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Joel gordon department of History/King Fahd Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Ark 72701

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Department of History/King Fahd Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, Ark 72701

(479) 575-4755

PhD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1987

BA University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1979

Academic Appointments

Director of Middle East and Islamic Studies, University of Arkansas, 2009-

Associate Director, Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies, University of Arkansas, 2002-04

Associate/Professor, Department of History, University of Arkansas, 1999-

Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Nebraska-Omaha, 1997-99

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Illinois-Urbana, 1996-97

Assistant Professor, Department of History, Franklin & Marshall College, 1989-1995

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, Skidmore College, 1988-1989

Visiting Assistant Professor, Program for the Study of Religion, University of Illinois-Urbana, 1987-1988

Fellowships and Awards

Fulbright College Master Researcher, University of Arkansas, 20007

Summer Research Grant, 1999, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Fulbright Fellowship, Egypt, 6 months, 1995-96

Social Science Research Council Fellowship, Egypt, 10 months, 1995-96 (accepted 4 months)

American Research Center in Egypt Fellowship, Egypt, 10 months, 1995-96 (declined)

Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Fellowship, Egypt, 12 months, 1984-85

Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA), American University in Cairo, Egypt, 12 months, 1982-83

Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS), Arabic, University of Michigan, 1985-86, 1983-84, 1981-82, 1980-81

Nasser: Hero of the Arab Nation (Oneworld Press, 2006)

Revolutionary Melodrama: Popular Film and Civic Identity in Nasser’s Egypt (University of Chicago Middle East Center, 2002)

Nasser’s Blessed Movement: Egypt’s Free Officers and the July Revolution (Oxford University Press, 1992; 2nd ed/pb American University in Cairo Press, 1997)


“Mother of the Silver Screen,” Mediterraneans 15 (2011), 231-33

“Egypt from 1919,” New Cambridge History of Islam, vol. 5 (Cambridge University Press 2010), 372-401

“River Blindness: Black and White Identity in Early Nasserist Cinema,” Narrating the Nile: Politics, Cultures, Identities (ed.) Israel Gershoni et al (Lynne Rienner, 2008), 137-56

“The Slaps Felt around the Arab World: Family and National Melodrama in 2 Nasser-era Musicals, International Journal of Middle East Studies 39 (2) 2007, 209-28

“The Nightingale and the Ra’is: Abd al-Halim Hafez and Nasserist Longings,” in Rethinking Nasserism: Revolution and Historical Memory in Modern Egypt, Elie Podeh and Onn Winckler (eds.) (Florida University Press, 2004), 307-23

“Singing the Pulse of the Egyptian-Arab Street: Shaaban Abd al-Rahim and the Geo-pop Politics of Fast Food,” Popular Music 22 (1) 2003, 75-90

“Days of Anxiety/Days of Sadat: Impersonating Egypt’s Flawed Hero on the Egyptian Screen,”

Journal of Film and Video 54 (2-3) 2002, 27-42

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“Class-crossed Lovers: Popular Film and Social Change in Nasser’s New Egypt,” Quarterly Review of Film and Television 18 (4) Fall 2001, 385-96

With God on Our Side: Scripting Nasser’s Free Officer Mutiny,” in Rebellion, Repression, Reinvention: Mutiny in Comparative Perspective, Jane Hathaway (ed.) (Praeger, 2001), 253-72

“Israel in Egypt: Reel Images from across the Border,” in Leonard Greenspoon and Ronald Simkins (eds), “A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey”: Visions of Israel from Biblical to Modern Times (Creighton University Press, 2001), 219-36

Nasser 56/Cairo 96: Reimaging Egypt’s Lost Community,” in Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle East and Beyond, Walter Armbrust (ed.),

(University of California Press, 2000), 161-81

** reprinted in History of the Modern Middle East (2nd ed), Albert Hourani, Philip Khoury, Mary C. Wilson (eds) (IB Taurus, 2004), 597-613

“Film, Fame, and Public Memory: Egyptian Biopics from Mustafa Kamil to Nasser 56,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 31 (1) 1999, 61-79

“Becoming the Image: Words of Gold, Talk Television, and Ramadan Nights on the Little Screen,” Visual Anthropology 10 (1997), 247-63

“Secular and Religious Memory in Egypt: Recalling Nasserist Civics,” The Muslim World 87 (2) April 1997, 94-108

“The Supreme Struggle Back Home: Egypt 1945-1950,” American Historical Association Conference Proceedings, 1995

“Arba`un Amrikan Yabhathun `an Hamida” (40 Americans in Search of Hamida: Tourism in the Season of Terror), Ruz al-Yusuf, 1 February 1993, 52-53

“Al-Talaq bayna al-Thawrah wa-al-Amrikan” (The Divorce between the Revolution and the Americans), Ruz al-Yusuf (Cairo), 29 June 1992, 34-37

“`Abd al-Nasir wa-al-Mukhabarat al-Amrikiya” (Nasser and the CIA), Ruz al-Yusuf, 22 June 1992, 24-27

