Ana səhifə

J. A. Nicoll & Son *1967 Jack Nicoll, Sr

Yüklə 113 Kb.
ölçüsü113 Kb.
Chris & Loreen Nagy *1981

Millstone Charolais Farms, Yarbo, SK

dispersal Dec. 1992
Dr. ___ & Alieta Nataros *1967

Charolais Valley Ranches, Fort Langley, BC

Paul Naude *1999

Loon River Charolais, Lloyminster, AB

Pete & Andre Neal *2003

Andemar Cattle Co., St.Mary’s ON

William & Dauphne Neen *1971

DCR Charolais, Langley, BC

Nick Negu *1966

Antler Charolais Ranch, Chetwynd, BC

Wilf & Ruth Neilson *1988

Cougar Hill Ranch, Halkirk, AB

Tim & Juli Neilson *1988

Neilson Stock Farms, Halkirk, AB

Harry & Maureen Neitz *1973

Twin Arrows Ranch, Stettler, AB

Gerry Nelson *1983

Jerry & Kathy Nelson

Dennis & Kim Nelson

Double V Charolais, Lloydminster, SK

Charolais Banner March 1984

Gerry Nelson, who bought his first Charolais female in 1971 had only recently developed a purebred operation. In the fall of 1981 he dispersed his purebred Angus and Hereford herd and began to work fulltime with Charolais.

Trevor, Scott & Ryan Nesbitt *2004

Cedardaly Charolais, Nestleton, ON

Don Neufeld *2000

New Aspen Acres, Steinbach, MB

J. A. Nicoll & Son *1967

Jack Nicoll, Sr.

John Nicoll, Jr.

King, ON
Duane & Luann Nichols *1976

Charnich Farms, High Prairie, AB
Arthur B. Nielsen *Founding Member 1959

Glenelm, PQ

Dan & Thorvald Nielsen *1990

Nielsen Ranches, Red Deer AB

Ernie Nimitz

CCA fieldman 1970 - 1972

Charolais Banner - Oct. 1970

The Committee which was set up to receive applications for the position of Fieldman for the Canadian Charolais Association has announced the appointment of Mr. Ernie Nimitz of Coronation, AB. Ernie, who hails originally from the Lone Star State, comes into the employ of the Association after working with the Alberta Department of Agricultuyre since September 1967.

Wayne & Deborah Nish *1980

Nish Charolais, Farm, Cardston, AB

Chester & Glenda Niziol *1982

NZL Farms, Millbrook, ON

Glenda Niziol Pres. Charolettes 1994, 1995
Doug Noad *1991

Evansburg, AB

Dale & Lesley Norheim *1971

Norheim Charolais Farm, Saskatoon, SK

D Bar L Livestock Sales Management -1981

children: Lee (1976)

Dale Norheim CCA director 1983 - 1986

Charolais Banner - Nov. 1973

The Banner is pleased to announce the appointment of Dale Norheim as Banner Fieldman covering Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Dale is no newcomer to Charolais and is known to most Charolais breeders particularly in Western Canda. Raised on a farm at Whitebear, SK. he comes with an excellent agricultural background graduating with a B.S.A. degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1972. While majoring in Ag Economics he was employed first as an R.O.P. Fieldman and later as the Administrative Assistant to the R.O.P. Bull Testing Station.

A Charolais man while in University, he has much experience fitting, grooming and showing Charolais at major shows.

Bruce & Lynn Norsworthy

Cannington Charolais, Manor, SK *1977

took over E.M. Norsworth herd in 1977
E. M. Norsworthy & Sons *1967

Norhome Charolais Farm, Carlyle, SL

Blaine J & Clair H.. Norton *1968

Norton Charolais Ranch, Magrath, AB

dispersal Oct. 1974
Ray & Delbert Nostadt *1986

Nostadt Charolais, Kendal, SK

Ray Nostadt died May 2002
Tomas & Irene Nowokowsi *1982

T N K Charolais, Kennedy, SK

children Donna, Shawn
Percy Nydokus *1987

Richard Nydokus

Peri-Made Ranch, Calgary & Mannville, AB
John & Janet Nykamp *1966

Triple J Charolais Farm, Salford, ON

children: Algela, Jeffrey

John Nykamp Sec. OCA 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

Pres.OCA. 1972, 1973

CCA director 1972 - 1984

President of CCA 1980, 1981

dispersal Oct. 1990

John Nykamp died Marach 2003

Charolais Banner - Dec.1968

I was born and raised on a dairy farm, where some effort was made to get me interested in milking cows. However although I did like livestock very much, the punctual routine which goes with dairy cattle did not appeal to me. At a very early age I got a job selling farm seeds. Meeting people was the part of this business I enjoyed most.

