotlight. Like in the Scarlet Letter, she was put on a scaffold, figuratively, and shown to the world her bad deeds. She was beginning to be known as the party girl, much like Hester Prynne, and was critically shunned from society.

I would give Lindsay Lohan the letter I to stand for influenced. She was not only under the influence of drugs and alcohol but was also influenced by the crowd she was surrounded by. Lindsay changed from child star to party girl because of her “friends”. When she was under the influence of alcohol she was not meeting the standards of society. Also when she was under the influence of drugs she was setting a bad example for the future generations. This is why I would give her an I and shun her from society.

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