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Instructions for ds-f-1x2

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Flanged Fixture Installation Instructions for DS-F-1x2

Important Safeguards

When Installing Electrical Equipment, Basic Safety Precautions Must Always Be Followed, including the following:

Do Not Use This Product For Other Than Intended Use.

Caution: Installation Must Be Performed By Qualified Service Personnel.

Installation Shall be done in accordance with the wiring methods given in the NEC, NFPA 70 Art. 410, (as applicable)

Use of Accessory Equipment Not Recommended by the Manufacturer May Cause an Unsafe Condition.

Read and Follow All Instructional and Cautionary Labels Found On or In This Fixture.

Read and Follow All Safety Instructions

  1. With fixture body resting face up on a stable surface, open doorframe and remove internal reflector.

  2. Select knockouts for supply connection. Remove silicone seal from knockout area, if provided.

  3. Create the Supply entrance hole in the housing by removing the revealed knockout using a screwdriver.

  4. Remove all debris from the inside of the fixture.

  5. Prepare a mounting surface capable of reliably supporting more than the weight of the fixture according to applicable building codes. Ceiling cutout size is found on each fixtures catalog page. Take care in creating the ceiling cutout being sure that it is rectangular in shape having right angles.

  6. Attach mounting clips to yoke hangers using the 8-32 screws and nuts provided. Note: This and all other hardware should be plated steel if installed in a wet or damp location.

  7. Install 1/4-20 carriage bolts through square holes in yoke and secure with nuts.

  8. Rough in supply conduit and connections according to the NEC and local requirements using minimum 90C supply wiring materials.

  9. Attach yoke using the mounting clips to ceiling channel (by others) making sure:

A. The 1/4-20 bolts line up with the fixture mounting holes and

B. There is enough room to draw the fixture tight against the ceiling material.

  1. Insert fixture through ceiling opening, mating 1/4-20 bolts with mounting holes in fixture housing and secure with nuts provided

  2. Caulk flange of fixture to ceiling and any adjacent fixtures

  3. Remove any protective films from the reflective or outer surfaces as provided.

  4. Replace reflector and secure by tightening nuts.

  5. Important: Install only the rated lamps as marked on fixture. The filter compartment is limited to 15W incandescent.

  6. Tightly Secure doorframe using a screwdriver.

  7. Energize fixture with rated voltage from a protected branch circuit.

  8. Do Not Open or Service Fixture While Energized. Always Disconnect Power from supply before servicing.

  9. Do Not Operate Fixture when damaged or not completely sealed.

Please note that the light levels created by this safelight filtered lamp is very limited. It is intended for film processing only. It is not intended for general illumination. Users may require 10 to 20 minutes before sufficient light is available to perform the film transfer process. This is normal and is related to the sensitivity of the film. The filter controls the light level and is chosen to match the film requirements.

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