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Kilmaurs Parish Session Records

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This day the Minr reports from the presbytrie that Margt. Ervine was called but did not compear & was appointed to be summoned pro 3tio.
That Robert Willson was called and compeared and was discharged cohabitation wt. his Mother in one house their alone unless yy have a person of years and integrity to abide with ym, and she appointed to be summoned to the next presbytrie, and the Session
Page 179
Appointed to take all the further Intelligence about the affair they could.

[This may be the case reported by McNaught: “A reported case of incest turned out on examination to be the case of a lad, the son of a poor widow, stricken with fever, and only one bed available. ‘Poor thing!’ pleaded the accused woman, “what could I doe with him but what I did?’” McNaught, page 170]

That Margt. Smith was called pro 2do but did not compear & was appointed to be summoned pro 3tio
That Margt. Montgomerie was called and compeared & yt the presbytrie appointed her to be absolved. The Session appoints her to appear in publick and be rebuked upon Sabbath come Eight days & Intimation to be made to the congregation yt she is to be absolved the Sabbath Immediately yrafter Margt. Montgomrie was called and compeared & Intimation hereof made to her – the Session closed wt. prayer.
Jan. 27 1712
This day Margt. Montgomerie convict of fornication and adultery wt. Wm Cudbertson Elder in Bunteenhill appeared in publick and was rebuked and Intimation was made that she was to be absolved the next Sabbath in caise not objection be made yt can hinder the same.
Febr. 3d 1712
This day Margt. Montgomerie appeared in public and was rebuked and absolved from the scandal of the sins of fornication & adultery.
Febr. 23, 1712
After prayer Sederunt. Mr. Hugh Thomson, David Bigger, James Willson, Hugh Bankhead, Wm. Bankhead, John Lamburghton, Robt. Harper, James Smith, Robt. Huie
The sd day the Minr. Complained agt. the Brewers in Killmares for sell drink unseasonablie & yt. Often drunk persons goe out of their Houses particulary that two of Cunninhamhead servants satt up the whole night and one of ym went out beastly drunk & ly near Killmares….
(Pages 180 to 191 not included. -- We jump to 1713, following the resignation of Rev. Hugh Thomson in 1712 – though he stayed in the parish and eventually founded his own independent congregation in his barn at Hill of Kilmaurs. He also apparently continued to be the scribe for the Session minutes until sometime in 1713.)
Page 192
…to attend the presbytrie upon Wensday come eight days being the twenty fourth instant
Sess. Janr. 4th (or 7th) 1713
After prayer sederunt Mr. Hugh Fairside (?) Hugh & Wm. Bankhead, James Farie, John Andrew, David Bigger, Rott Huie, Wm. Craig, John Lamburghton, John Willson
This day James Farie & John Andrew were appointed to attend the presbytrie until the next Synod in order to get the parish wt. preaching. The Seder(unt). Closed w. prayer
Sess. March 22, 1713
After prayer sederunt Mr. Wm. Wright, Hugh Bankhead, Allan Brown, James Farie, John Andrew, John Lamburghton, Wm. Craig, David Bigger, Rott Huie, John Wilson
This day William Craig and David Bigger were appointed to attend upon the presbytrie until the next synod in order to get the parish supplied with sermon.
The sd. day compeared Sarah Boyd spouse to Wm. Cudbertson Elder in bunteenhill and petitioned the Session that she might be allowed to hold up her child to receive baptism. The Session allowed her to hold up her on child yt it might be baptized. The Sederunt closed with prayer.
Page 193
Sess. October 16, 1713
After prayer sederunt Mr. William Simpson, James Watt, James Farie, Hugh and William Bankhead, David Bigger, Robt Huie, John Wilson, John Lamburghton
This day Hugh Bankhead and Robert Huie were appointed to attend the Presbytrie to seek supply of sermon for the parish until the next Synod.
The qlk day Mr. John Gray Schoolmr. Demitted & laid down his charge of Schoolmr, parish precentor & Session Clerk willing the same to take effect at Martinmass ____, and desired the Session to grant him his testimonials agt. that time, ____ the Session granted to doe and appointed him his testimonials agt. Martinmass. The Session closed with prayer.
(jump to 1715 – still no Minister!)

page 206
… William Dickie and Marion Millar ____ rebuked for the first time. John Connol and Ann Hoburn, William Cuthbertson older in Buntinhill and Margaret Dunlop all to be summoned against the next Session _____ prayer.