It was shortly after this that I met Janet, and we were married in 1963. When it came to finding a place to live, my love for farm life made us decide to buy a small farm near Woodstock, ON. On this farm we grew corn and it was not long until we had some livestock- mainly hogs. Janet and I both had a desire to specialize in something on the farm and it was due to Jerry Litton’s advertising that we started digging for more information on Charolais.

In May 1965 we visited Gerry and Maurene Lalonde and frankly were quite impressed with the Charolais cattle we saw. After a summer of reading and discussing every article we could find, I went back in October and bought five 7/8 cows from Gerry and we had a start. We have had our time of bad luck, like many new breeders will get, but with the progeny from the fist five and a few more I bought, our herd slowly grew.

In 1965 I gave up my job selling seed and got a job selling fertilizers and chemicals with Cyanamid out of one of their blending plants and this summer we had the offer to get into management of another plant, in another part of the province- it is due to this move that we have sold our farm near Woodstock and are now in the process of relocating ourselves and our herd. We now have two children: one girl Angela (4) and a boy Jeffrey (2) who of course is going to be a future Charolais breeder. He supplied us with the third “J” for our herd name Tripple J.

Gerald & Wendy Nykoliation *1985

N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB

Len & Marilyn Nykoliation *1978

Beaver Creek Charolais, Virden, MB

children: Greg, Michael, Gordie

Marilyn Nykoliation Sec. MCA 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986

Mervin & Jo-Ann Nykoliation *1989

Tri-N Charolais, Crandall, MB / Lenor, MB

children: Jess, Brittni
Michael, Gordie & Greg Nykoliation *1990

Beaver Creek, Jr. Div., Virden, MB

Craig Oattes *1980

Oattes Charolais, Cobden, ON

Ivan & Vilda Ohler *Founding Member 1959

Prairieville Char-Angus Ranch, Ltd.., Carmangay, AB

Mt. View Charolais Ranch, Claresholm, AB

Ivan Ohler CCA director 1962 - 1967

Ivan Ohler died Oct. 1969 - (Vilda married Mike Haverland.)

In the Charolais Newsletter April 1964 - Ivan Ohler wrote:

My wife Vilda and I are not only real cattle enthusiasts, but are great horse lovers as well.

My first interest in Charolais cattle was in 1954 while spending the winter in California where I saw some Charolais Angus cross steers. Then I visited the Ray Sence, Keith Mets and Hunt’s herds in California. These cattle impressed me immensly, but since I was down with my car, I was unable to take a bull back home. Then we met Harry Hargrave for the first time in 1957 and he again re-aroused our interest in Charolais cattle. My wife and I then decided to take my parents (who were in partnership with us in the cattle business at that time) on a tour of the top U.S. Charolais breeders. It was on this trip that we first met the late Ray Branum. Ray arrived only a few hous before we reache the Lucky 7 Ranch at McDermitt, Nevada, with his cattleliner rented to take back a mixed load of cows and bulls to his ranch

In the spring of 1958 we brought back two loads of Charolais cows, heifers and bulls also from the Lucky 7 Ranch. They had been shipped there from the Ashfork Livestock Company. These were our first Charolais stock. Since then our enthusiasm has grown year by year. We have been breeding up a Charolais herd and also crossing our Angus cows with Charolais until today we have a herd of purebred and recorded Charolais numbering 173.
Kyle & Linda Olafson *1983

Olafson Charolais, Tantallon, SK

dispersal Nov. 1989
Eamon & Madeline Oldham *1993

First Choice Charolais, St.Benedict, SK (partners with Albert & Dalene Martin)

Keith & Shirley Oliver *2000

Cavendawn Charolais, Shelburn, ON

children: Sean, Chris
Gary Olsen & Margaret McKenzie *1998

GMC Charolais, Lumby, BC / Falun, AB

Margaret McKenzie Sec. BCCA 2000
Glenn Olsen *1965

Silver Dawn Charolais Farm, Neilburg, SK

Glen Olsen died 1973
Len & Edna Olsen *1985

L-E-J Charolais, Portage La Prairie, MB

children: Jim
Lyle & Joanne Olsen *1965

Silver Dawn Charolais Farm, Neilburg, SK

Orville & Thorine Olson *1967

Circle O Charolais, Macoun, SK

Peter & Linda Oluk *1974

Lynmead Farms, Edmonton, AB

Don O’Neill *1990

Coldbrook Farms, Vimy, AB

Kerry & Diane Oram *1969

Valley’s End Charolais, Central Butte, SK

Mark & Debbie Oram *1969

Valley’s End Charolais, Central Butte, SK

children: Natalie, Nigel, Kelsey, Dane

Mark Oram Sec. SCA 1986, 1986

Sec. SCA 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

CCA director 2001 - 2005

Charolais Banner Sept. 2001

Today, he and his wife Debbie and their four children, along with his parents, Elizabeth and Reg and his brother and sister-in-law Kerry and Dianne Oram and their three children, run an operation that includes 80 head of purebred Charolais cattle, as well as 1200 acres of irrigated land and 2500 acres of dryland crops.