“Political Opposition in Egypt,” Current History, February 1990, 65-68+

“The Myth of the Savior: Egypt's ‘Just Tyrants’ on the Eve of Revolution,” Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 26 (1989), 223-37

“The False Hopes of 1950: The Wafd’s Last Hurrah and the Demise of Egypt’s Old Order,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 21 (1989), 193-214

Encyclopedia/Reference Entries

“Omar Sharif,” “Abd al-Halim Hafiz,” “Farid al-Atrash,” “Yusuf Wahbi,” “Layla Murad,” “Hasan al-Banna,” “Ali Sabri,” “Tharwat Ukasha,” “Khalid Muhyi al-Din,” “Sayyid Marei,” “Salah Salim,” “Gamal Abd al-Nasser,” “Doria Shafik,” “Fatima (Rose) al-Yusuf,” Dictionary of African Biography, Henry Louis Gates and Emmanuel K Akyeampong (eds.) (Oxford U P, forthcoming 2011)

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Book Reviews (recent)

Selim Nassib, I Loved You for Your Voice (Europa 2006), Mediterraneans 15 (2011), 344-47

Barbara H E Zollner, The Muslim Brotherhood: Hasan al-Hudaybi and Ideology (Routledge 2009), International Journal of Middle East Studies 43 (1) 2011, 147-48

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Parmesh Shahani, Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)longing in Contemporary India (Sage 2008), Dawn (Karachi) 2009

Arif Hasan, Asiya Sadiq Polak, Christophe Polak, The Hawkers of Saddar Bazaar: A Plan for the Revitalization of Saddar Bazaar Karachi Through Traffic Rerouting and the Rehabilitation of its Hawkers (Ushba Publishing International, 2008), Dawn (Karachi), July 20, 2008

Augustus Richard Norton, Hizbollah: A Short History (Princeton University Press 2008), Journal of Military History 72 (3) July 2008, 984-85

Rashid Khalidi, The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood (Beacon, 2006), Logos 7 (2) 2008

Kumar Prasad Mukherji, The Lost World of Hindustani Music (Oxford UP 2006) Dawn

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Yasmin Cheema, The Historical Quarters of Karachi (Oxford University Press, 2007),

Dawn (Karachi), February 10, 2008

Abdeslam M. Maghraoui, Liberalism without Democracy: Nationhood and Citizenship in Egypt, 1922-1936 (Duke 2006), Middle East Journal 63 (1) Summer 2007, 532-33

Invited Conference/Symposia Papers (recent)

“Cultures of Neutrality: Nasserism and its Discontents,” workshop on The Non-Aligned Movement in the Mediterranean, Europe Institute, Columbia University, February 2009

“Cinematic Youth Culture: Secular Imaginings and Anti-Idealizations – Retreat or Resurgence?” The Decline of Secularism in Egypt, Simon Fraser University, August 2008

“The Country was Beautiful: Scenes of Egypt’s Lost Cosmopolitanism,” Fondation Alizes et

Funcacion Tres Culturas, Essaouira, Morocco, November 2007

“No Direction Home: Displacement and Death in Egyptian Pop-Culture Consciousness”

Exile and Displacement, Ben-Gurion University, May 2006

“Whose Nile? Whose Narrative? Symbolic Sites and Egyptian Pan/Nationalist Imaginings,” Narrating the Nile, Tel Aviv University, May 2006

Annual Meeting Papers (recent)

“Blood on the Tracks: The ‘Real’ Cairo in Yusuf Chahine’s Bab al-Hadid,”

Middle East Studies Association, November 2006

“The Slaps Heard ‘round the (Arab) World: Pathos and Patriarchy in 2 Nasserist Musicals”

Middle East Studies Association, November 2005


“Arab Responses to Fascism and Nazism: 1933-1945”

Tel Aviv/Open University, Tel Aviv, May 23-25, 2010

“Egyptian Material/Pop Culture”

University of Arkansas, April 9-10, 2004 (co-organizer)

“Twentieth Century Historians and Historiography of the Middle East”

Bogazici University, Istanbul, May 23-26 2002

“Middle East Studies in Russia and the USA”

St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, June 26-27, 2002

Professional Service (selected)

Book Review Editor, International Journal of Middle East Studies, 2001-09

American Research Center in Egypt, Strategic Planning Committee, 2005-06

Nominating Committee, 2005-06; Board of Governors, 2000-03

Conference Panel Organizer (recent)

“Bab al-Hadid/Cairo Station: Re-Winding a Classic Film,” Middle East Studies Association, November 2006

“Scenes of Social Discipline: Approaches to Egyptian Film Music,” Middle East Studies Association, November 2005

Teaching Fields

Modern Middle East/North African History, Islamic History/Civilization

Islamic Religion/Society, Modern Arab/Islamic Political Thought

Middle East Society/Popular Culture

Historical Research, Cultural History, Oral History/Traditions

Western/World Civilization

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