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Job Description (revised) Job Title: Media Management Operative Grade: 5 Division: Future Media

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Job Description (revised)

Job Title:  Media Management Operative
Grade: 5
Division:  Future Media (FM)
Department:  Online Technology Group (OTG), Service Operations
Conditions: Hours/flexibility
Base:   MediaCityUK, Salford
Updated: 21/01/2015


Future Media’s Online Technology Group is responsible for the provision, management and technical support for the systems, distribution, infrastructure and applications that enable the award winning website including News, Sport, iPlayer, Mobile and Interactive Television (red button) services. We offer you the chance to work on services that push the boundaries of Digital Britain and ask you to give us a fresh perspective on our current technologies and processes. This role is shift based to reflect the 24x7 nature of the operational work, which includes night shifts and weekend work.

Aims of the role
The main purpose of the MMO role is to manage the delivery of audio and video content to BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio Player. This role is time-dependent and is a hugely important one in maintaining the BBC’s reputation and brand in the online space, with out-of-hours decision making responsibility.

Media Factory processes audio and video from scheduled and off-schedule sources, making these programmes available on a huge variety of platforms. MMOs are also responsible for monitoring channels being simulcast through BBC iPlayer and for manually ‘blanking’ restricted content.

MMOs are required to manually trim and quality-check the output from Media Factory before programmes publish to BBC iPlayer, and to deal with editorial queries and availability issues.
There is also a responsibility for revoking content when required (for legal reasons, to avoid rights and personal safety issues), and for managing the entire replacement process – talking to programme makers, ensuring they deliver a replacement in a timely fashion and to the correct iPlayer specification, and then uploading that file into iPlayer itself as quickly as possible.
MMOs are required to keep up-to-date all of the support documentation for the processes involved in managing Video Factory.
Key Responsibilities

  • To be part of the team providing operational support for the applications used to deliver BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio Player.

  • To liaise directly via phone, email, Lync and face-to-face with editorial stakeholders, from programme production staff through to Executive Producers and possibly Channel Controllers.

  • Direct responsibility for revoking content from BBC iPlayer (when authorisation is given).

  • Adding ‘bumpers’ to programmes with on-screen voting, to ensure iPlayer compliance with BBC legal and editorial requirements.

  • To represent Media Factory / Future Media / OTG’s interests both with other departments within the BBC and externally with 3rd Party Suppliers (such as Independent Production Companies, “Indies”).

  • Interacting with Service Management and 24/7 Operations on a regular basis to ensure that any wider issues with key partner organisations (such as Sky and Virgin Media) are resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Ensuring the availability of BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio Player content, including end-to-end support for media ingest, transcoding and delivery.

  • Ensuring the availability of the BBC’s simulcast streams.

  • Fixing any errors with the subtitling of programmes within BBC iPlayer.

  • Ensuring all incidents are logged accurately, managed and escalated as appropriate.

  • Ensuring efficient diagnosis, prioritisation and resolution of incidents impacting live services, in order to minimise the impact on those services.

  • Implementing appropriate contingency procedures in response to planned or unexpected events.

  • Ensure efficient and appropriate communication to key stakeholders whenever necessary.

  • Ensuring continuity of information regarding ongoing incidents during shift changes through the production of thorough handover documents.

  • Collaborate with the wider FM teams (including developers and producers) to ensure best operations practice and to help with the development of more effective tools.

  • Provision of increased and enhanced 2nd line support activities due to the remote location from 3rd line and DevOPs team who are based in London

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with the ability to work collaboratively within the team and across the BBC and 3rd parties

  • Highly motivated with initiative and flexibility, as well as the ability to work independently

  • Experience of working to tight timescales and deadlines and to be able to quickly prioritise the most important tasks

  • Able to learn and understand systems built from many separate components

  • Keen interest in media and creative systems and environments

  • Able to work independently, handling most queries and problems without needing to check with colleagues or managers

  • Focussed - displaying excellent attention to detail when completing a task

Desirable Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience of managing media availability, including third party revocation

  • Knowledge of, and passion for BBC TV and Radio output, channels and content.

  • Experience in dealing 1-on-1 with senior staff, third parties and users, and having the self-confidence to be able to respond appropriately to any enquiries or problems.

  • Experience in using software tools to manage incidents

  • Experience of digital media distribution and working with content delivery networks

  • Experience in logging and managing incidents in an operational environment, using spreadsheets such as Excel or Googledocs.

  • Knowledge of cloud computing methodologies

  • Problem solving methodologies

The following competencies (behaviours and characteristics) have been identified as key to

success in the job. Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate all of these competencies:

Ability to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into their component parts. Can explore and evaluate them systematically, can identify causal relationships and construct frameworks for problem solving and/or development.

Ability to identify objectives and take responsibility for making rational decisions, rendering judgements and taking action following the logical evaluation of the facts.
Can maintain personal effectiveness by managing own emotions in the face of pressure, set backs or when dealing with provocative situations. Can demonstrate an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.
Influencing and Persuading
Ability to present sound and well-reasoned arguments to convince others. Can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.

The ability to get one’s message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.
Dealing with confidential information, Clear understanding of the data protection act.

Confidential information must be respected and must only be disclosed for legitimate BBC purposes. It must never be disclosed for personal gain to a customer, competitor or any other media agency.
Managing Relationships
Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a wide range of people.

Concern for Results
Demonstrates a pro-active approach and shows concern to work effectively or to compete against a standard of excellence. This may be an individual’s own past performance, an objective measure, the performance of others, goals etc.
Planning and Organising
Ability to think ahead to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues such as deadlines, staffing and resource requirements. Being able to deal with a fluctuating workload and to manage their own time in the most effective manner.

Problem solving
Pragmatic approach to problem solving, recognising the need to fix high-profile issues quickly while implementing root cause analysis to identify and solve underlying trends which may cause recurrence of problems. This is a live 24/7 environment.
Living the BBC Values

Sets high standards for the world’s most trusted broadcaster, demonstrates a passionate commitment to the BBC’s brand values and keeps up to date with public opinion, admits mistakes when we make them and takes appropriate action, takes responsibility for building trust in the BBC.

(A job description is a written statement of the essential characteristics of the job, with its principal accountabilities, incorporating a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance. This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved).

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