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Level 1 Play Title: This play on Five Auspicious Events in Tirthankar Mahavir’s Life was presented by Level 1 Students

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JCGB Pathshala Level 1 Skit for Diwali Program

Level 1 Play
Title: This play on Five Auspicious Events in Tirthankar Mahavir’s Life was presented by Level 1 Students.
Rishabh Kodia was Tirthankar Mahavir

Rea Savla was Trishala Devi

Keval Gala was Siddarth

Esha Shah was Amrapali

Bhavik Jain was Raj Purohit

Sohil Shah was Mantri

Sahil Shah was Nandivardhan

Divyansh Shah was Prince Vardhaman

Ria Turkhia was Guna Manjari

Minerva Teli was Kalavati

Elisha Shah was a citizes
Voices were from:
Minerva Teli, Priyam Turkhia, Nandkumar Mohan, Jay Vora, Monika Vora, Pankaj Shah
Narration and Commentary was by Shrenik Shah
The play was written and directed by Pankaj and Mita Shah
Music was Composed and Played by Pankaj Shah and Shrenik Shah
Digital Recording was done by Shrenik Shah and Archit Shah

Teachers are: Mita Shah and Hemlata Shah

Important Direction: Please listen the entire CD before you read this file. This 22 minutes play was performed by the pathshala students in Boston who were 7-9 years old. They memorized their parts really well. On the stage they acted and spoke in gentle voice or moved their lips based on the dialogs, but the audience was listening the pre-recorded CD. Until the end of the skit, the audience could not tell that the entire skit was prerecorded. With utmost clarity in the sound, voices, and music, the skit was successful. It required only 3-4 practices.
There are long music sessions between the dialogs, and also between the four scene. During these time, some actions are taking place on the stage or the sets are being replaced between the scene. So, please plan your skit and sets between the four scene such that music in the CD goes on without interruption. For a successful performance, please follow all the instructions. The last printed line is no more applicable since we performed at the Diwali ceremony.
IF you perform this play, please acknowledge, The Jain Center of Greater Boston.

Five Kalayanaka of Lord Mahavir
(Curtain is closed)

Commentary: Jai Jinendra. On this auspicious day of Diwali, you will see Level 1 Pathshala children perform a skit on the five auspicious events in Lord Mahavir’s life. The dialogue has been kept very simple, as it is meant for children. Please observe pin drop silence throughout the entire play. This skit is in three parts. After each part, the curtain will drop only for few seconds. Please do not applaud any time during the entire play. But, please give them a big round of applause after all them are introduced at the end.

Scene 1 Chayavan Kalayanaka

(Set: In one corner of the stage, a royal bed is set up. In another corner of the stage is the Royal Court set up.)

(Curtain opens after the commentary) Queen Trishala is sleeping in her royal bed. Spotlight is on the bed. There is no light on the stage and in the audience. Soft celestial sound in Raga Shiv Ranjani is in the background. 14 dreams projection on the screen.)
(Light comes back. Queen Trishala wakes up as soon as the music is off. Some of her friends, including Kalavati and Ghun Manjari arrive at her bedside.)

Kalavati: Jai Jinendra, Queen Trishala
Queen: Jai Jinendra. My friends, tonight I had the most wonderful dreams I’ve ever experienced.
Ghun Manjari: Queen Trishala, I heard some people say that good dreams should be told only to the right people.
Kalavati: (She nodes her head in agreement) Queen Trishala, I agree. How about you tell your dreams to King Siddarth and our Raj Purohit. Purohitji may be able to explain the meaning of the dreams.
Queen Trishala: That is a good suggestion. Let’s talk to them.
(She starts getting ready; combs her hair, puts a tilak, adjusts her clothes. Notes of Raga Bhairavi in the background. In the other corner of the stage, King Siddarth and his court enter the stage)
Mantri: King Siddarth Ki Jai Ho. King Siddarth Ki Jai Ho.

(The Queen and her friends start walking towards the court setup)

(King, Purohit, Mantri, Nandivardhan, and the court attendant Amrapali enter the court and take their seats. Notes of Raga Bhairavi in the background continue. The court attendant stands next to the seats. The Queen with her friends arrives to the court. Other than the King, everybody stands up and pays their respect to the Queen.)
King: Hey Priyanu, what makes you to come to the court this morning?
Queen: My Lord, last night I had the most wonderful dreams. I would like you and our Purohitji to listen to my dreams and explain their meaning. I saw a magnificent elephant, a white bull with a broad back, a powerful lion, goddess Lakshmi seated on a large pink lotus, a colorful pair of garlands, the full moon shining in a cloudless sky, the bright sun, a flag fluttering in a gentle breeze, a golden vase filled with clear water, a lake full of lotus flowers, an ocean making a deep and serene sound, a celestial plane, a big heap of jewels, a smokeless fire, a beautiful pair of fish, and a throne decorated with jewels.
King: Hey Priyanu, these dreams are indeed unusual and beautiful. Let’s ask our honorable Purohitji about the interpretation of these dreams.
Purohitji: Queen Trishala, these dreams are not ordinary dreams. I am delighted to tell you that you are going to have a child who will be noble and powerful, with high character, and fearless but compassionate towards all living beings. He will be respected by all kings. He will be blessed with knowledge, wisdom, and very high spiritual virtues.
King: Amrapali, let’s offer our Purohitji some gifts of jewelry and gold coins for giving us this pleasant news.
(Loud and pleasant music – Notes from Raga Bageshree in the background. Amrapali, the court attendant, brings a dish filled with jewelry to King. Purohit approaches the King and accepts the gifts of gold coins and chains. The curtain drops, but music continues)
Scene 2 Janma – Birth Kalayanaka
(The bed is removed and the queen is sitting with a cradle - parnu on the stage, and gently continue rocking the cradle for the entire Scene 2. The king and his court are at the same place. Video projection of Janma Kalyanak.)
Commentary: (In 599 BC, in the month of Chaitra, on the 13th day of Lunar calendar at the midnight, when the sun is in the zodiac Nakshtra of Virgo, and the moon is in the constellation of Uttara Falguni in the midnight sky, Lord Mahavira was born. (Curtain opens after the commentary. Royal procession music in the background)
Commentary: The Town of Kshatriyakund is rejoicing the occasion of Lord Mahavira’s birth.
(A garaba is performed on the stage in the presence of the Queen and the royal court.)
Curtain Drops