Murray & Barbara Oram *1969

Valley’s End Charolais, Central Butte, SK

children: Regan Heath (1976)
Reg & Betty Oram *1969

Valley’s End Charolais, Cenrtal Butte, SK

children: Murray (& Barbara), Kris, Kathy, Judy, Jim, Kerry (& Diane),

Mark (& Debbie)

Betty Oram Pres. Charolettes 1981

Charolais Banner August 1978

The Oram Family, Reg & Betty and their eight children, is well known throughout the industry. Their beginning goes back, as many Charolais stories do, to a basis in 4H. In 1966 Murray raised a Char-cross 4H calf purchased from Wendel Schinold.
William O’Rourke *1980

Harbour Hill Charolais, Fitzroy Harbour, ON

Brian & Betty Ormiston *1972

Todd & Gail Ormiston

Terry & Monica Ormiston-children Reith, Rachell, Lynsay

Southview Farms Ltd., Courtice, ON

Michael & Christine Ormiston *1973

Windyview Farm, Omemee, ON

children: Paul, Matthew
Al & Kate Osborne *1972

Shady Ridge Stock Farms, Beachville, ON

O.J. & O.F. Osborne *1971

Lynville Charolais Farms, Kettleby, ON

Pierre Ostiguy & Brigitte Bergeron *1992

Ranch Ostiguy, St.Cesaire, PQ

Peter Ostiguy Pres. QCA 2000, 2001, 2002

Brigitte Bergeron Sec. QCA 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,

2004, 2005
Trace & Gloria Oughton *1991

Celestial Charolais, Vilna, AB

Charolais Banner Feb. 1995

Dreams of becoming a model in Calgary faded for Gloria Oughton when she and her husband Trace moved to Vilna 20 years ago to an old farmhouse with no running water or heat. With limited experience, but plenty of gumption in the first year, they started with 24 dairy cattle, a few pigs and some chickens. The dairy cows were bred to beef bulls, most of them Charolais. Their redfactor Holsteins resulted in tan calves that sold for a good price at the auction mart.

Today the Oughtons have a beef herd of about 90, with purebred Charolais and a small commercial herd. They own about 300 acres and rent some pasture and hay land.

Dave & Dianne Oulton *1982

PRO Charolais, Windsor, NS

Dianne Oulton Sec Maritime Charolais Assn. 1983

Dave Oulton Pres. Maritime Charolais Assn. 1984, 1985

CCA director 1984 - 1986

Robert A. (Bob) & Polly. Oulton *1965

PRO Charolais Herd, Windsor, NS

children: Judith, Michael, David, Dianne, James, Bonnie, William, Lorelei, Cindy

Polly Oulton Sec. Maritime Charolais Assn. 1971,1972

Bob Oulton Pres. Maritime Charolais Assn. 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977

* Charolais Honour Roll (2003)

Charolais Banner July/Aug. 2003

Robert and Pauline were both born in Windsor, NS and were married in 1930. Bob attended Nova Scotia Agriculture College. Soon after graduation in 1941, they formed St. Croix Poultry farms, raising laying hens and selling eggs to the Halifax market for the next 40 years. Through A.I., using some King John semen in the early sixties and later Rainbow Sampson semen, they recognized the value of the Charolais breed and soon began to converse with breeders in Western Canada. They applied for permits for the first importation of Charolais from France but were unsuccessful that year, but were notifed that they would be on the list for the B/1966 importation.

John Owen *1969

Trojan Farms, Calgary, AB

England Insurance

Charcan Services Ltd.

John & Betty Lou Owen

Betty Lou Owen Charolette Sec.Tres. 1969,1970,1971

John & Rita Owen
Darren & Loretta Paget *1981

New County Livestock, Donalda, AB

children: Brooklyn (1993), Brayden (1994)

Charolais Banner July/Aug. 2002

Darren bought his first purebred in 1981 and has never looked back. In 1999, Darren and Loretta found the land where they would start their new dream and possessions, cattle and kids moved to their land east of Bashaw.
Frank K Paget *1965

Swallwell, AB

Lloyd & Carolyn Paget *1981

Bar 19 Charolais, Swalwell, AB

children: Darren (& Loretta), Lisa

Charolais Banner July/August 1996

The Bar 19 entry into the purebred Charolais scene repeats an often-heard story. “I got into 4-H when I was younger, and Charolais were the ones winning, “ Darren recounts. “I somehow persuaded dad we had to have some white cows.”

