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Installing Mathematica for Home Use

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Installing Mathematica for Home Use
If you have an earlier version of Mathematica installed, uninstall it first.
1. Insert the CD into the CD-Rom drive.

2. If the installer does not run automatically:

a. Open My Computer and double-click on the CD-Rom drive.

b. Double-click on the PC folder and run MathInstaller.

3. Do a full install and then leave the install directory as is. This may take a while.

4. After the installation finishes, choose to Insert.

5. Choose Network License and enter

6. You must be connected to the Internet to use Mathematica.

Troubleshooting Mathematica at Home

Can’t Connect to the Server

1. Check to make sure the server is working:

a. StartRun

b. Type cmd and click OK

c. Type “ping” and hit return

d. If it says can’t connect, then the server is down

2. If the server is up but you can’t connect make sure you are connected to the Internet.

(Try connecting to and login)

3. If you can connect to the Internet but still cannot connect to Mathematica, then uninstall Mathematica and reinstall it.

4. If you are still having problems, then you need to check and make sure you do not have a firewall or that your ISP is not blocking port 16286.

The limit on the license has been reached.

1. The total number of licenses is being used. Try again later.

1. Do a search on Mathlm, firewall, or port

2. Your ISP

3. If you have a router, check into its documentation or their website and do a search for ports. b

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