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Lev Nachmanson education

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Lev Nachmanson

Ph.D., General Topology, Ural State University (USSR), 1985

B.S., Mathematics, Ural State University (USSR), 1979

Microsoft Research (Redmond)

Designing and implementing Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout tool. The tool was shipped with Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, is going to ship with the next version of Visual Studio 2012, and also is sold independently. The tool can be executed at

Model Based testing tool Spec Explorer

Compiler construction: AsmL compiler

12 patent applications.

Tecnomatix (Israel)

3-D geometry algorithms implemented in software:

Collision detection in dynamic environment and related topics: optimized spatial building of the volume hierarchy tree, analyzing of two rigid body position status as separation, contact or penetration.

Level Of Details: preprocessing of big tessellated data to enable it's fast but still realistic rendering.

Triangle Strip search in a polygonal mesh.

Swept Volume and Available Space calculation using flood or region growth approach in a voxel space.

Pipe and shank functionality with AG-library as geometry engine.

CAD interfaces: DXF, IGES, Unigraphics. Lex and YACC extensive usage.

Implementing a viewer of 3d-geometry with Cosmo 3-D.

Implementing a viewer of 3d-geometry with Open Inventor.

Zvi Hava Software Service LTD (Israel)

Hidden line removal algorithms: z-buffer, Depth Sort and BSP tree algorithms. Stereo viewer of AutoCad DXF files with Open GL for glasses with red and blue filters.

Ural Machine Building Plant (USSR)

2.5-D CAD/CAM system for NC.

Design of Bezier and Coons surfaces for press form production.

Preparation of NC program for milling.

2-D CAD/CAM system of design and NC of 2-D profiles.

Ural State University (USSR)

Algorithms for routing and placement for VLSI.


1999 to present: Principal Research Software Development Engineer in Microsoft Research (Redmond)

1998-99: Manager of Geometry and Kinematics team, Tecnomatix (Israel)

1994-98: Software Engineer, Tecnomatix (Israel)

1993-94: Software Engineer, Zvi Hava Software Service LTD (Israel)

1991-93: Software Engineer, Incode Software Systems (Israel)

1987-91: Senior Scientific Engineer, Laboratory of Mathematical Models,

Ural Machine Building Plant (USSR)

1985-87: Algorithm Researcher, Ural State University. VLSI laboratory, (USSR)

1979-82: Software Engineer, Ural State University Computer Site, (USSR)


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On bicompacta lying in σ-products, L.V. Nahmanson and N. N. Yakovlev, Comment. Math. Univ. Carolin., 22, 705-719 (1981) (in Russian)


C#, C++ (STL), C, SQL, Assembler for IBM PC


Russian, English, Hebrew, American Sign Language (basic), Chinese Mandarin (student)

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