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July bod minutes July 12, 2011 Hampton Roads Surface Navy Association bod minutes

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July BOD Minutes
July 12, 2011 Hampton Roads Surface Navy Association BOD Minutes
Next BOD, August 09, 2011, 0700 NAVSTA Norfolk Galley
Board of Directors Attendance:

Vice President: FORCM(Ret) Bill Slingerland

Treasurer: CAPT(Ret) Fred Berck

Acting-Secretary: LCDR Jennifer Lorio

VP for CVNs: CAPT Mark Genung

VP for Public Affairs: CAPT(Ret) Mike Turner

VP for Senior Enlisted: HMCM(SW) Patrick Modglin

VP for Deployed Forces: HMCS(SW) Brian Hock

VP for Junior Enlisted: GSE1(SW/AW) John Bradshaw

CAPT(Ret) Cam Ingram

CAPT(Ret) Bob Oldani

CMDCM David Carter, NAVSTA Norfolk

(a) FORCM(Ret) Slingerland made opening remarks and welcomed all present.
(b) Minutes from the June Board of Directors meeting were approved by unanimous vote.
(c) Treasurer’s Report. Balance: $9004.71.
(d) Membership Update. Total membership for the chapter is 1269 personnel. The annual growth rate for the Chapter is 3%. We need to continue to push membership, especially during the closing remarks of professional luncheons. It is also important to seek out surface leaders to join and promote the professional events of the Chapter.
(e) June Events Review. (1) June Luncheon. ADM Harvey’s remarks were led to a good discussion and question/answer session. It was obvious that people came out to hear from the leadership and also express concerns and questions from the fleet. (2) MIDN picnics. The picnics have been well attended by midshipmen and the crews of the ships that were embarked. HRSNA has three boxes of items to give away at future picnics. LCDR Lorio will send an email reminder the day before the upcoming picnics with the specific time to encourage more SNA support. (3) SWO Detailer Spouse Join-Up. There were 18 personnel in attendance at the join-up, to include a few spouses that were not accompanied by the service member. While that number seems low, the efforts of SNA helped get the word out to officers in the area and the event saw increased attendance from the last visit.
(f) Departed BoD Members. Certificates of appreciation and HRSNA pens will be presented to HMC Amy Modglin, HMCS Brian Hock, and IT1 Grisel Encarnacion at the August luncheon. LCDR Lorio has the certificate template and will get these made and framed for the presentation.
(g) Luncheons. Prospective speakers for the August luncheon are VADM Holloway and RDML Kraft. HMCM Modglin will engage to determine interest and availability. Other potential speakers for upcoming luncheons are RDML(Sel) Gale, ADM Buzby, MCPOCG Leavitt, Navy Public Affairs, and a Shipyard representative (TJ – BAE). (2) Vista Point has increased fees for the luncheons; the new cost per plate is $13.80. In order to avoid the room fee of $300, we need to reserve for approximately 90 attendees. After engaging with National, Fred Berck proposed new costs for luncheon attendees. The following prices were approved by the board: E6 and below - $7; E7 and above - $12; Retired/Civilian - $15. (3) There will not be a Navy League presentation of a cutlass at the July luncheon; the next drawing will be at the August luncheon. (4) There was renewed discussion about holding an occasional luncheon at Little Creek. With the increased costs at Vista Point, we should revisit the costs associated with hosting a luncheon at Little Creek. GSE1 Bradshaw will gather the data from Little Creek and provide to Fred Berck so that we can have a more detailed discussion on the topic.
(h) CPO Induction Season. Events have been added to the calendar. CAPT(Ret) Turner suggested an HRSNA-sponsored literary competition with a monetary prize for the winner. HMCM Modglin offered that a similar event was conducted in a couple years ago. HMCM will discuss with HMCS Davis to present a proposal at the next BoD meeting.
(i) Website Info. YNC Turner has done a great job getting the website updated and ensuring accurate, relevant, and timely info is displayed for all users. With the USCG birthday in August, we should add some info such as messages to the force from the MCPOCG and Commandant.
(j) The next quarterly SITREP is due 30 September to National.
July Events

- July 12, BOD Meeting (Location: NAVSTA Norfolk Galley)

- July 13, ACU2 Cookout (POC: CDR Morales)

- July 15, Midshipmen Picnic (Location: McCormick Fields, NAVSTA Norfolk)

- July 22, Midshipmen Picnic (Location: McCormick Fields, NAVSTA Norfolk)

- July 29, Midshipmen Picnic (Location: McCormick Fields, NAVSTA Norfolk)

August Events

- August 3, Navy League Luncheon (Location: Waterside Sheraton, VADM Parker, USCG LANT Area Commander)

- August 9, Midshipmen Picnic (Location: McCormick Fields, NAVSTA Norfolk)

- August 9, BOD Meeting (Location: NAVSTA Norfolk Galley)

- August 15-16, CPO-Selectee Events (Location: Nauticus)

- August 17, Professional Luncheon and Discussion (Location: Vista Point, Speaker: TBD)

September Events

- September 13, BOD Meeting (Location: NAVSTA Norfolk Galley)

- September 16, CPO Induction

- September 21, Professional Luncheon and Discussion (Location: TBA, Speaker: TBD)

October Events

- October 11, BOD Meeting (Location: NAVSTA Norfolk Galley)

- October 19, Professional Luncheon and Discussion (Location: TBA, Speaker: TBD)
November Events

- November 8, BOD Meeting (Location: NAVSTA Norfolk Galley)

- November 12 (Tentative), Warrior Ball - (Location: Norfolk Marriott)

- November 16, Professional Luncheon and Discussion (Location: TBA, Speaker: TBD)

Current VP Status:

Bill Slingerland: Executive VP and VP for Membership

MCPON(Ret) Bob Walker: VP Emeritus

CAPT Mary Jackson: VP for Naval Station Norfolk

Vacant: VP for NSA Norfolk

CAPT Gary Lakin: VP for USCG, Atlantic Region

CAPT Rich Vogel: VP for Reserve Personnel

CAPT(Ret) Frank Demasi: VP for Alumni

CAPT Matt Sharpe: VP for JEB Little Creek

CAPT John Cordle: VP for CNSL

CAPT(Ret) Mike Turner: VP for Public Affairs

CAPT Mark Genung: VP for CVNs

CDR Robert Purington: VP for USCG, Yorktown

HMCM Patrick Modglin: VP for Senior Enlisted

HMCS Jason Davis: VP for Events

HMCS Brian Hock: VP for Deployed Forces

GSE1 John Bradshaw: VP for Junior Enlisted

YNC(AW) Amanda Turner: Asst. VP for Public Affairs/Webmaster

HM1 Chris Videau: VP for Carrier Strike Groups
General Action Items:
- Secretary to provide BOD listing and calendar of events with agenda and minutes at each BOD meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 0809.

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