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Instructions for Students 10/6/06

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Microsoft FrontPage Instructions for Students

Start as follows:



(can use templete, or Empty Web, choose empty for now).

Specify location: h:\public_html (it will create the folder automatically, or it can be created before, in your H:\ drive. This creates folders (Private, Images), sets permissions, sets file extensions for you.)
You can do work in Word, Excel and transfer it to Frontpage directly. FP is similar to Word, can do tables, styles are a little different, FP is infinite in page length, no page breaks are used. Don’t publish too wide so it doesn’t fit on a small monitor.
FP files have .htm or .html extension.
H:\public_html will become the URL (Universal Resource Location).
In FP, you are asked what URL do you want to modify, so you provide that address in some form.
General Do’s & Don’ts

-Always include an email contact.

- Include the FIU logo somewhere (background, other?)

- Can use IE panther logo

- Include the last-updated:

- Always run spell checker

- There is no recycle bin in FP, you delete, its gone.
In FP, create the following:


[Folder] private (never delete this folder!)

[Folder] images


SAVE AS: index.html

Right click on a picture.

Picture Properties



Border Thickness.
Create a New PAGE: use the NEW PAGE icon, page with corner folded, give it a new name.
LINKS icon: Planet with chains

- to create links to other pages. (see URL box)

- to create bookmarks within a page (see bookmark pulldown menu)

- to create a link that will send an email (envelope)

- other.
File Management

Can create folders

File -> New Folder
Last Update: very useful.
This page was last updated on: Insert -> Date & Time (include date and time).
Can insert Horizontal Lines, Tables, Components (see menu options for this one)
You need to create text tags within the page that will be the bookmarks. Highlight the text you want, now click on Insert -> bookmark. Do this for all bookmark text tags.
Then place links at the beginning and end of the page to go to these areas, and set them by highlighting them, click on the Link icon, click the pulldown menu and select the bookmark you want.

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