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Lassi learning and Study Strategies Inventory with two-page report

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Garth Rubin

LTRE 190

August 31, 2007

First LASSI report

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Assignment 1 (value 40 points)

LASSI -- Learning and Study Strategies Inventory with two-page report

  • Complete one of the LASSI inventories.

  • When filling out the survey be as honest as possible (this information will assist you in your goals for the class).

  • Be sure that all carbon copy answers have transferred to the 60lbs. page in the back (page 13). [hint: pen works the best]

  • On the top of page 13 next to your name write "First LASSI 2007", you will be turning this page in with your report.

  • The report must be a typed, two page narrative with 1 inch margins on all sides and three hole punched.

  • In the top right corner of all pages should be your name, class, due date, name of assignment and pagination (order of pages). For example see top right corner of this page.

Your report shall contain (but not limited to) answers to the following questions:

  • Was the results of the inventory what you expected or were you surprised at results?

  • What did you discover about yourself from the results of the inventory? (Compare and contrast)

  • What goals would you like to set for yourself within this semester with this information?

  • Do you feel this test has face validity (is it really telling you what you want to know)? Why?

How I will grade this assignment:

  • 15 points will be given to the correct completion of the LASSI inventory. [hint: if you do not turn in the inventory results (page 13) with your report you will lose all of these points]

  • 20 points will be given for honest and authentic (genuine/real) answers of the above questions. [Hint: a paper that states "I don't like this kind of test and therefore it doesn't tell me anything because I study the way I study and that is the best way for me", will lead to less points]

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