Pagets had been using Charolais bulls on their Hereford commercial cowherd since the early 60s. Lloyd, 53, had been to Charolais sales, looking over the purebred situation, but, “we had all the work we needed with the regualar herd,” he said. Plus, they were seeding 2,000 acres of farmland. However, with the extra push from Darren, Bar 19 was poised to turn towards purebred Charolais. They did it almost overnight. Lloyd bought most of the Ron Rouse herd (40 females) in 1981

Gerald & Tina Palaschuk *1993

GWP Charolais, Lipton, SK

Walter & Lydia Palaschuck *1991

WPLB Charolais, Raymore, SK

Byron & Laura Palmer *1968

Palmer Ranches, Stavely, AB

Colin Palmer *1971

Neal Palmer

Char-Acres Stock Farm, Bengough, SK
Douglas & Betty Palmer *1971

Palmer Charolais, Consecon, ON

dispersal April 1979
Jim & Rose Palmer *1993

Jamie Palmer

Target Cattle Co. Calgary, AB
Morris N. Palmer *1964

Cochrane Ranch, Stavely, AB

Neil A. Palmer *1966

Char-Acres Stock Farm, Bengough, SK

P. A. (Pat) Palmer *2003

Where Eagles Soar Charolais, Kenilworth, ON

Robert & Monette Palmer *1975

Palmer Charolais, Bladworth, SK

Mike Panasiuk & Robert Burla *1985

Springside Farms, Shortdale, MB

Don & Jane Panko *1980

Corlan Charolais, Saskatoon, SK

Angus & Marilyn Park *1978

Parklane Charolais, Trochu, AB

children: Jamie, Heather, Brian
Don Parkell *1989

Top Brass Charolais, Brooks, AB

K. Gerald Parker *1988

Parker Charolais, Hudson Bay, SK

Maurice & Maureen Parrent *1980

Klear-Dae Charolais, Clyde, AB

children Jeff, Greg, Laurie
Duane & Arlane Parsonage *1991

P & H Ranching Co. Ltd., Innisfail, AB

Raymond & Betty Paschke *1978

Pine Bluff Farm, Love, SK

Don Paskell *1992

Top Brass Charolais, Brooks, AB

Dino & Theresa Pasquotti *1995

Pasquotti Charolais, Fort McLeod, AB

Alexander & Suzanne Pathy *1973

Paprika-Puszta Farm, King City, ON

Alexander Pathy died Dec. 1987
Dennis & Noreen Patrick *1971

Nugget Charolais, Tofield, AB

Marjorie E. F. Paton – see Marjorie E. Forrester-Paton
Dale & Lois Patterson *1962

Arlindale Charolais, Rolling Hills, AB

Charolais Banner Feb. 1978

It was 15 years after the Pattersons arrived at Rolling Hills before they could afford the $150 per acre to level the land for mechanical irrigation, but today huge pivot systems can deliver a regulated amount of water to a quarter section at a time.

At the same time that Dale was improving his farm he was also trying to build up a viable cow herd. He had semen from all breeds in his tank, but by 1962 he had decided that Charolais was the breed for him. That year he bought 30 cows bred Charolais; today he has 100 cows in his commercial herd, as well as 100 purebreds.
Ted & Mary Patton *1965

Patton Charolais Farm, Shelburne, ON

children: Chester, Lynne, Lynda, Barbara (+married daughter ____ Campbell)

* Charolais Honor Roll (2004) - Lynne & Chester Patton

Charolais Banner April 1975

One family that started about as early as anyone in their part of the country was the Pattons at Shelburne, Ont. The same thing that started them in Charolais way back when holds their interest to this day. In 1957 they bred two cows A.I to Charolais and got two bull calves. These first two steers went into the feedlot with the others and they were so impressed with their performance that in 1958 everything was bred Charolais.

Ted and May Patton have been on this farm for 40 years. Son Chester and daughter Lynne, Lynda and Barbara are at home while a married son, Lorne, and his wife Dianne and a married daughter and her husband, Jim Campbell, live on farms nearby
Harold W. & Elaine Patzer *1966

Patzer Charolais Farm, Ebenezer, SK

Charolais Banner - May 1972

Our interest in Charolais began when A.I. was introduced in our area. After seing pictures of Charolais bulls and their offspring, we were impressed and convinced that these were an outstanding breed of cattle.

