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Ir 101 – Midterm Exam Study Guide Short answer

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IR 101 – Midterm Exam Study Guide
Short answer (choose 2, spend 15 minutes on each)

  1. How the LOTR can be used to study the real world - what are the three (3) ways is it used in the context of this course?  Please identify, explain and cite an example for each.

  1. Why and how are some societies in the LOTR more Just than others?  What are the challenges in using these as examples of a Just world?  (Remember to bring in real-world examples.)

  1. How should Justice be pursued?  What are the steps necessary to seek a more Just Order?

  1. Explain Miles' Law: "Where you stand depends on where you sit."  Cite examples from the LOTR and the real world.

  1. Explain what is meant in IR by "paradigm", discuss the two (2) different types of paradigms we primarily address, and what key the differences are between them.  

  1. What we study in international relations is primarily nation-states. Identify and state the significance as well as the weaknesses of state-centric approaches in connection with the “human security” concept.

Long essay (choose 1 question, spend 1 hour)

  1. Identify and explain at least three (3) theoretical perspectives for one (1) of the "Great Debates" in IR.  Give examples from the LOTR for each of the perspectives you address.

  1. We have discussed two central questions for the study of IR, (1) how can the world be made a safer place, and (2) how can the world be made a better place?  Discuss the meaning of these two questions, what the central issues of each might be, and describe some examples from the LOTR and the real world.

  1. What are the major problems of contemporary world today and how do the impact the complex dynamics between order and justice? Choose 2 such problems and illustrate them in the context of real-world events and LOTR, and suggest ways to make the world a better place with some practical solutions.

  1. To what extent does the divide between domestic affairs and international relations still matter in the pursuit of order and justice in the contemporary world? Demonstrate with empirical cases and LOTR content.

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