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International Scientific Committee President:  Ecaterina Andronescu

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International Scientific Committee


Ecaterina Andronescu –University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania


Francis Cambier – Centre de Recherches de L’indeustrie Belge de la Ceramigue, Mons, Belgium

Pavol Sajgalik – Slovak Academy of Science, Slovak Republic

Zoran Popovic –Academy of Sciences – Serbia

Vasile Saragov – Academy of State “Alecu Russo”,Bălţi, Moldova Republic

Angel Palomo – Instituto de Ciencias de la Construccion “Eduardo Torroja” (CSIC), Madrid, Spain

Nikolai Zaichenko – Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Donbas, Ukraine

Maria Zaharescu - Institute of Physical Chemistry “Ilie Murgulescu”, Romania

Alina Bădănoiu –University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Cristina Dumitrescu – CEPROCIM S.A., Romania

Adriana Moanta – CEPROCIM S.A., Romania

Mariana Coarna – CEPROCIM S.A., Romania

Ioan Lazau –University POLITEHNICA Timişoara, Romania

Maria Gheorghe – Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania

Cornelia Păcuraru - University POLITEHNICA Timişoara, Romania

Georgeta Voicu - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Eniko Volceanov – Institute of Metallurgical Researches ICEM SA, Romania

Ştefania Stoleriu - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Organization Committee

Executive President:

Doru Vladimir Puşcaşu – Ceprocim SA, Romania;


Vasilica Dima – Foundation for the Science and Engineering of oxide materials “Serban Solacolu”, Romania

Jenica Paceagiu – CEPROCIM S.A., Romania


Simona Mălureanu – National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation;

Maria Georgescu – Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania – ASTR;

Adrian Volceanov –University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest / Romanian Ceramic Society - CEROM

Marinela Dracea – Employers from cement industry and other mineral products for constructions from Romania – CIROM;

Radu Pupăză – Employers Organization from Glass Industry and Fine Ceramics – STICEF;

Maria Preda – Romanian Ceramic Society– CEROM;

Ovidiu Dumitrescu – Romanian Association of Glass - AROS

Conference Secretary

Cristina Dumitrache – CEPROCIM SA

Paciu Lidia – CEPROCIM SA

Mădălina Niculescu – CEPROCIM SA

Andreia Danilă - Foundation for Science and Engineering of oxide materials “Serban Solacolu”

Neacşu Ionela –University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Simona Niculescu - Foundation for the Science and Engineering of oxide materials “Serban Solacolu”

Conference Secretary will operate within CEPROCIM SA at the following address:

Bd. Preciziei nr.6, Sector 6, code 062203, Bucharest

Tel. /Fax: +4021 318 8893/ +4021 318 8894


Contact person: Cristina Dumitrache

First Announcement






16 - 20 September 2016


According to a beautiful tradition, every four years The Conference on Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials – CONSILOX is organized.

Taking into account that the first edition of CONSILOX Conference was organized at Braşov in 1972, at the initiative and under direct organization of Prof.dr. Ion Teoreanu supported by Prof. dr. Petru Baltă, this is one of the oldest technical-scientific event from Romania. Always CONSILOX Conference was the place to be for scientists, students and industrialists willing to have a direct access to novelty in the field of oxide materials and promoting the cooperation between academic and economic media.

Starting with the 10th edition, held in Timişoara (2008), CONSILOX has became an international conference.

Scientific event of high prestige CONSILOX -12 will be hosted by the International Hotel from Sinaia, in the period 16 - 20.09.2016, the place where will meet specialists from university education, centers of research-development-innovation and from production of oxide materials from Romania and from countries with tradition in this range.

General theme of the 12th CONSILOX is Science of oxide materials in service of durable development”.

Within this general thematic traditional topics of the Conference will be focused on:

 Fundamentals of science and engineering of oxide materials (physical-chemistry, mechanisms, processes and operations, modelling of properties);

 Inorganic binders;

 Glass and vitreous-ceramics;

 Traditional and advanced functional and structural ceramics;

 Refractory and thermal insulating materials;

 Concretes, dry mortars, adhesives for ceramic, and others;

 Bio and nano-materials, nano-technologies;

 Environment protection in oxide materials industry (including strategies and public politics; assessment of life cycle).

CONSILOX will have plenary sessions and posters presentation.

In the frame of the Conference will be organized the thematic workshop “Application of the concept of circular economy in oxide materials industry. Co-incineration of wastes in cement industry. Performing of the Program “Zero wastes for Europe”.

Also an exhibition will be organized, where sponsors and interested companies may present their own stands with products, research equipment and related information


 Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research – National Authority for Scientific Research;

 Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania – ASTR;

 Academy of Science People from Romania – AOSR;

 University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science;


 Foundation for the Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials „Serban Solacolu”;

 Employers from cement industry and other mineral products for constructions from Romania – CIROM;

 Employers Organization from Glass Industry and Fine Ceramics – STICEF;

 Romanian Ceramic Society - CEROM;

 Romanian Association of Glass - AROS

Important dates:

- submission of abstracts – 01.02.2016

- acceptance of abstracts – 29.02.2016

- submission of papers in extension – 29.04.2016

- announcement of accepted papers – 30.06.2016

- submission of final papers – 29.07.2016

Registration of participants

Registration of participants will be made on-line or at Conference Secretary desk starting with January 2016.

Participation fees

 330 € - participants from industrial companies, higher/academic education and research-development institutes and companies;

 150 € - Ph.D. students, master students, post-graduates;

 150 € - for accompanying persons;

 500 € - exhibitors at Technical Exhibition (stand 2m x 2m). If a brief presentation of the company (maximum 10 minutes) is requested within the conference, the fee is of 1000 €.

Participation fee will be paid until the date of 31 July 2016. The bank account will be mentioned in second announcement.

After the date of 1 august 2016, the participation fee is increased with 20%.

The participation fee includes: Conference materials (only for full paid fee participants and Ph. D./master students/post-graduates), coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on Conference period, Welcome Cocktail, Gala Dinner, working visits/social program.

Instructions for papers elaboration

 Papers will be submitted in Romanian and/or English language;

 Abstracts and papers will be typed using MS Word Editor. Page format is A4, with edges of 25 mm (left, right, up and down), with font Arial 12 pts, the text being spaced at 1 row;

 The pages will be not numbered.

 Paper title (in Romanian and English language) will be inserted at 30 mm from top edge of page, with capital letters, with font Arial 14 pts, bold.

 Under the title will be written author’s names and name of the institutions with font Arial 12 pts, italic.

 It follows the summary in Romanian language and/or in English language, then the paper text and the bibliography;

 The numbering of figures and tables is made with Arabic numerals in order of their appearance, being inserted in text. The titles and figures legends will be written below these, at the distance of 2 rows;

 Paper abstract may have maximum one page and the paper in extension - 8 pages.

 The papers, elaborated in accordance with above instructions, will be sent to Conference Secretary as electronic document.

The abstracts will be published in the volume of Conference (ISSN 2285-6145), and representative papers will be published in Revista Română de Materiale / Romanian Journal of Materials (ISI quoted) see (beginning with no.3/2016).

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