In the spring of 1965 we bred all our commercial cows (Hereford and Shorthorn) A.I. to Charolais bulls and also bought a number of half and three-quarter blood Charolais heifers and cows. The following year’s calf crop proved outstanding both in size and growth. We didn’t hesitate to continue up-breeding our herd.
Milton W Paul *1963

Multivew Stock Farm, Bentley, AB

Jack & Stella Paull & Sons *1968

Pam Lea Farm, Bentley, AB

Phil & Norah Payne *1973

Philnor Charolais, Oakville, ON

Rocky & Debbie Payne *1992

Payne Charolais, Llyodminster, SK

W. T. (Bill) & Scotie Peacock *1961

Kelly & Mary Lou

Peacock Cattle Co., Abbotsford, BC

Bill Peacock Pres.BCCA 1970

Scotie Peacock Sec. BCCA 1970
Lyle & Sandy Pederson *1997

Shelco Charolais, Calmar, AB

children: Shelly, Colin

Lyle Pederson Pres. ACA 2002, 2003

Joe & Denise Pek *1983

Pek’s Charolais, Landis, SK

children: Greg, Rob

dispersal 2000

Robert L Pek

Calgary, AB

Manager/Publisher Charolais Banner 1995 - 1998
Ed & Jocelyne Pelletier *1971

Green Acres Charolais, Duck Lake, SK

children: Greg (1975), Richie (1977)

(Jocelyne is the daughter of Henry Begrand)

Ed Pelletier Pres. SCA 1982, 1983

Charolais Banner Sept. 1982

Set in the Parkland region of northern Saskatchewan, the Pelletiers farm at Duck Lake which is about 40 miles north of Saskatoon. The farm consists of 9 quarters that they own and 5 quarter that they lease.

Ed started using a Charolais bull on his 100 head commercial cows in 1960. In 1971 he bought 3 purebred cows.

Jean Thomas & Louise Pelletier *1975

Ferme La Charolaise L’Islet, L’Islet-sur-Mer, PQ

children: Suzanne, Louise, Jean-Francois, Marie-Claude

Jean-Thomas Pelletier CCA director 1990 - 1993

dispersal Aug. 2002

* Charolais Honor Roll (2004)

Charolais Banner July/August 2004

Jean-Thomas Pelletier bought a dairy farm in 1965 and the same year purchased his first Charolais bull. In 1975 he sold his commercial cows and bought his first purebred female.

Jim & Peter Peltier *1973

Panorama Charolais, Cabri, Sk

Maurice Peltier *1966

Cabri, SK

Alfred & Fern Peltzer *1985

Afar Farms, Rosemary, AB

children: Alison, Robert
Jim Peno *1976

Peno Valley Charolais, Orkney, SK

Bary Peril *2003

Connection Cattle Co., Lorrette, MB

Jean-Marie Perreaux *1978

J.M.P. Charolais Farm, Redvers, SK

dispersal Nov. 1984
The Perrins *1968

Perrin Ranching Co./ EL-O Charolais, Beechy, SK

Ted Perrin CCA director 1976 - 1982

Charolais Banner - Jan. 1973

Ted Perrin, Pete Perrin’s nephew, who is in charge of the Charolais herd says “I guess you’d say we’ve been crossbreeding ever since we started.” Pete was with the Matador Community Pasture in 1930 when the U. of S. in Saskatoon ran the first scientific crossbreeding project. They used four different breeds of cows and would use one breed of bulls for two years, then switch and use another breed for two years. This way they had one set of straight breds and three crossbred sets of calves each year.

When Pete bought the West Ranch the cows were mainly Herefords and in 1943 he started crossbreeding with Hereford and Angus bulls. In the late 40’s he tried Shorthorn bulls, but this cross couldn’t stand the severe winters so he dropped them. In the ealy 50’s he tried one Brahman bull but dropped him because he didn’t throw true to type, the cows milked so heavy that they came in skinny in the fall and couldn’t stand the cold winter.

1n 1963 when I was Foreman on the Matador, I took an A.I. course and in 1964 I came with Pete on this ranch. We’d read and talked about Charolais for a long time and in 1966 we got a freezer and bred 35 cows to Charolais bulls.

We’d heard stories how Charolais wouldn’t rustle with the British breeds. This may or may not have been true with the early Brahman crosses, but we sure didn’t find that with ours. Our Char-cross cows ranged the furthest on the winter grazing pastures and were the last to come back to the buildings in the winter.

