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Lesley-Ann Brandt Bio

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Lesley-Ann Brandt Bio
Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Lesley-Ann Brandt has become one of the hottest South African exports via New Zealand. Immigrating to Auckland, NZ with her parents and brother in 1999, Lesley-Ann was soon exposed to the acting community and so began her path to becoming one of NZ's most exciting new discoveries. 
As a child, Lesley-Ann participated in almost every kindergarten and school play and was a natural singer. Her parents encouraged their daughter's passion for performing and entertaining allowing her to stage plays and mini improv skits whenever guests were over but it was when she starting modeling and booking TV commercials that she caught the eye of casting directors. Now seasoned in the commercial world, Lesley-Ann's natural ability to perform, take direction and work with the camera saw her commercial auditions shift towards television and film auditions. 
In 2009 producer Chris Hampson (Street Legal, Orange Roughies) and creator/writer James Griffen (Siones Wedding, Outrageous Fortune, Almighty Johnsons) were on the hunt for the leading lady of their quirky new half hour comedy Diplomatic Immunity. They'd been searching for an actress for months and were 3 weeks away from shooting when Lesley-Ann auditioned. She was hired within a week and went on to star opposite Craig Parker (of Spartacus, Lord of the Rings and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), quickly moving her into the hearts of the nation and there was no looking back. 
In 2010 Brandt commanded the world take notice with her role as "Naevia" in the breakout Starz hitSpartacus: Blood and Sand. Naevia the beautiful slave girl who's story with Manu Bennett's character Crixus emerged as the show's big love story creating a fan frenzy worldwide. Working with producers Sam Raimi (Writer Spiderman 3 2007 feature), Rob Tapert (producer of The Grudge, 30 Days of Night and Xena series) and actors John Hannah (of The Mummy and Four Weddings and a Funeral), Peter Mensah (of 300 and Avatar), Lucy Lawless (of Xena, Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler), Lesley-Ann captivated audiences with her performance, and became one of the shows break out stars. 
Brandt continued to work on back to back projects, This is not My Life (2010), which was picked up by Lionsgate, and ABC's Legend of the Seeker (2010) as well as her feature film debut in Hopes and Dreams (2010). 
In 2011 Lesley-Ann resurrected her role as "Naevia" in the prequel season of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Roles on Chuck and CSI: New York (recurring) soon followed. Most recently Brandt has landed roles in the feature films Duke starring CSI: New York's Carmine Giovinazzo, TNT's Memphis Beat starring Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) and the feature film The Last Stand starring Ving Rhames and Taryn Manning. 
She is also set to star in the feature Drift, alongside Avatar's Sam Worthington. Filming commences late summer 2011 
Now permanently based in Los Angeles, Lesley-Ann has made Hollywood her home and is being welcomed with opened arms.

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