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Limp bizkit belting songs of love and regret

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LIMP BIZKIT - Belting songs of love and regret
The article is about one of my favourite bands - Limp Bizkit. They have put one album out - "Three dollar bill y'all" - in summer 1997. Their music is a mix of industrial trash-hop and atomic metal.

The article tells us how the band got their name. Although "Limp Bizkit" refers to a "burned-out, pot smoking maniac", in Paris during the early 1900's a limp biscuit was the name Parisian bakers gave to temperamental breads and pastries, which they would throw in the back alleys for dogs.

The band is more than pleased by the sales of their only album, which has already exceeded 100,000 copies in six months, but they are not surprised. They think they are so successful because they play such a variety of music.

The frontman of the band, Fred Durst, was the one who got the band together. In 1994 he joined forces with his longtime bass-playing friend, Sam Rivers, who also brought his cousin John Otto as a drummer. The band only needed a guitarist and that was Wes Borland. Also the former "House Of Pain" member - D.J. Lethal.

The secret weapon of the group is Otto, a trained jazz drummer, who played professionally at 17. He has a great style - he is able to deftly shift beats and rhythms with a sneaky finesse.

Durst is the one who wrote most of the songs for their album. He mostly writes songs of love and regret. He says about himself that he has had a lot of bad experiences, has made a lot of bad mistakes and gotten involved with a lot of wrong people. Already in school he was a great tattooist. He gave homemade tattoos, which was one of the reasons why people sometimes treated him like an outcast. He kept the negative feelings about it inside, and now he is getting them all out through his lyrics and singing. He says that this saves him from being a violent person. The writer of the article says that Durst is sweet and likable, well-spoken and amiable in a quiet way. He says that in conversation Durst exhibits a careful calm. When he erupts on stage he lets all the anger out with his screaming, sometimes he cannot be calmed down by anyone but himself.

Durst wrote almost every song on the album for his current girlfriend. They have a strange relationship, they fight constantly, but Durst says that they have a sort of a need to struggle.

Fred is 19 years old and due to his rough childhood he is a grown man who knows what he wants and is not tempted by the perks that success offers.

In the end Durst says that no matter how successful the band becomes, they will always stay true to themselves.

  • frenetic - frantic, frenzied - blazen, razkačen - "Durst is the frenetic frontman of Limp Bizkit."

  • an exec - executive - izvršilen, izvrševalen - "The record execs are toasting the sales of Limp Bizkit's new album."

  • a pastry - a sweet baked food made of dough - pecivo, torta - "He ate a lot of pastries yesterday."

  • propulsive - the state of being propelled - gonilen, pogonski - "They make propulsive music."

  • infectious - tending to spread quickly and generally - nalezljiv - "They are an infectious band."

  • wee - small, tiny - majcen, droben - "Put just a wee liqueur in the punch."

  • an amalgamation - blend, mixture, combination - mešanica, spojina, zlitina - "The group is an amalgamation of a diverse group of talents."

  • deftly - skillfully - spretno - "He deftly played the drums."

  • a slouch - an awkward, lazy, inept person - lenuh, bedak - "He is not a slouch."

  • rabid - furious or raging, violently intense - besen, divji, pobesnel, razjarjen - "The enemy came on in a rabid assault."

  • a snarl - a vicious or angry growl - renčanje - "He made a rabid snarl."

  • contrived - artificial - umeten, ponarejen - "His rabid snarls are not contrived."

  • to imbue - to permeate or inspire profoundly, to imbrue - navdihniti, prežeti, inspirirati - "His screams are imbued with a sense of insurgency."

  • an insurgency - rebellion - uporništvo - "His screams are imbued with a sense of insurgency."

  • a sublimation - refined, noble, pure - sublimacija, idealizacija, vzvišenost - "Her poetry was a sublimation of her grief."

  • a foil - a defeat, contrast, repulse - zavrnitev, odbitje, kontrast, nasprotje - "He is a perfect foil for himself."

  • to erupt - to break out, to burst forth - izbruhniti, predreti - "Laughter erupted from the audience."

  • a stint - a period of time spent doing something - omejen, določen čas - "He spent a stint in the army."

  • gnarly - knotty - grčav - "I was just a gnarly, bald, tattooed guy."

  • ephemeral - short-lived, transitory, lasting only one day or a short period of time - kratkotrajen, enodneven - "There is no point in lamenting the ephemeral joys of youth."

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