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Journal of proceedings missoula city council meeting

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Legislative Updates and Action on Bills


Energy and Climate Team Recommendations

Ben Schmidt, Energy and Climate Team, said, I only have five bills to really comment on today and I did try to look them all up this morning to get their current status. Hopefully, it’s still their current status. I’ll summarize them all in a group again, the same as last time. First recommendation would be for HJ-9, joint resolution supporting coal. If you read the resolution, you’ll basically find a bunch of whereas statements, just stating the economic benefits of coal. Mentions none of the negatives or anything of that nature. We, of course, oppose that being the Energy and Climate Team. We recommend that you oppose that bill. That has passed the House is my understanding. Next one is HJ-10, is a resolution to support climate change as being a scientifically valid occurrence. That has been tabled at this time. I don’t know if it will ever become un-tabled. It seems a little unlikely. All I can say is at least the Legislation is sending a consistent message. The next…oh, we do say support for HJ-10 is our recommendation. House Bill 394, we recommend a strongly support of that. Basically, all that does is allow for aggregate net metering. That just means you could combine several different households or businesses all into like one area. It’s sort of like aggregated…combine it basically. Won’t get into a lot of the details. Right now that bill is also tabled. It’s probably dead but if it does somehow resurface, we can definitely give more explanation at that time on it and look at the specific wording. The last two bills that we have recommendation for are Senate Bill 247. This is a bill to increase the net metering cap and energy production from 50 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts. It just allows them, you know, your smaller turbines that aren’t tiny to allow people to be able to install them if they so choose to or a little bit bigger solar panel raise, if they so choose to instill, attached them into the electrical network, or excuse me, grid. This was…the first time when this was passed in the state legislator, I think it was in the late 1990s, I can’t remember the exact year, it passed almost unanimously, the idea that residents to being able to put up to 50 kilowatts. So, I had some hope that this one would actually go forward and we’d be seeing that go from 50 to 100. This is probably dead at this point in time, even though it has had some movement in the House, or, excuse me, Senate. The last one is Senate Bill 295. We strongly support this one also is our recommendation. What this one does is it would eliminate the oil and gas tax holiday for the first 18 months of a well’s production when it’s at its most productive time. Right now they basically don’t have to pay the state taxes of any kind for that first 18 months of production. We strongly support removable of that basically 18 months of tax holiday I guess you could call it. At this time, this bill is alive but no action has been taken on it. Thank you.
Mayor Engen said, thank you, Mr. Schmidt. Would anyone care to make a motion regarding those recommendations? Mr. Strohmaier?
Alderman Strohmaier said, yeah, I would move that we support the recommendations of the committee.
Mayor Engen said, the motion’s in order. Is there discussion on the motion? Seeing none, anyone in the audience care to comment on the motion? Seeing none, those in favor please say aye. Those opposed. Motion carries.
Alderman Strohmaier made a motion to support the recommendations of the committee.
Upon a voice vote the motion carried.




Administration and Finance Committee


A Resolution relating to the issuance and sale of $5,750,000 in Tax Increment Urban Renewal Revenue Bonds in Urban Renewal District II, Series 2013.


Amend the FY 2013 budget to appropriate expenditures that were not identified in the original budget for the Tourism Business Improvement District


Committee of the Whole


FY14 Budget Discussion


Consultant Presentation for Wayfinding Planning


Conservation Committee


Annual Conservation Lands Management update


Greenough Park Advisory Committee Dissolution


Plat, Annexation and Zoning Committee


Petition 9604--Dorothy Garner, 2601 & 2601 1/2 South 3rd Street West; A tract of land located in the N2 SE4 SE4 of Section 19, T13N, R19W, M.C.M.; Petition for Annexation


City Zoning Ordinance Amendments to 20.45.060 entitled Accessory Dwelling Units and 20.60.020 entitled Required Motor Vehicle Parking of Title 20, Missoula City Zoning Ordinance


Public Safety and Health Committee


Award bid for scheduling software for the Police department and Municipal Court.


Public Works Committee


Acceptance of Wyoming Street public right-of-way, utility easements, sidewalk easements and public non-motorized access easement. In addition, create a utility easement on Silver Park (City land) adjacent to the Wyoming Street public right-of-way.


Economic Development Subcommittee





Mayor Engen thanked the council members and the staff for their service.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM



Martha L. Rehbein, CMC

John Engen

City Clerk


Respectfully submitted by,

Nikki Rogers, Deputy City Clerk

February 25, 2013 City Council Minutes Page

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