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Invece no Instead no by Laura Pausini comment

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Invece no

Instead no

by Laura Pausini


In this case, the theme is nostalgia, remorse, regret, memory. This song is inspired by the passing away of the grandmother of Laura. This singer reports an experience that everybody can live: the death of a loved person. The song begins with an introduction of the piano and the voice of Laura, who has a melodious voice and she creates an atmosphere full of effect. The refrain shows its solemnity with the entry of all instruments. In the two first stanzas the singer conveys all her pain and her regret to never be successful expressing her grandmother all the affection that she felt for her.

Her glance looks cheerlessly to past, like a deflection, the inconsolable celebration of the spent time that it can’t come back anymore. In the refrain, instead, she seems to scream for a truth like a mortal blow that arrives suddenly, a pitiless, raw, bitter truth (“..instead not, there is not time to explain..”).

In the next stanza Laura tries to recall some memories because she wants to find consolation. We can perceive the extreme pressure, the great difficulty to get them back, to repeat them, to remember them.

In the following refrain Laura tells again her regret, her remorse, the desire to manage to speak again with her grandmother, that now is only a sweet picture. She knows that her grandmother was an essential person in her life, a true support.

The final stanza is similar to the first: in fact it’s played only with the piano. Laura leaves us with a hopeful look: the desperation calms down and sunshine is born. This new state of peace and serenity is paid off by the choice to let only Laura sang with her heavenly voice.

Maybeit isn’t too late, maybe something can be saved: that memory can survive in her heart; a recall she can trust to continue he life.

Laura Pausini
Laura Pausini has grown up in Solarolo, a village near Faenza, the city where she was born. She began performing in local piano at the age of eight, accompained by her father. In 1987, when she was barely thirteen years old, she recorded her first album, “ The Dreams of Laura” (“ I Sogni di Laura”), which contains thirteen tracks, including two songs written by her, while the others were reinterpreting famous tracks. After participating in various competitions in Emilia-Romagna, she also took part in the Festival of San remo, where she won the first place in the category “new voices”. In 1993, Laura became famous and began her singing career. Today, Laura is wll-known abroad, especially in Spain and Latin America, and her songs and her albums have been sold both in Italy as in Spain, French, England, Brazil...

She has won several Latin Grammy Award (for example, she is the first foreign singer to have sold the most records in Spain and Latin America, and the best female pop singer), and three World Music Awards, along with other minor prizes.

The single “Invece No” (“But No”) came out the 22nd of October 2007, inspired by the death of her grandmother, that deals with hope and nostalgia, unlike the others in which she speaks mostly of love. The following year, she participated in the recording of the song “Domani” (“Tomorrow”), featuring the collaboration of the most important and famous national artists, created to raise funds for the rebuilding of places of art and culture devastated by the Aquila’s earthquake of 2009, in Abruzzo.

Her latest album, titled “Laura Live World Tour 09”, is released in Italy from September 2009.


  • 1993 – Laura Pausini

  • 1994 – Laura

  • 1996 – Le cose che vivi

  • 1998 – La mia risposta

  • 2000 – Tra te e il mare

  • 2001 – The best of Laura Pausini – E ritorno da te

  • 2003 – From the inside

  • 2004 – Resta in ascolto

  • 2005 – Live in Paris

  • 2006 – Io canto

  • 2007 – San Siro

  • 2008 – Primavera in anticipo

  • 2009 – Laura Live World Tour 09


  • Has been the first italian woman to win Platinum Europe Award.

  • Has been the first italian woman to win a Latin Grammy Award.

  • Has been the first italian woman to win a Grammy Award.

  • Has been the first italian womanto give a concert at the San Siro Stadium.

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