Greg & Anna-Marie Perrot *1973

Perrot Charolais Farm, Naicam, SK

John & Rose Marie Perrot *1973

Perrot Charolais Farm, Naicam, SK

children: Anita, Greg (&Anna-Marie), Kimberly (& Collin Martin)

Charolais Banner July/August 1991

When it comes to crop production, John works with his father, uncle and three brothers, who jointly operate the grain enterprise. However, the Charolais cattle are mainly John’s own enterprise.

Located near Naicam, Sask, John and Rosemary Perrot are relative newcomers to the Charolais industry. It was 17 years ago that they purchased their first Charolais bull, and another half dozen years before they became serious about the business.

Don & Sylvia Peters *1980

Syl-Don Charolais, Stettler, AB

children: Tracey, David, Gary

dispersal Dec. 1989

Ron & Doris Peters *1976

Boulder Bluff Farm, Saskatoon, SK

Dan & Deb Petersen *1982

BC Dande Charolais, Aldergrove, BC

Dan Petersen Pres. BCCA 1984, 1985
Winston & Marlin Petherick *1966

Mar-Win Charolais, Enniskillen, ON

George & Pat Petracek *1980

Green Gate Charolais, Spy Hill, SK

children: Calvin
Jim & Marilyn Petracek *1979

Petracek Polled Charolais, Yarbo, SK (live at Esterhazy, SK)

Stanley & Margaret Petracek *1976

Petracek Polled Charolais, Yarbo, SK

John & Eileen Petty *1982

Innisfail, AB

Charolais Banner Oct. 1982

They were born and raised in England and owned a butcher shop in England. They ran the butcher shop for four years and all the while had the idea in tha back of their minds of coming to Canada. They sold the shop, bought a Land Rover, crated their camping gear and headed for Canada. They spent four months travelling across Canada and settled in Vancouver where John worked in the Swift’s Packing plant for 12 months.

After a short stint in the cheese wholesaling business, John, Eileen and family ended up in the Okanagan where John got a job at Coldstream Meat Packers, which they eventually took over. In 1977 they sold the packing plant and purchased a farm in Innisfail. When they decided to buy purebred cattle, Charolais were the obvious choice.
Richard & Mary Pfleger *1990

Buckskin Charolais Ranch, Onoway, AB

Reg J.& Lorna Phaff *1965

Steve & Deb Phaff

P Bar 3 Charolais, Medicine Hat, AB

P Bar 3 Ranch sold to Bob & Leah Herman in 1998

Charolais Banner March 1978

Reg was born in Hatton, SK, grew up on a mixed farm then spent several years away from home completing his education. Following his marriage, Reg and his wife Lorna bought a farm north of Maple Creek, which they farmed from their home in Medicine Hat.

His start with Charolais was the purchase of 16 purebreds from Paul Leaming’s Beaver Creek Ranch in Perry, Iowa in 1965. This nucleus Charolais herd moved with the Phaff’s to their present P Bar 3 location, east of Medicine Hat in 1967.
Gordon & Alan Philip *1986

Philip Bros. Charolais, Tilston, MB

Clinton & Valerie Phillips *1990

Kay-R Charolais, Waskatenau, AB

children: Kasey, Shannon & Cody

Charolais Banner Feb. 1996

Clinton and Valerie Phillips have been raising purebred Charolais for 15 years. Their Charolais experience began with the use of a purebred Charolais bull on their Hereford base commercial cow herd in the 1970s. Today their purebred herd numbers about 100 breeding females.
Kasey & Arlana Phillips *1990

Kay-R Charolais, Waskatenau, AB

children: Kord, Peri
Don & Ruth Phillips *1970

Stone-Del Charolais Farms, Hartville, Ohio, USA

dispersal May 1988
Dr. Walter & Tola Phillips *1966

Bonventure Farms, Calgary, AB

dispersal Oct. 1977
Edgar & Lily Philpott *1968

Butte Lee Farms, Central Butte, SK

children: Vionne (1960), Florence (1963), Rosalie (1959) and Billy (1962)

Charolais Banner March 1969

I was born at Strasbourg, SK and moved with my parents to Central Butte when I was 14. I immediatlely started working for a farmer and continued working out till at 18 years of age, when wages dropped to fifteen dollars a month, I decided if I was going to work for nothing, I might as well do it for myself. I had accumulated a little machinery and a few horses in lieu of wages and in cooperation with my father managed to rent a half section. In 1948 I started in the purebred Polled Shorthorn business and now operate three sections of land with a little over 200 head of cattle.

