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Kingdom: Animal Phylum: Chordata

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Leopardus wiedii


Kingdom: Animal

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivoria

Family: Felidia

Genus: Leopardus

Species: Leopardus wiedii

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Physical Description
The Margay has a yellow-brown with a creamy white underbody. Dark spots run the length of its back. Its sides are paler like its stomach with fainted spots. It resembles it’s closely related cousin the ocelot, except its body is more slender and it has a longer tail.

It settles in deep forest supplied with smaller mammals and tropic or other birds.

It’s location on a map would be in Mexico through Central and South America. Can also be found in parts of Argentina although not in Chile.

It eats smaller mammals and birds

It’s not only reproduced in zoos because it’s endangered but it’s also fast. It’s also a tree dwelling animal so it can get birds.
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