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Lilit Reyes

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Lilit Reyes

Some experiments fail. Their hypotheses are flawed. And the exploration ingredients and processes are misguided. Viewing and judging this year's experimental shorts entries were frustrating. But the magic lies in the animated shorts. Oh those childlike wonders and animation styles so varied and laboriously crafted excite, engage, and wow us (me and my co-jurors). What a GAWAD CCP Shorts experience.

I had the honor of being part of the Gawad CCP jury this year. Most entries were student works.

Tough time with the animation category. Most were technically impressive though there were uhhh... A few glorified (or not so) Powerpoint presentations. Duh! Major issue for a chunk of entries: storytelling problem amidst being technically polished. Overall, I'm so excited of what's in store for the future of our animation industry!!

Experimental category... General thoughts: not as bold, brave or angsty as expected. Mostly underwhelming. Most don't seem to know what experimental actually means.... They don't understand its values and elements very well. Quite disappointed. Though a few stood out for a handful of reasons...


Congratulations to the 26th Gawad CCP winners! Keep on making relevant films! Enjoy the night!

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