In 1956 I purchased the place two miles west of Central Butte, where we now reside. In 1958, Lily, who was a widow with two girls and I were married and have added a girl and a boy to our family.

I have been a Polled Shorthorn breeder for twenty years and have been trying through the years to raise better gaining cattle. We have had some measure of success and in 1966 we had the second high gaining group of bulls at the Saskatoon Test Station.

In the fall of 1967 we saw a few of the Charolais French imports and were thrilled with the gains they were making and decided we would like to work these exciting new genes. Consequently, we purchased some percentage cattle from here and there and now have about 40 breeding femals.

John & Jackie Pimm *1976

Broken Willow Charolais, Clive, AB

Ron & Jean Pister *1979

Pister’s Charolais Farm, Toga, SK

dispersal 1985
Lorry & Patty Pitcher *1989

Park Meadows Charolais, Cardston, AB

Doug & Carol Pittman *2000

Sand Rose Charolais, Kyle, SK

children: Chad, Kayne

Charolais Banner Dec. 2002

Carol Pittman, of Kyle, SK was presented the Co-operators 4-H National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award. Carol, her husband Doug and two sons, Chad & Kayne, grain farm, run a large commercial herd and are part of Sand Rose Charolais. Doug is also one of the bull buyers for the Matador Grazing Co-op, the largest provincial pasture in the province.

Glen & Colene Pittman *1983

Pittman Charolais, Milk River, AB
Ernie Plante *1973

Plantevale Farm, Ottawa, ON

Mike & Maxine Plesiuk *1994

Shanty Creek Horse & Cattle Co., Ethelbert, MB

Darwin & Lorrie Plewis *1966

Darneth Charolais Farms, Pennant. SK

Ken & Darlene Plewis *1966

Darneth Charolais Farms, Pennant, SK

children: Darwin (&Lorrie), Deana, Reiny

Ken Plewis died June 2000

Charolais Banner Jan. 1970

The Plewis family farms at Pennant in southwest Saskatchewan. This area, about 30 miles northwest of Swift Current, is dryland farming country but borders ranch and mixed farming areas to the south, east and west.

Darneth Charolias Farms got its start in 1965 when Ken had two of his cows in the local community pasture A.I.’d to Charolais bulls. The resulting crossbred calves from Angus dams really excited Ken. Although Ken couldn’t convince his Dad, a man who had bred Hereford cattle for many years, to share a Charolais bull with him, Ken struck out on his own and in 1967 purchased a John Rudiger bred bull. Ken laughs remembering his Dad’s first comment on seeing the bull, “you might as well have bought a damned old Holstein as that thing”.

Ken experimented briefly with other new breeds as they were imported, but his feedlot convinced him that Charolais was the breed to be in.

L.E. (Barney) Plewis *1964

Carla Valley Ranch, Duncairsn, SK

dispersal Oct. 1972

Barney Plewis died 1975

Bill & Josie Pochylko *1968

Pochylko Charolais Farm, Stettler, AB

Donald P. & Sandra Pochylko *1961

San Dan Charolais Farms, Erskine, AB

children: Dan, Duane

Don Pochylko CCA director 1973 - 1974

Pres. ACA 1975, 1976,1977

dispersal Dec. 1985

* Charolais Honour Roll (2003)

Charolais Banner - Jan. 1968

I was born and raised in the Stettler district and spent the earlier part of my life growing up on my fathers farm. We had a herd of cows that consisted of just about everything. We also bought and finished a number of steers throughout the year. As I look back I realize that this was very valuable experience to my operation now.

In 1953 Dad and my odest brother Bill bought the Stettler Billards business in Stettler, so until 1958 I spent most of my time in the pool hall learing the art of playing pool.

In 1958 I went into partnership with my brother Andy on the farm as I could see this was a more profitalbe occupation than playing pool. We slowly dispersed the cow herd and went into the feedlot business.

In 1960 Sandra and I were married. Being good friends of the Rouse’s , we were gradually being brain washed on a white breed of cattle called Charolais.

In 1961, after visiting a few herds, I purchased my first Charolais cows. In 1962 and 1963 we visited several big herds in the US, becoming more enthused all the time. Since then we have added many cows to the herd. We have had to cull very heavy as we only have a small amount of land and have to keep our herd small in number, so have had to strive for the best. Charolais cattle and Charolais people have been very good to us and it has been very gratifying to be a part of this exiting breed of cattle.
Alex & Irene Podwin *1968

Podwin Charolais Farm, Kamsack, SK

Alex Podwin died Aug. 2000
Gerald & Valerie Poffenroth *1988

Sandy Didge Charolais, Bashaw, AB

Stewart & Sheryl Pogmore *1993

Pogmore Charolais, Innisfail, AB

Andre & Monique Poirier *1981

Lumic Farm, Alfred, ON

Ben & Darlene Poirier *1976

B & M Farms, North Gower, ON

Charolais Banner July 1978

Ben runs six different businesses and he is too smart to think he knows everything about each of them. So when it comes to run his Charolais operation, Ben relies on the expertise of his young farm manager Garry Smith.

