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Lantana Why we love this plant

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Why we love this plant: Lantana loves HOT SUN and dry spots – ideal for baskets or ground beds. Bandana series is exceptional.
Where to plant and key care tips: Great in flowerbeds or in patio pots or baskets…Lantana thrives in hot sun and attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Good color range with strong golds, yellows, whites and pinks. Some plants are more upright in growing form so we use those types more in ground beds for height. Use either upright or trailing types in patio pots and the new trailing types make a great ground cover. Do not over feed. Lantana likes being pruned when it gets too leggy.

Height to 48” Spread 36” if you have long growing season. Trailers stay shorter to 18”

Feed: Just in spring is usually enough – keep them hungry to force more flowers

Water: allow soil to dry slightly between watering

For Facebook/Website/Newsletters: So sometimes we see an old plant get revitalized by good new breeding – and in the case of lantana – my oh my is there some fine new varieties to use. We always liked lantana – it does great in hot and sunny spots – and will often give us flowers when other annuals have pooped out in the heat. The new ones have much larger flowers and have worked to keep very rich and vivid colors. Look for the Bandana series as an example of great new breeding.
The color range is impressive – hot cherry to apricot and tequila sunrise type color combos – sometimes all in one plant!
We like lantana in hanging baskets, in patio pots on decks – they are a ‘great by the pool’ plant as they do so well in hot and sunny spots – which is where you find most pools. But we also see a lot of lantana used in ground beds – they are one tough landscape flower and will thrive in many locations sch as hot parking lot island plantings or around a mailbox.
Lantana is pretty easy to care for, just cut them back if they get too scraggly. Aphids like lantana as well so we like to add ladybugs to our plantings from time to time. Lantana are light feeders.

Program Details: Lantana is sold in 4.3” /10 pack Plants that Work, 17cm / 6 pack Plants that Work and hanging baskets. Mannequin available for pre-order.
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POP and Bench Card info: POP

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