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Job Title

Business Manager


January 2015

BBC Grade

Grade 8/9


Strategy & Digital (Future Media Department)



Line Manager

Head of Business Operations.

Direct Reports


Budgetary Responsibility


Role Context

This role reports to the Head of Business Operations, Future Media.

Future Media (FM) is the BBC group that provides innovative leadership in the fields of future media, technology and media management.  It has responsibility for developing, maintaining and updating a range of services including BBC Online, BBC on mobile and the Red Button service.


FM’s key strategic role is to be the pathfinder for the BBC, ensuring that new technologies are used to extend the reach and accessibility of BBC content on any device, anytime, anywhere.


The Head of Business Operations reports to the COO, BBC Online and Future Media. This team is charged with making the Group more efficient and more effective. This role sits in one of the teams – the Central Online Group (COOG) - that enables h/her to do that.  The COOG provides operational support for the Online Leadership Group (OLG), which provides pan-BBC management control for BBC Online and Red Button. COOG also provides a wide range of business management support across all aspects of FM and BBC Online.

The role will be a key point of contact in relation to performance, with specific responsibility for the regular analysis and performance reporting of BBC Online and Future Media, making significant interventions, which drive greater efficiency and effectiveness. It will have Key involvement in the implementation of a data driven, networked business operations function.
This role will be responsible for the divisional Risk Management process

Purpose of the Role

The Business Operations Team are responsible for ensuring that all day-to-day Business, Financial and People Operations activities are efficiently conducted within a consistent, professional and measurable framework, in line with the overall governance structure of FM and the wider BBC.

The Business Manager role is to provide business operations management support to the department, managing others as required to deliver this.

Key Responsibilities

Manage the setting of performance targets for BBC Online and Future Media on an annual basis using competitor benchmarks, industry growth and product roadmaps. Provide reporting and analysis against these targets to the Online Leadership Group and FMGB on a regular basis.

Drive the development and delivery of robust, creative and insightful analysis of the performance of BBC Online and Future Media, using a range of approaches for investigation and evaluation that include both numbers and narrative. This will include audience performance, competitor analysis, delivery/operational performance and financial analysis of BBC Online and Future Media.

Work with the HoBO, FM to make targeted interventions in FM and BBC Online that will lead to increased efficiency and/or effectiveness within an 18-month timeframe.
Collaborate with colleagues in Audience Research, Strategy, Finance as well as the content Divisions in all aspects of work to ensure all relevant specialist skills are reflected.
Business finance

Write and co-ordinate investment cases. Ensure effective return on investment/value for money for strategic business decisions

Use financial information to advise on business strategy and optimise departmental performance (namely overseeing, reviewing and analysing financial reports)
Provide insight and foresight that ensures the budget is managed to enable departmental success

Support and advise the leadership team in financial decision-making.

Risk and Business continuity

Manage the divisional Risk Register for Future Media. Consult with members of the division on a regular basis to gather information on risks and mitigations. Engage with FM board members for input.

People planning & management

To respond to both internal and external data requests on an ad hoc basis. Where appropriate, manage others to do this.

To provide advice on people systems and act as an initiator if necessary. Where appropriate, manage others to do this.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • An interest in, and understanding of, audiences and future media, and how new technologies can satisfy audience needs and contribute to the BBC delivering on its purposes

  • Proven track record of successfully engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including negotiation, influencing and facilitation skills.

  • Ability to think and plan strategically; planning ahead and anticipating challenges.

  • Experience in strategic business planning processes for a large team/department

  • Experience in operating business management systems, tools and processes that add value to the business

  • Ability to grasp new ideas quickly, engage in complex thinking and work comfortably with ambiguity.

  • Ability to manage senior relationships with internal and external stakeholders particularly where they have differing requirements, demands and measures of success

  • Able to demonstrate a high level of political and business awareness

  • Ability to ‘make things happen’ in an uncertain and increasingly complex world

  • Experienced in writing investment/business cases for senior stakeholders

  • Excellent report writing skills and the ability to make proper sense of financial information and act accordingly

  • Extremely numerate; able to interpret figures, understand implications and use data skilfully to support effective decision making

  • Experience in organisation, facilitation and co-ordination skills, especially at senior level enabling clear and balanced decision making

  • Advanced problem solving and analysis skills

  • Absolute discretion when dealing with sensitive and/or confidential information

  • Ability to take initiative and shape/make decisions for areas of accountability


  • Creativity: fosters imagination, creativity and experimentation, takes and promotes considered risks, celebrates creative successes and learns from failure, shows openness to alternative ways of doing things.

  • Flexibility: Adapts and works effectively with a range of situations, individuals or groups. Is able to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue, to adapt an approach as the requirements of a situation change, and to change or easily accept changes in own organisation or job requirements.

  • Planning and Organising: Establishes an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resource requirements.

  • Communication: The ability to get ones message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.

  • Resilience: Can maintain personal effectiveness by managing own emotions in the face of pressure, set-backs or when dealing with provocative situations and difficult stakeholders. Can demonstrate an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.

  • Teamwork & Co-operation: Works co-operatively with others, to be part of a team, works together as opposed to working separately or competitively.

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