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Job Description

Job title Wythenshawe FM Project Manager
Salary/scale point £ 26,276 – £ 29,236

SCP 31 – SCP 35

Reporting to WFM Community Media Board
Line Managing Staff team at Wythenshawe FM

Terms 37.5 hours/5 days per week
The post is offered as a permanent contract, but see further details in ‘Background information’ below
Place of work Wythenshawe, Manchester

Background information and main purpose of the job
Wythenshawe FM is a full-time community radio station that was set up by the community development charity Radio Regen and which has been broadcasting to people who live and work in Wythenshawe since 2002. From 1st October 2010, Wythenshawe FM is to be handed over to the ownership of a locally managed not-for-profit organisation – WFM Community Media.
WFM Community Media’s vision for the station is to create a vibrant and sustainable social enterprise that is highly valued by the Wythenshawe community and a wide range of local organisations, and creates substantial positive change for local people. Wythenshawe FM will achieve this by giving people skills development and volunteering opportunities – all of the shows broadcast on the station are presented by volunteers – and providing a good quality community radio service that entertains and informs its audience and builds the capacity of the community.
The Wythenshawe FM Project Manager will have overall responsibility for all aspects of the operation of Wythenshawe FM. The post is one of the most important in the organisation and combines the excitement of the project with complex management requirements. Although the job is to lead the operation of a community radio station, very little of the required expertise is to do with radio. As we say in the sector, we are 90% community, 10% radio. From a management perspective, a community radio station is comparable to any under-resourced community project that works in a disadvantaged area under multiple revenue streams.
Whilst the Project Manager post is offered as a permanent position, the continued operation of Wythenshawe FM as a full-time community station (and therefore the continuation of the Project Manager post) is dependent on additional funding being secured. The project is supported in part by a grant from Manchester City Council, and funding is ongoing for several other posts at the station (e.g. Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for an Administrator, BBC Children in Need for a youth worker, Scott Trust Foundation for a Community Radio Journalism Coordinator) but additional income from grants and sales will be required to fund the station in its first year of operation. The station currently employs a Business Development Officer who raises income from advertising sales and by developing service delivery contracts with local businesses and relevant public bodies.

Key Tasks

  1. Ensuring that a strategy is in place to guide the organisation in achieving its objectives, including developing and maintaining the organisation’s business plan.

  1. Working with the staff team to realise new income streams for the station, including innovating and developing projects in partnership with local schools, businesses, community groups and public agencies (e.g. the local authority, health agencies, Police).

  1. Researching and writing grant applications.

  1. Line managing station staff, including developing and implementing systems for effective supervision, assessment and performance management.

  1. Representing the organisation with external agencies at all levels in an appropriate and professional manner e.g. partner/client community groups, local businesses, mainstream public agencies.

  1. Ensuring that appropriate information management, monitoring and evaluation systems are in place.

  1. Monitoring progress towards agreed objectives, outputs and outcomes, and preparing monitoring reports as required.

  1. Working closely with the staff team to engage local community groups, mainstream agencies and local businesses in participating at the station and in developing programme content.

  1. Working with the station staff team to deliver grant-funded and other partnership projects.

  1. Working with the station staff team to recruit and engage station volunteers and to ensure that they are supported in their involvement at WFM.

  1. Developing and overseeing the delivery of informal and accredited training at the station, in conjunction with The Manchester College or other training providers as appropriate.

  1. Preparing budget projections, financial reports and activity reports as required e.g. for the Board of Directors and for funders.

  1. Managing expenditure according to agreed budgets, ensuring that adequate financial records are maintained, and monitoring cash flow.

  1. Ensuring that annual accounts are produced and submitted in a timely fashion.

  1. Developing and implementing organisational policies and procedures e.g. equal opportunities, health and safety, child protection, absence from work, IT.

  1. Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and regulations e.g. health and safety law, employment law, Companies Act, Ofcom regulations, other media law.

  1. Further developing the local ‘ownership’ of the station through e.g. community consultation, a youth board, a community steering group.

  1. Overseeing staff recruitment and maintaining personnel records e.g. timesheets, records of holiday entitlement.

  1. Having responsibility for procurement and premises issues, including ensuring that health and safety issues are addressed, maintaining a resources audit, and ensuring that adequate insurance is in place.

  1. Coordinating and attending Board meetings and other stakeholder meetings e.g. volunteer meetings, steering group meetings.

  1. Overseeing the development and implementation of an editorial policy at the station.

  1. Developing and maintaining systems for the effective dissemination of information within the organisation.

  1. Developing and implementing an external communications and marketing strategy for the station e.g. website development, newsletters, other publicity materials.

  1. Undertaking other tasks as required.

Person Specification A = assessed by application

I = assessed by interview





Good general level of education

Education to degree level or equivalent



The ability and vision to develop and lead a social enterprise


The ability to effectively advocate, promote and ‘sell’ ideas and projects to other organisations


The ability to carry out well-organised and efficient project management e.g. budgeting, record-keeping, managing contracts etc.


The ability to manage and motivate a team


The ability to manage a complex programme of work and prioritise tasks without supervision


The ability to work co-operatively with members of a team


The ability to write and communicate succinctly and clearly both verbally and in writing


Good working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software (e.g. Word and Excel)


The ability to form good working relationships with people from a wide range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds


Good problem-solving skills


Good numeracy skills


The ability to be tactful and sensitive but assertive when appropriate


Knowledge of relevant health and safety legislation/procedures


Knowledge of child protection policies and procedures


Knowledge of employment law


Understanding the role of community media in disadvantaged communities

Knowledge of the regeneration agenda


Understanding of radio studio equipment &/or radio production techniques



Substantial experience of project management, including financial management and strategic/business planning

Experience of public funding and associated monitoring and evaluation


Experience of the preparation of annual accounts


Experience of writing grant applications


Substantial experience of line managing staff

Experience of implementing personnel policies/ procedures appropriate to the voluntary sector


Experience of working with a range of organisations e.g. community groups, regeneration agencies, local authority departments, businesses

Experience of working in the voluntary sector


Experience of working in the field of social exclusion


Marketing experience


Community media experience

Media production experience


A commitment to and understanding of the principles and implementation of an equal opportunities policy


An understanding of the values of the non-profit sector



A willingness to undergo training in basic audio production skills and in other areas if required


A willingness to undertake duties in the evening and at the weekend when required


The post-holder will be required to apply for an Enhanced CRB Disclosure


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