Scene 3 Diksha Kalayanaka
Commentary: (Prince Vardhaman is now 30 years old. King Siddarth and Queen Trishala have passed away leaving their kingdom to older son Nandivardhan. Mantri, purohit, Amrapali and other people are in the court.)
(Queen Trishala, King, and all are leave the stage. The Court sitting arrangement changes)
Curtain opens

(King Nandivardhan enters the court. Everybody stands up.)
Mantri: King Nandivardhan Ki Jai Ho. King Nandivardhan Ki Jai Ho.
(Slow and serious music, Raga Bhairav notes in the background. Vardhaman enters the stage from the other side of the stage, poses for 5-8 seconds; continue walking slowly towards the court.)
Vardhaman: (He bows to his older brother, who is now the king.) Respected bhai Nandivardhanji, I would like to start my spiritual journey and become a sadhu. I have come here to ask your permission. It has been two years since our parents passed away. That time I had asked your permission. You said that I should wait for two years. Now it is the time, please grant me your permission.
(Nandivardhan becomes very sad. He poses in a sad mood. Sad music in the background - Raga Bhairav.)
Nandivardhan: My dear brother Vardhaman, yes I have noticed that you indeed desire to pursue a spiritual journey. I would like say no. I cannot see you wondering from place to place, in jungles, in rain, in cold, in heat, and asking for alms from house to house. My dear brother, no, I cannot see my younger prince brother going away on a spiritual journey.
(Nandivardhan is now silent for few seconds; Vardhman continues standing with his two hands in praying position in front of Nandivardhan. Music is now sad and louder.)
Nandivardhan: Vardhman, I am convinced of your desire. You may start your spiritual journey. We are confident that one day you will spread your teachings throughout the universe. You have my blessings.
(Vardhaman bows to Nandivardhana. Soft and sad music notes in Raga Bhirav continues in the background. Vardhaman now slowly starts walking away from the court. While walking, he removes his jewelry and also starts donation. Everybody in the court follows him in a form of procession. Everybody slowly walks and go behind the curtain. After 5-8 seconds, there emerges a Mahavir in a monk clothes from the other side of the stage. Note that Vardhaman and Mahavir are acted by different boys. He continues walking to other side of the stage. Raga Bhirav continues in the background.
(Curtain drops after he goes behind the curtain)

Scene 4 – Keval Jnan Kalyanak

Commentary: (At the age of 42 and after observing 12 years of intense penance, Lord Mahavir has achieved Keval Jnan. He has become omniscient. During these 12 years, he did not preach and observed silence.)
(The court scene is removed. A single decorated chair is left on the right hand side of the stage.)

Curtain Opens

(Lord Mahavir is in a meditating pose. Very soft spiritual music notes in Raga Malkauns.)

(After-15 seconds of music, there is very loud, pleasant celestial sounds of musical instruments indicating that Lord Mahavir has become omniscient. After this music, He stands up. There is a brief shower of flowers.)
(All participants now come from behind the curtain and bows to him. They request him via a gesture that it is a time to start preaching, to start giving deshna. They lead to him to a decorated chair on the stage. They all sit down, while Mahavir sits in the Samovasaran. Animas also join the deshna)
Lord Mahavira: (He recites one stanza from the Das Vaikalik Agam Sutra. Very soft notes of Raga Malkauns in the background.) (The stanza is not included in this Word File; it is on the CD)
Commentary: (Interpretation in English.) (Not included in this Word File; it is on the CD)
Commentary: For the next 30 years, from his age of 42 years until he was 72 years old, Lord Mahavir preached the world the message of non-violence and respect for all living beings.
Scene 5 – Nirvan Kalyanak

Commentary: At the age of 72 years, when he knew that his life is near the end, he preached for 48 hours straight.
Lord Mahavir: (Recites one sloka from Uttaradhyan Sutra and closes his eyes.) (It is on the CD only)
Commentary: (Interpretation of the above in English. It is on the CD only) On the day of Ashwin Krishna Amash, when the sun was in zodiac constellation of Tula, the 24th Tirthankar of the current cosmic cycle, Lord Mahavir then achieved Nirvan.
(Very serious Music starts –Notes from Raga Todi. People enter with Candles on the stage and seat. Music continues.) Curtain Closes.
Commentary: Based on the history books, it is said that from that year onwards, people started celebrating the Nirvan Day as Diwali with candles and lamps to symbolize that the real light of knowledge was gone and lamps were needed to fill that void of knowledge. With Lord Mahavira’s nirvan stared a Mahavir Samvat calendar in India. The upcoming year will be Mahavir Samvat 2530.

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