June 26 [1715]
After prayers

Mr. Hugh Falside (?) modr.

All the elders present
Summoned ____ Margaret Dunlop who being asked who was the father of her child answered William Cuthbertson older in Buntinhill. Being _____ where the child was got? Answered in Harvest last in William Cuthbertson’s house (?).
[Note: the odd thing in this account is that a Margaret Dunlop and a William Cuthbertson are listed in the OPR as giving in their names to be married on 20 November 1714, a full seven months earlier. So are these the same people? Wm. C. is not identified there as either “elder” or “younger” etc.]
William Cuthbertson being called compeared and interrogate whether or no he was the father of Margaret Dunlop’s her child denyed and said that he never had any carnal dealing Margaret Dunlop and also added that the sd Margaret Dunlop declared before John Miller and his wife that she was not with child to him.
David Biggar and Allan Brown are ordained to inquire at John Millar and his wife anent the truth of this same and to bring in this report against the next Session. William Cuthbertson and Margaret Dunlop also summoned apud acta. John Lambroughton and David Bigger and to give in their report concerng John Connol and Ann Hoburn against the next Session.
Page 207
William Dickie and Marion are appointed to be rebuked for the second time.
Also session unanimously agree that they should desire of the presbytery that they may send any young man that ____ within their bounds and particularly Mr. William and Mr. John Anderson to preach among them.
James Watt and John Andrew were chosen to look in the mortcloth money and to pursue (?) for the same.
David Biggar declared Ann Dunlop who was summoned and being ____ ____ times called did not compear the Session sustained the citation in respect of the ____ of the Session and ordained her to be cited ____ ____
____ ____ and Harper are allowed testificats.
Closed with prayer.
July 24, 1715
After prayers


Mr. Camron mod.

Allan Brown, John Wilson, Wil. Craig, Hugh Bankheid, James Fair.. (?), John Lambroughton, elders

Allan Brown delated to the session that ____ judges Janet Orr in Groon… (?) to be with child the Session ordered her to be summoned against their next meeting.
Margaret Dunlop adheres to her former confession and desires the benefit of baptism to her child. The session orders her to get a sponser.
Allan Brown reports that John Millar and his wife explained (?) to him that William Cuthbertson came into their house upon a certain night and did send for Margaret Dunlop and went into their chamber.
Page 208
And immediately called for the sd. John Millar and his wife and said unto them the report is that this woman is with child to me. I do ____ before you both that she is no more with child to me than to that staff (holding up ye staff intwined ? with his hand) and that the sd. Margaret did ____ ____, or any answer.
Janet Gibson having produced the testificat from the Session of Dundonald the Session finds she ____ a year and orders her to get a testificat for that year before she and ____ to get one from ____.
John Connol and Anne Hoburn are ordered to ____ with Hugh Bankeid and Robert Huie ____ and the next Session so that they may give in report to ys sessin of their satisfaction against their next meeting.
The session orders an extract of Wm Cuthbertson and Margaret Dunlop business to be carried before the presbytery for their advice.
Wm. Dicke & Marion Millar rebuked for ____ time
Margaret Lysly (?) Janot Houstein and Robert Brown are ordered testificat.
Decr. 25
John Connol and Anne Hoburn now rebuked and absolved for their sin of fornication.
Page 209
Januar i 1716
After prayer


Mr. Bodin (?) moderator

John Cunningham of Caddol, Rob. Huie, James ____, Will Craig, Allan Brown, John Wilson, David Biggert elders.

The Session appointed John Cunningham and Rot. Huie to attend the presbytery until the next Synod and that they should earnestly desire of the presbytery that Mr. William Wilson probationer may preach at Kilmars.
John ___ and Janet Orr being called confessed their sin of fornication and being ____ ____ ____ the session appoints Janet Orr to be publicly rebuked ___ ____ time they shall have an actual minister preaching. John ____ being guilty of fornication formerly and ____ this so a ____ they think to ask advice of the presbytery, and so with prayer.
William Dickie and Marion Millar ____ rebuked and absolved for their antinuptial fornication….
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