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Information sheet for incoming erasmus students

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PLEASE NOTE: This Information Sheet is meant to be read carefully as from year 2013/14 AHE has implemented some new applying and accommodation procedures, etc.

Full legal name of the Institution

Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi

University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

Erasmus code of the Institution


AHE website

International Relations Department

Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi

ul. Rewolucji 1905r. nr 64, 90-222 Łódź, Poland

tel. +48 42 2995727, +48 42 6315825

fax +48 42 6315822



Joanna Frontczak–Head of Erasmus programme in AHE


tel. +48 42 2995727; tel. +48 42 6315825

fax +48 42 6315822

Erasmus website (hit “ENG” in top right corner of the website to translate it to English)

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS (available at the website)

Students should send to AHE the following documents:
1. Application form

2. Learning agreement (approved by home University)

3. 2 photos

4. Copy of ID/passport

5. Transcript of records (index of the courses and grades students completed at their home University so far)

6. English language certificate issued by TOEFL or British Council confirming that student’s command

of English language is at least on B1 level - this document is obligatory to send by all of the applying students except of students from UK and Holland.
If students do not have an official certificate, they can send a confirmation from their home University signed by their coordinator/English language teacher confirming that student knows English language on B1 level or above. Please note, that students who will not send us any kind of confirmation of their English command will not be accepted in AHE as well as they may not be accepted if their certificate/confirmation will state lower level that B2. If the confirmation is issued by students’ home University, it is it’s responsibility to make sure students’ English command matches the level mentioned in the document, as AHE reserves itself the right to dismiss students who will fail in communicating in English on B1 level.

Application deadlines

All off the above listed documents (originals) should be send to AHE by regular mail before:

winter semester or full academic year – May 30th

spring semester – December 14th


Since Spring semester 2012/13, AHE doesn’t offer students a dormitory, therefore finding the accommodation is up to a student. However during last semesters many of incoming students were staying in hostel Molo which offers students reasonable prices and fairly good facilities. If students wish to get information about the prices, facilities in Molo, etc. they should ask Molo staff directly using e-mail address: . In order to make a reservation, please go to the website: and then move to: “rezerwacja online”.
If student whishes, we may also send few links to the websites with flat renting offers in English, however AHE does suggest which offer should be chosen and do not advise on choosing any place.

Grading scale

5.0 - bardzo dobry/excellent (A)
4.5 - dobry plus/very good (B)

4.0 - dobry/good (C)

3.5 - dostateczny plus/satisfactory (D)
3.0 - dostateczny/sufficient (E)
2.0 - niedostateczny/fail (F)


Courses lists available for incoming Erasmus students are available at –> Erasmus –> Courses. The updated lists should be available until the end of April (before this date the lists visible on the website may not be up to date).

Please bare in mind that not all of the subjects are available in every semester, if the chosen subjects will not open due to a small number of students signed up for particular class or due to changes in the academic schedule, student will be asked to make changes to the original Learning Agreement.

Please pay attention that incoming Erasmus students are welcomed to construct their own programme of studies according to their interests, therefore they are allowed to combine courses from different departments and faculties, not only from the one they are originally studying.

Division of the academic year

The academic year in Poland is divided into two semesters - winter and summer, each lasting 15 weeks.

The Winter semester starts at the beginning of October and lasts till mid February, with Christmas holidays of about ten days. The examination session usually lasts for two or three weeks, beginning in January.

The Spring semester starts in mid February and ends in June, with a one-week break for Easter.

The exact dates for the academic year 2013/2014 will be known in June.

Introduction days

The Introduction Days are organized few days before the beginning of each semester (event lasts from 3 to 5 days depending on a semester and academic year). Therefore students should arrive about a week before the official beginning of the semester. The exact dates of Introduction days in Winter semester will be given in September 2013.

Please note that the attendance of incoming Erasmus students in the Introduction Days is obligatory as during the days students fill in the necessary papers and learn about how to move around the University and the city.

Polish language course in AHE

The course is organized during each semester (unless students are not interested in it) and takes place threw the whole semester. It is awarded 2 ECTS.
It is free of charge for incoming Erasmus students.


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