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K right is m u m -m

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Map Mayhem
Look at the map you have been given.

It is the ground floor at Birley Community College


  • right is m

  • u

    p is k

  • left is –m

  • down is –k

- k

Warm ups

  1. Imagine you have just arrived at Birley Community College and you have gone to the reception desk at J11. You are standing talking to Mrs Musselwhite.

She directs you m and then k and then 7m.

Where are you now?

  1. You’ve just had some breakfast in the dinning room and you have to go to a lesson.

You are standing in K18

Go 8k, then –m, then k

Which room are you in and with which teacher?

  1. If m=6 and k= 2,

Go 2m and k2 - k2 means k x k
Which teacher are you looking at?

Map Mayhem


Answer these challenges

  1. Start at the main entrance I13. go –m and then 2k.

Whose office are you in?

  1. You have just had a music lesson and are standing in N3.

You now walk m, then -5k then 5m, then –k.

Where are you now, who is the member of staff and why could you be there?

  1. If m=2 and k=2

Start at food technology Ms Dudley V23

You need to buy a pen at break time for your next lesson.

Go –k, then -4m.

Where are you now?

  1. Oh no, you are in trouble and have to report to Penny Hunt! Find her office on the map.

She sends you to the hall for a detention!

Write directions using m, -m, k and –k to get there. You must plan to take the quickest route.

  1. You have just been in the IR and you are standing in R8. You need to meet PC Chappel P15. Can you describe the best route to get to him using m, -m, k and –k.

  1. You are in the middle of a technology lesson with Mr Allen. He asks you to go to the Maths department to borrow some squared paper because he has run out.

Go from R24 -12k then go -6m then -4k. Now go -6m, then -2k and

-m and finally -4k

Which square are you now in?

Start at the school main entrance which is I13

If m= 1 square and k= 1 square, walk go 4m and k2

A sheet of questions will follow

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