Ben became interested in the breed after seeing a television program in the winter of 1976 which featured the Charolais breeding operation of Charwil Ranch at Pembroke. So in the spring of 1976 Ben started out to put together his herd of Charolais.
Real Poirier *2003

Ferme Real Poirier & Fils, St. Agathe de Lotbiniere, PQ

Dwight & Glenda Pollock *2000

Pollock Charolais, Vairden, MB

Keith Polson *1965

Enderby, BC

Glenn Ponath *1982

Calgary, AB

Armand &Heather Poncelet *1990

Ludger & Joan Poncelet

Snow Point Charolais, Whitewood, SK
Ken & Mary Anne Poole *1973

Pooledale Charolais, Moose Jaw, SK

dispersal Nov 1993
Mick & Jackie Popick *1993

AK Charolais, Claydon, SK

Russ & Barb Porter *1977

Russ Tee-Pee Charolais, Kinistino, SK

Phil & Helen Potter *1990

Golden Meadow Farms, Earlton, ON

children: Barry, Emily, Wyatt, Sally
Steve Poulin *2003

Ferme Ronos, Saint Odilon, PA

Brian & Siske Pratt *1973

Brisis Charolais, Barrie, ON

Prentice & Sons *Founding Member 1959

Assinniboia, SK

Earl Prentice
Frank Pridham *1985

Tara, ON
Sam & Laura Pritchett *1966

Marsden, SK
Ted & Doreen Pritchett *1966

Charolette Charolais Farms, Marsen, Sask.

children Amy

Ted Pritchett- Pres. SCA 1969 -1971

CCA director 1970 - 1971

Editor Charolais Banner 1974 - 1977

Charolais Banner Jan. 1971

Ted Pritchett appointed to Banner staff as Advertising Fieldman.

Ted was raised on a mixed farm at Marsden, SK, just a few miles from the Alberta border, where his family has always had a herd of beef cows. Ted’s interest in Charolais dates back to 1963, while still in high school, Ted and his father purchased some recorded femals and a Charolais bull.

1966 was an eventful year - he imported his first Full-French Charolais from France and he and Doreen were married.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewn, majoring in Animal Science, he and Doreen returned to Marsen and took over the family farm and Charolais herd.
Bernie & Angie Procyk *1992

Northstar Charolais, Star, AB

Tom & Lillian Prodanuck *1973

Prodanuk’s Charolais Farm, Kamsack, SK

Drinkwater Charolais, Duncan, BC
Bill & Mary Prokuda *1996

Prokuda Charolais, Glenevis, AB

David & Kristina Prokuda *2001

PRO Char Charolais, Glenevis, AB

children: Billy
Harold B. & Etta Proud *Founding Member 1959

Proud Charolais Farms, Crosby, ON

Lorne & Kathy Pruden *1991

Poplar Ridge Charolais /Pruden Charolais, Quill Lake, SK

Roberty Purdy *1965

Buffaly, WY, USA

Ken & Lorraine Qualman *1973

Qualman Charolais Ranch, Dundurn, SK

children: Kelsey Lynn (1975), Kelly
Lloyd & Sharon Quantz

Lloyd Quantz CCA General Manager 1973 - 1983

children: 1 son + Tyler Justin (1975)

Charolais Banner - Sept. 1973

Lloyd Quantz has an excellent agricultural background combined with a thorough working knowledge of computer programming and office management. Raised at Didsbury, AB, he took his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture at the University of Alberta at Edmonton where he majored in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics. Continuing along economic lines his Master studies centered on Agrucultural Marketing Before accepting his position with the C.C.A. he was the Assistant Manager and Livestock Specialist in the Commodity Research Dept. at Richardson Securities of Canada in Winnipeg.
Roy & Jean Quinn *1990

Quinn Charolais, Elmworth, AB

Keith & Ruby Quinton *1984

Char-Maine Ranching, Cardston, AB

Reid, Gary, Melva & Michelle Quinton *1984

Tripple Q Charolais, Cardston, AB

Steve Quinton *1984

Char-Maine Ranching, Cardston, AB

Wayne Quinton *1990

Mid-Nite Ranches, Cardston, AB

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