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Lima useful Facts

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Useful Facts


Lima has brilliant sunshine from December to May, when humidity goes up to 70 percent. The year-round temperature is characterized by a spring-like mildness.
From June to November the weather becomes cloudy and humidity reaches 90 percent. The sun, however, is always shining in Chosica - 15 miles to the east and 2600 feet above sea level.

Fall: Temperature approx. 15C. Begins in May.

Winter: Temperature approx. 13C. Begins in June.
Spring: Temperature approx. 17C. Begins in late September.
Summer: Temperature approx. 24C. Begins in December.

Air:  Domestic and international flights arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport, about 20 minutes from downtown ($18 by cab). Carriers include: Aerocontinente, Aeroperu, American Airlines, United, Continental, Saeta, Mexicana, Aeromexico. Aerolineas Argentinas, Copa, Avianca, KLM, British Airways, Varig, Lloyd Aero Boliviano, Avensa, Challenge Cargo, Ecuatoriana, Lacsa, Lan Chile, and Lufthansa.

Rail:  Regular services run from Lima to the mountains of La Oroya and Huancayo. There are also trains connecting Arequipa-Puno or Puno-Cuzco, although they are used by locals and not meant for "pleasure riding." Tourists can also take a four-hour train from Cuzco to Macchu Picchu.

Taxi:  Public (yellow) cabs do not have meters, and prices should be negotiated beforehand. Private cabs are more reliable, and tourists are encouraged to take the taxis which are usually parked in front of their hotels.

Local Banks


Banco Interamerican de Finanzas

Banco de Comercio

Banco Latino

Banco Continental

Banco Republica

Banco de Credito

Banco Santander

Banco de Lima

Banco Sudamericano

Banco de Trabajo

Banco Wiese

Banco del Nuevo Mundo


Banco del Pais


Banco del Progreso


Banco Financiero


Medical Facilities

Private Clinics:
Clinica International - Jr. Washington 1471, Lima, Ph 51-1-433-4306
All major credit cards accepted.

Clinica Anglo Americana - Alfredo Salazar, 3rd block, San Isidro, Ph 51-1-221-3656

All major credit cards accepted.

Clinica San Borja - Guardia Civil, 337 San Borja, Ph 51-1-475-4000

All major credit cards accepted.

Clinica Ricardo Palma - Av. Javier Prado Este 1066, San Isidro, Ph 51-1-224-2224

All major credit cards accepted.

Clinica Javier Prado - Av. Javier Prado Este 499, San Isidro, Ph 51-1-440-2000

All major credit cards accepted.

Clinica San Pablo - Av. El Polo 789 Monterrico, Ph 51-1-436-9605

All major credit cards accepted.

Alterta Medica - Av. Mexico 333, Lima, Ph 51-1-470-5000
All major credit cards accepted.

Cruz Verde - Av. Guardia Civil 1292, Ph 51-1-475-5787 or 51-1-428-8888

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